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  1. The home for Aged Breakfast Cereal namesakes? Oh wait, the prize was 100 rounds of 44wcf BP reloads. Cant mail that to California, dammit. You'll have to settle for a picture of me, signed by my secretary.
  2. I said shippable, not mail able. And I have no idea how some states treat it, the federal law is that it can be done.
  3. T Bone 20 years ago we bought a portable from the guy across the alley from us. He had used it as an office while his house was being re-built after a fire. Anyway, it was a 12x20 and was pulled across on skids by a tractor. No problems whatsoever.
  4. I think the only place legal for a slider is on a belt around your middle. I suppose it could also be on a bandoleer. But no, not clipped to a pocket.
  5. As July said. Factory smokeless loads are shippable, reloads and BP not.
  6. I don't think it would be worth the investment. Shipping both ways, cutting the barrel to re-clock and then removing material from the chamber end, replace front sight and mill the receiver for the wider rear sight. I would say you are looking at between $250 and $300 for the complete job. If it were me I would put another $200 with that and buy a third pistol. YMMV
  7. Anything but gunfighter. Course, if he wears them on the opposite hip he could shoot gunfighter. This all assumes that the holsters don't have more than 30 degrees of cant when worn. If so, they can't be used at all.
  8. I understand for the small percentage of you that get a good feeling by do things for yourself. But for the rest of us, by the time we assemble all the materials, buy the specialized tools, get setup and make sights for perhaps two pair of handguns I can't see not just buying what is already available. But as always YMMV...........
  9. I havent seen the overall yet. Reckon she placed higher than Waterloo?
  10. And I just saw that Hey You was top lady and 9th overall. Big ol way to go to her as well.
  11. Way to go, Rusty! A top flight man and shooter. Gunfighter don't you know!
  12. To all wondering why 380 acp and not a more traditional rimmed cartridge. Is there room for 5 rims to fit? It's an awfully small circle we're looking at.
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