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Just got back from the SHOT Show. Not much new for cowboy shooters (actually not that much new period). Photobucket is giving me fits so I will have to add a few photos at a time to this thread over the next few minutes and hope I get the descriptions right. First up, the new Wichester 1873. It is made by Miroku and imported by Browning Arms. It is only available in .357/.38. As are all Miroku guns the quality is first rate. The Winchester 1873 "rep" really didn't know much about these so I will speculate on a couple of things. The word "smooth" is entirely subjective and a lot of people post how "smooth" their guns are and I find them barely usable. The action on the new 73 is genuinely "smooth." The hammer spring is to heavy and would have to be replaced or lightened for competition. However, if you cock the hammer and lever the action it is very nice. Always hard to tell street prices, but the MSRP is more than a similar model Uberti. I asked if short stroke kits for the Uberti would fit and the rep said he hoped so but hadn't tried installing one. If the existing short strokes do not fit, then the success of failure of this gun in CAS competition will depend on how fast (or if) someone comes out with a short stroke for it. The carrier block appears to have been milled and has a bevel on the right hand side. The rep did not know what this is for. My guess is that it is intended to help eject the empty brass to the right of the gun. As on the later model originals, the caliber is stamped on the carrier block. A BIG plus is that Winchester did not put a tang safety on the gun. The firing pin goes all the way through the bolt extension and there is a safety in the extension. Not a bad set-up and is not visible when the lever is in the up position. Here are some shots along with a close-up of the spec sheet. Not sure what order they will come out in, but hope they show up OK.











Next up was a visit to Marlin. Not much to report. They were only showing two Model 94s and merely said they were still working on adding cowboy models. So far, however, there are no octagon barrel CAS type guns.





Century Arms has a new chinese 87 but didn't have one on displacy. IAC has no more cowboy shotguns. (They use to import the 87 and 97 Chinese guns.) There weren't really any other cowboy type guns so I'll just post a few photos of a couple of interesting guns. First is the Chiappa three barrel shotgun. Large and heavy but neat looking.





Up last is the Boberg 9mm. This thing was just plain fascinating. Take a look at the first picture and then look carefully at the magazine in the second picture. Notice anything?






The rounds come out of the magazine from the rear! Very ingenious rear loading mechanism. The purpose of the design is that it allows a longer barrel than a conventional front loader. It has a 3.35" barrel where a normal gun this size would only have a barrel a little over 2".

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Any indication of what additional calibers and a time frame of introduction for the 73? Obviously they plan to have other calibers, why mark the carrier with caliber designation otherwise?


Thank you for the report, sir.

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Interesting little 9mm. I was kind of reminded of the Dean Martin 007 knockoff movie with the rear shooting pistol.


My first thought when I saw it: You could poke yer eye out with that, kid.

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While NOT SASS, the neatest thing I saw at SHOT was the new Sig MPX submachine gun/pistol. Semi-auto version. It was in 9mm, had a 6" barrel and a 10" "muzzle brake" which was actually the inner portion of a supressor. You could then purchase their "NFA kit" which was a serial numbered tube that slid over the "muzzle brake" and a threaded nut to hold it on. Many of us were amazed at seeing it. It is legal under the law, but I'm sure ATFE will come out with a new guideline ASAP making it NFA only. Sure was nice to see someone with enough nerve to take them on though. :)

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well, I thought there'd be more reports on the new '73 from Shot Show. Here's my brief observations. I only got to look at it briefly, as the only time I had a spare 15 minutes to go look at ANYTHING was early one morning before 8:30 when the attendees were allowed in. I don't think all of the Winchester reps were in yet, and the woman who responded to my question of other calibers may not have been the one to ask. But she said something along the lines of it being a "wait and see" situation as to whether other calibers would be offered and even if the rifle would be continued or not. I am wondering where that case-colored '73 was that Pettifogger showed us - I completely missed that one. Only saw the all-blued as in their ads. Also, the one I looked at had extremely plain wood on it, but the photos of the case-colored one looks like it had very nice wood, wish I'd seen that one. The one I picked up felt very smooth, even the hammer. The open lever appeared to be about 90 degrees (straight down) from the frame, which would make it a little shorter throw than a stock Uberti. I think I saw a setscrew in the bottom of the mag tube just short of the end which would be holding in the slotted mag tube cap, rather than having a screw-in cap. It was nice of them to put a Marbles front sight on it, but they put the wrong one on if it is meant for CAS. The bead is t-i-n-y. Personally, I like small beads but I'm not a speed demon. Most folks will replace that. I am always interested in the markings, and was disappointed in that regard. No "Kings Patent Improvement..." markings on the barrel which some of the Ubertis (Cimarron) have, and the top tang marking was not correct as it is on Ubertis. They had a chance to do it right, but oh well. Overall it's a nice looking and feeling gun.

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