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  1. Sounds like you have it covered. I wrongly assumed that you were new to shooting, not just to SASS. Good luck, and get ready for the time of your life. As someone once said, "If you don't feel better when you leave the shoot then when you got here, you're just not doing it right!"
  2. My thought when I saw them was they were a no-go. Good on you for checking and getting the OK.
  3. I would do some studying up on the laws of your state. If I'm not mistaken they are very strict about those things.
  4. Italy was hit very hard with the coronavirus. Total lock down for a while last year with limited opening back up now. It will undoubtedly take a while for recovery. Perhaps Alessandro Pietta, who posts on here on occasion, can fill us all in what their state of recovery and production is. Meanwhile, I'm afraid used is going to be the only way to go. And prices on everything are through the roof. Here is his Facebook page, perhaps he would respond to an inquiry there? https://www.facebook.com/pietta.firearms
  5. I hear you. I had a 25-5 some 15 or 18 years ago that I gave $275 in a pawn shop. Mine was 4 inch without the target stuff, grips, hammer, trigger. Shot it a few times and sold to another SASS shooter, Dallas Stoudenmire, for $350 IIRC. Man, I wish we could see those prices and availability again. Wheel guns were plentiful as everyone was all caught up in whatever the latest tupperware wonder was to hit the market.
  6. Thanks. So after looking at his website I see that you could order some of the BP chambers and fire as they did on the originals.
  7. Love this! Except those blondish grips. Beautiful grain, but that color.......
  8. For you Facebookers, I have no dog in this hunt. But her last post was 12 hours ago. https://www.facebook.com/karen.hewitt.3557
  9. I think he spelled it out in a previous post. Your concerns may be valid. My question for you is who certifies CAS at your club. How do you know each is proficient and safe to handle a loaded firearm. be it revolver or rifle? I think you paint a dark picture, intentionally leaning towards the operation of the semi-automatic pistol.
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