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  1. Welcome back! Do you remember the name Evil Roy?Multiple time national and world champion, he moved to the Dublin area several years ago. I don't think you could find a better teacher. https://evilroy.com/school/
  2. Cowboy Guns 2.0 200 W Main St, Clarksville, TX 75426 Phone: (903) 427-5826
  3. Should be good to go.They are who made the Browning BSS.
  4. I bet dollars to donuts this is a good'n. https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=227
  5. I have no dog in this fight. But I do know that he works on offshore oil rigs and I have no idea how well communications work with that. I would imagine that the shifts are two or three weeks?
  6. Might check something first. There were two different sizes on the Model 12, 12 gauge. The regular that is the most frequently seen and a magnum. The magnum had a slightly larger receiver and I doubt the barrel assemblies would swap.
  7. I remember a Wickliffe 76 that might be the answer, but am unable to find much info on it.
  8. They'll rust in a New York minute if you don't stay on top of it.
  9. The older 73's from Navy Arms were made by a different maker. I think it was Armi San Paulo? Anyway, they are about 7/8 as large as the Uberti. I had one that Cody had worked his magic on.
  10. When bars buy Crown Royal they do not want the hassle of the bags. Plus in Texas at least, you have to remove the bag to put the TABC sticker on the bottle. We had 6 wholesale locations and the guys would throw the bags in boxes, giving them to whomever wanted them. I gave away 1000's over a 8 to 10 year period. Just take them to shoots and disperse them. I quit when I got word that some had begun to sell them. Anyway, you might check liquor wholesalers, the ones that sell to bars and restaurants. May be a little harder for you I guess. I was in Pennsylvania in around 1977. I recall they were State Stores, don't know how the bars were serviced.
  11. Texas Troublemakers in Brownsboro http://www.texastroublemakers.org/ As Dream Chaser mentioned, Oakwood Outlaws https://www.oakwoodoutlaws.org/ These are about equidistant from Henderson and would be your closest choices, each being about an hour drive. You won't go wrong shooting with either of these fine groups.
  12. How I'd do it. Fire first ten normally. Holster weak side pistol. Put strong side pistol in weak hand, load one and fire. Put pistol in strong hand, load one, fire and holster.
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