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  1. One of the cowboys at our last match told me to contact you regarding my shotgun. He said you did excellent work on his guns when he noticed that I was having great difficulty with my Stoeger coach gun. I'd like to send it to you to work on if you are still doing gun work. Could you please let me know? Amarillo Phil. dasbinich@comcast.net

  2. Firing Pin is in the US Mail, maybe Tuesday next week,

    Oklahoma Dee

  3. Morning Colt,

    Still have not heard from you or Deuce about the shooting school. Are you guys still planning on doing it? Buckshot is getting antsy about getting the schedule done, that is why I left you guys messages about what day, I am assuming Friday. Let me know buddy. I am liking that skb so far!

  4. Hi Colt

    I am interested in a skb shotgun i am looking for one that has the coin nickle fully engraved reciever i dont know if it is a 100 or 200e do you have anything available or can you find one and give me a price to trick it out.


    Connecticut Yankee

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