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  1. So the one listed on their webpage for $1050 is no longer valid? How much is this new, "toned down" model selling for?
  2. Might try here https://gun-parts.com/index.html/ or here http://www.leesgunparts.com/
  3. Y'all help me out. I may have asked this before, if so I apologize for being redundant. Just looking at the pictures the only difference I see is the plunger that is activated by the arm on the trigger that pushes the firing pin and holds it forward to fire. Is this the way of it? Why couldn't you simply remove the actuation arm on the trigger, drill a hole through the hammer and firing pin and put a cross pin in to fasten the FP to the hammer. Then remove the plunger assembly from the hammer. Am I not seeing something here?
  4. I didn't realize you could still legally press a Billy Bubba.
  5. Then he'll probably need to clean the bore after each stage. Hopefully he can get through 10 shots in the rifle without it fowling out.
  6. Oh yeah, plenty of oomph. In fact I used to load SG for a gentleman who shall remain nameless. But he won FCD at Winter Range and EOT more than once using my loads. Probably 4 or 5 years in a row I was loading for him. Most of the matches he shot FCD he was clean with no SG makeups.
  7. Never seen that one before. Anyway to bolt it down? Looks like it is made out of plastic? Shot and powder have to be hand dipped?
  8. Not sure what you are asking. I have a Mec 600 JR setup to load shotgun for BP in AA's and STS hulls. I was loading 1 oz shot with a 49A powder bushing IIRC. It would drop 58 grains of 2f. That would load about 115 rounds of Goex 2f or Cowboy. Without changing anything I would get 155 to 160 rounds of Pyrodex because it is a bulkier powder.
  9. Exactly what I used to do. Whenever someone would put it on sale tables at shoots for $10 or less I would buy it. It loads bulkier so I got about 160 rounds of shotgun as opposed to 115 with real black, same volume. Not going to re-use the hulls, so no cleanup worries there. End of day squirt liberal amount of windex in each barrel, wait a couple of minutes, shoot two rounds of smokeless through each barrel. Another squirt or two in each with windex then shove a wadded up paper towel through each barrel. Spray some ballistol and wipe the face of the breach and the outside of the gun. Clean as a whistle in 5 minutes time.
  10. Certainly you would have that problem. While moly works well with smokeless or even the BP subs, real BP requires a lube to keep the fouling soft so the next shot(s) can blow it out the barrel. Of course that shot leaves it's own fowling, but a lube that doesn't allow the fouling to harden is essential to being able to shoot and not have to clean the bore after every stage.
  11. Anyway the cylinders could have been swapped between guns? That number scratched on the end of the cylinder should be the last 3 digits of the serial number for each gun.
  12. What did the primer look like in the fired case for the rounds that sounded heavy? I assume the heavy charge sounding rounds were the ones with starred chambers?
  13. Yes, so long as the gun never leaves your hand(s).
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