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ruger 22/45

Trigger Mike

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Its a lighter version of the Ruger auto .22 pistol that Bill started the company makin.

The orig had a luger grip and those are legendary in reliability and darn good outta th box

accuracy.... They later came out with the mk II and then the oddly sized 6 and 7 eights inch

government model. Unless you get a lemon the mk II gummint shoots about like the average rifle.

Only downside these were heavy, all steel blue or stainless.

So Ruger made lightweights of hi tec plastic and made a 1911 style grip.

However at first the grip panels were cast into the grip.

MUCH later I found that some folks were taking the 22/45 apart and grinding off the grip

and putting in hardware so they could install real 1911 grips.

I thought that looked like a lotta work so I emailed the CEO and asked him to start making

a version of the 22/45 with replaceable grips. He asked for details and I found him

websites where the frames were being converted.

A little while later Ruger started making 22/45s with replaceable grips.

Any 22/45 with RP in the model number has replaceable grips.

Not every 1911 grip panel is garunteed to fit but a lot can.

One note, do NOT try to put the mag in these guns backwards.



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The 22/45 was Ruger's answer to the dramatic popularity of the 1911 in the 1990s. Colt brought out the 1991A1 and many new companies found that the slide and frame could be made to high quality levels on CNC mills. These guns did not require the gunsmithing work of the 1970s and 1980s to run hard. The 1911 became the darling of games like IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge and the Bianci's Cup.

Companies like Colt and Marvel came out with .22 conversions kits for the 1911 with adjustable sights.

Ruger brought out the .22/45. I enjoyed several of them. They could shoot like most .22 semi-auto rifles.

IPSC cam out with a game much like the centerfire sport but built around ten-shot .22 pistols. The .22/45 was popular.

I sold all of my .22s this past year, along with many bricks of ammo. I swore off the little rimfire that I grew up shooting, but a Mark II .22/45 in nice condition would be very tempting.

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The one I have is a jim-dandy shooter, especially with match grade ammo.

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