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is patriots day not taught?

Trigger Mike

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There's a service in Veteran's Park in Cortez on Friday. But I suspect it's not given much attention in most schools.

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Maybe if they'd named it better.


PEARL HARBOR DAY - you know what that is.


PATRIOT DAY - that sounds like something with John Adams and George Washington.



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I think it might be a Massachusetts only sort of holiday (they run the Boston Marathon on Patriots' Day if'n my rememberer is right).

Massachusetts and Maine because Maine was part of Massachusetts until the compromise of 1820.


It was great having a holiday on my birthday, until this Monday holiday thing took over.

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But they forgot. :(


Not forgotten hereabouts...and I wouldn't expect the rest of the country to be too involved, since it is a MA/ME holiday.


Many towns here have organized companies of Minutemen, who still dress in militia garb, carry functioning flintlocks, drill, and make the march from their home towns to Concord and Lexington, with observances along the way. Men from my town died in those battles, and they certainly have not been forgotten.


Also living in my town is Bill Rodgers, a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon, run on Patriot's Day since 1897.


You can't spit around here without hitting something historical. ^_^




PS: If you have the opportunity to vacation out this way, take the time to visit the North Bridge in Concord, the Battle Road, Lexington Green and the surrounding park lands. I have never felt so close to our heritage as I did standing on that bridge; you can see and smell the smoke, hear the balls whistling in the air, and see the Redcoats' formations...and that's on a day OTHER than the Patriot's Day re-enactments.



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Well it seems to me you guys are missing the whole point

what we really need is a Cowboys Day.

Now there ya go.



WE have a national Cowboys day started by President GWB (I think) and its July 22 or 23. I celebrate the entire week

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I have been to New England and I wrapped myself in the history of the place.

The statue of the Minute man thrilled me at Lexington and walking the common

there was also thrilling. The whole place is a walk into OUR history.

I could almost hear the sound of the voices and the shots fired. Trying to

imagine what the place actually looked like with dirt roads and farms and

country living.

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