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  1. A Garand is real close to the top of my list for guns I'd like to own. Or a M1A-1.
  2. They came about for the English market is my understanding. It is extremely difficult to own and shoot cartridge firearms there. This gives them the feel of a SAA. The dimensions are such that regular cartridge Cattleman parts will not fit, precluding converting it back to a cartridge firing gun. I apologize to the OP for muddying up his offer to sell.
  3. I know, and I wasn't referring to you.
  4. Especially not with the situation that is going on right now. Businesses shut down through no fault of the owner/operator. I feel certain that Squibber, a man of high moral fiber and with a stellar reputation in the Cowboy community, has absconded with several old 97's, worth hundreds of dollars. Runofft to Mexico to start a new life with his ill gotten booty. Actually, if you can't tell this was all said tongue in cheek. While I have never met the man I'd bet dollars to donuts that he has no nefarious intent. Something has happened, whether it be from this insidious virus, a death in the family, whatever. But here the last few weeks there are some who seem hell bent on stirring up some fecal matter, regardless of whether it involves them directly or not.
  5. This thread talks of 444 marlin cut down and also of 41 magnum cut down. http://smith-wessonforum.com/reloading/364946-44-merwin-hulbert.html
  6. I'm thinking at this point you might want to look into lining the existing barrel. Marlin made very few of the early round barrel guns in 45, I've seen one in 20+ years of CAS.
  7. Here is what Shady posted on Facebook CVV page. " Comanche valley vigilantes scheduled monthly shoot May 23, 24 2020 CVV will hold it’s regularly scheduled two day monthly match,weather permitting,under the guidelines laid out by Texas governor, Gregg Abbot. The clubs landowner has agreed for us to hold a regular shooting match on the scheduled match dates. The following guidelines apply. All shooters are required to bring eye, ear protection, brass pickers and hand sanitizer. A face mask is recommended especially for the protection of those over 65. If you don’t have one Chula Kat will have some brand new cloth masks available. Morning meetings will began at 8:30 am and shooting will start at 9:00 am. The range will go cold at 1:00 pm. Limit the number of shooters at the loading and unloading table to two and practice social distancing. To limit contact no posse sign up sheets will be out, posse assignments will be done by registration slip available at several tables. The kitchen will not be open this weekend, so bring your own snacks and water as needed. There may be more to discuss at the morning meeting, please be prompt so everyone hears the same questions and answers.
  8. The crack I noticed was in your original post, second picture. Just behind the right hammer, it starts at the tang, snakes it's way to the back, then turns and heads for the right sideplate. Did this chunk fall out when you took the gun apart?
  9. I remember this show, when I was but a wee lad. He was Bloody Bill in Josey Wales. Then he was Stockburn in Pale Rider. I cannot think of a single time I saw him in the years between. looking at IMDb I see he did a lot of TV, and a few movies in the intervening years, but I sure don't remember any of them.
  10. OK, been in and out of the hospital 3 times since November. Going for a CT scan Wednesday for some shadows they see in my lung. Got my fingers crossed it's just scarring from the pneumonia I had in 2001 or something else that is innocent.
  11. I have one (in storage) that was made with an open back. The shotgun sits fully open with the butt stock maybe 3 inches in front of the barrels. the barrels are in the rack with the muzzles pointing forward at about 30 degrees off plumb. This allows the receiver/chambers to sit out the back. There is a removable box that sits in front of where the rifle and shotgun butt stocks ride. Id take a picture if it were here. This allows the total length of the base to be about 18 inches. One word of advice. The key to having something that won't wear you out is wheel size and placement. Larger wheels, 16 to 20 inch diameter roll over rough ground much better. Also where you locate the axle is important so that when you lean it back it comes to a natural balance point.
  12. Martha over at Cowboy Shooters Supply has been making a similar product for the 20 years that I have known her. Good quality, good people. Scroll to the bottom. https://www.cowboyshooterssupply.com/shooting_supplies.html
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