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  1. I have handled this gun. It is very nice and an excellent price.
  2. What book are you reading? I immediately thought Jack Reacher. He could get a full outfit at a decent truck stop and be very happy with himself
  3. Yes. I drive for a living and frequent said establishments. The clothes are kinda geared towards truck drivers of course but you can get what you need to get through a Kmart commercial but the price is probably more than you’d expect to pay at Wal Mart. I haven’t purchased any clothing Items from a truck stop other than a T-shirt that caught my fancy and I used my fuel points for that. I think it was around $20.
  4. Sent you a PM a day or so ago. I need some bullets.
  5. I had Jasper Agate install a snap inside my boot and to the sheath it work’s very well.
  6. I know of one that for sale that is stainless and has 51/2 barrel.
  7. Read the definition of a vaccine in Webster dictionary. Then tell me how those shots meet that definition. If expecting a vaccine that is being injected into my body to act within the definition of a vaccine gets me labeled as a conspiracy theorist or an anti-vaxer then so be it. The whole COVID thing has definitely increased my mis-trust in the government. They have spread and continue to spread misinformation (lies) since the very beginning of this mess. I encourage you to talk to and listen to your friends, family, fellow church goers, and co-workers and find out who has had COVID (and how many times), if they have received the shot and what there experience was like. Then think about what you were told. Is it even close to what are government is telling us?
  8. Does not sound like it is getting cocked when you open the barrels to me.
  9. I like it a lot.Taylor Sheridan salsa he wrote it like a novel. I for one would like to see it released as a novel.
  10. The first two episodes were excellent. I will continue to watch it.
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