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  1. nothing    put sg boogie stainless steel spring set in   same spgs he uses in his short stroke kit   6 springs    and thought it might work w/out replacing the firing pin spg and it does most of the time    out of 60 shots have 2 that i have to go around again on   so will hopefully put that spg in and if i get hung up lefty or gs will bail me out   on looking at the sass chronicle article by boogie   jan 2013    he shows blown up picture of firing pin and the housing back  appears to be beveled so you can at least get in the frame and check your line up before driving it in  wish me luck    so why do i want new spring   it makes it easier to pull hammer for old old hands

  2. Got word yesterday that longtime North Texas shooter Coyote Claude passed this past Friday. He will certainly be missed for his attitude, good natured wit and willingness to do any posse chore asked. Vaya con Dios, my friend. ( Chore, I meant CHORE, Miss Moe!)
  3. Y'all remember as you scoop something up you need to add back to the pot.
  4. And we're off! Good job starting this up again, it ran for quite some time before. The key is everyone pitching in, listing something when they get something. It can be cowboy related or not. Pistol magazines, recoil pads, old grips, choke tubes, reading material, research material, arts and crafts, the list is endless. Everybody needs something!
  5. Thanks!


    Yes it was Squaw Creek Rose.

  6. So, you USED to be able to do that? Reckon why they changed the rule. Seems harmless enough to me.
  7. We here in North Texas are blessed() with getting to shoot with Griff SASS # 383(IIRC). He started in California back in the day and talks about Smucky and others all the time.
  8. Alias, Goody SASS # 26190 Life Born, raised and still live in Dallas Texas March 1998 at CVV was my first match
  9. I did send an E-mail to Gary and am awaiting a response. The 44 Uberti Remington 1858 conversion uses 45 Colt cartridges. Is the bore of the 1875 Remington in 44 Rem. the same bore dimensions as the 1858? IF SO, could a 44 Remington 1875 Cylinder be re-chambered for the 45 Colt cartridge? I have 150 smokeless 44 Rem cartridges coming from CAD , a company specializing in obsolete cartridges. They use 4 gr of Bullseye instead of BP as a choice I can order lead from them but can't find dies or instructions on a heeled reloading setup. It would be MUCH easier if the cylinder were re-chambered, Where would I find info on the barrel dimensions, The cylinder dimensions are such that this re-chambering is probably feasible. Any help appreciated. Dirty Doc

  10. Mr Mars and Mr Rattler, Your checks both arrived at my house yesterday and ut was my intention to get the parts to the post office today. However, I have been home with the flu all week, this being my first day back at work. I have been too swamped to leave, so I will make every effort to get there tomorrow. If I can't I will update again.
  11. Grip frame assembly still available, now price includes shipping.
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