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  1. IMO you should never make adjustments after to a knockdown match has begun. The first posse was not afforded the same target opportunity as the following posse's. Consider that any shooters following you on your posse may have slowed down and took more careful aim after seeing your tribulations. These shooters were in effect given a penalty to be sure the targets fell. As I said, just my opinion.
  2. All the ones I have ever seen had "Ruger" on the barrel.
  3. Smoking deal! I was tempted and I have two pair and haven't shot in 4 years.
  4. I'm thinking if the Creek don't rise and the weather holds I might try to slide down on Saturady. Maybe sell a few things. I got some primers that are just sitting around, a couple of shotguns, a Miruku 357 round barrel, maybe a set of SASS Vaqueros in 357. You boys raid mama's purse and turn in some coke bottles, make it worth my while!
  5. Here's one that has been offered on another thread, with no response from when posted on November 8. Might look into it.
  6. Is this it? If it will work seems like a reasonable price. probably have it at your door for less than $30. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/525440
  7. Yes. But awkward and slow. They do have style points though!
  8. While I have no qualms with what you write, you're really talking apples and oranges here. When someone comes on the wire and asks about a specific piece of equipment, they are 99% of the time looking to improve their times. In these instances the scenario that Creeker puts forth is correct. The better the equipment the better the opportunity to improve ones game. To suggest to that person that the equipment they inquired about was unnecessary to play the game and would not help them is wrong.
  9. I had a Wierich years ago that the T bar system broke on. I removed that and instead of welded face of hammer I ground down the front of the hammer, where it fell and made contact at the back of frame. This let the hammer fall enough further that it contacted FP and set of ignition.
  10. If I'm not mistaken these were (are?) the last progression of the Hawes, made by J P Sauer in Germany. As such it will be a quality firearm, with good internals. By the the time of this evolution they had gone to transfer bars. They retain a 4 click action. The grip size is Coltish, the frame is larger like a Ruger. The cartridge heads are recessed so it can be a pain at the loading table. Some will grind a small portion of on chamber out so the LTO can see an empty chamber. The gun can handle a stout load.
  11. Yes, if the white portion on the rear of the sight is just a glare, the sight would be legal in any category that allows adjustable sights.
  12. 1 miss, No call on order, target was engaged.
  13. There was a smith of great renown in or around Hearn, name was Lonnie Ammons. People spoke very highly of him. I don't know if he is still in business, but I believe if you contact Cimarron in Fredericksburg they could tell you how to find him.
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