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  1. Of course you're right. I head my head up and locked.
  2. Are you putting the wedge in from the correct direction? Looking from the back to the front of the gun it should go left to right, with the spring pointing to the bottom.
  3. Only shortened enough to give clearance for BP fouling. Much like what needs to be done on Vaqueros when they face off the surface of the back of the barrel. Of course you also have to watch for foulong to accumulate on the cylinder pin.
  4. Is there a reason that the Uberti cylinder cannot be shortened to create that gap?
  5. I think I remember some reporting that Schofield rims were too big to fit in the Vaquero cylinder and this was on the original size Vaqueros. Was sort of hit or miss. Most had no trouble. I don't know that I have seen it discussed on the New Vaquero. 45 Cowboy Specials would be a good option for reduced recoil loads, though. Their rim is the same diameter as the 45 Colt. As for competitive I feel it comes down to the individual shooter on that matter.
  6. Nice report. I was wondering though whether he meant the single shot or the lever action. https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/steel-lever-action-45-70-side-gate/
  7. Looking at the exploded view and seeing the parts as listed, it sorts of guides you on how to remove. There are several options listed for the parts, with differing dimensions. The firing pin bushing looks like it could be one of about 3 or 4 different styles. You could call them and let them guide you through what you need. Or wait, there are some really smart people on here that I'm certain will be along to offer their advice. It sure sounds like the firing pin spring is the cause.
  8. I believe since he speaks of locking the cylinder that he is not talking about a pump rifle, but the smaller frame single actions that Uberti makes. They have a spring loaded frame mounted FP. My guess would be to remove the firing pin assembly and clean all parts well. Check the spring while you have it apart. https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=25&cat=Uberti+1873+Stallion+and+Lightning
  9. I dunno if this is true or not. But evidently in the very early days of SASS there was no 170? Like I said, I'm not sure. But we had a shooter who had been instrumental in establishing SASS in the North Texas area back when. He then went away from it for a while. When he decided to return after several years he shot his first stage and when he holstered spun them in. He was talked to by another shooter who had shot with him before and it was made clear that was no longer allowed. I won't embarrass him by saying his name, but he is still very involved with SASS and WBAS.
  10. Check with Travis Bursey. He and Goatneck used to shoot a lot of that caliber, bot SASS and around the ranch.
  11. Please bear in mind that it is an extremely good idea to go through the RO-1 course before stepping up to run the timer. The TO needs to be VERY knowledgeable about how shooters should be going through a stage so he/she can stay a step ahead and recognize when a shooter is about to err.
  12. Could you not put the right sideplate from a 66 on it? with the loading ladle of course.
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