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  1. Shot my first EOT (2005?) with a PM who shot a Spencer. Alias was Choupique (sp) from somewhere in Arkansas. Anyone who was frustrated by your posse mate would have been apoplectic over this guy. Not only shot the aforementioned Spencer rifle, also a Spencer pump SG and a 10 gauge long tom single shot. BP pistols as well. We had a great time!
  2. How does your rifle run with the Winchester ammo that the provider uses?
  3. Usually, not always. 100 is a plain finish w/extractors gun. 150 is an engraved w/extractors gun. 200 is an engraved w/ejectors gun, may or may not be silvered receiver. 280 is engraved w/ejectors and straight stock. een one 350, was over the top in engraving.
  4. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what taking the high road looks like.
  5. I knew a guy picked on up in 32wcf 17 or 18 years ago. Kept biting his finger when he tried to run fast. That extra bump in the trigger guard would attack.
  6. Yeah, but just imagine it jewel turned, low profile and interrupted threads for a quarter turn removal. Bet that would get it approved!
  7. Been a while since I played with a Marlin. But I remember it being just pull the lever screw and the bolt will come out the back. Going further was about 2 minutes to have it down to empty receiver. As the little old lady used to say on the Wendy's commercials, "Where's the beef?".
  8. Also you can listen online by going to this link. http://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/ If you are unable to listen live they have the past 10 or 12 shows listed and you can listen to them at any time. Just scroll down past the pictures of the handsome gentleman sitting behind the mike and choose which week you want to hear. Last week they featured our own Miss Misty Moonshine as the guest.
  9. Rossi never made a 38wcf. So anything along those lines will be a custom job. Of course you could take a 44wcf and line it.
  10. Stand on your bathroom scale with it in your hands. Then set it down. Subtract the second from the first. WaLa!
  11. I clicked the link he refers to above. http://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/ This took me to the stations website, which has available a "Listen Live" option. Should be able to do that shortly before the show starts and hook up to listen on your computer.
  12. This thread from 4 years ago addresses some possible issues. Even though they are not discussing the 1863 specifically The trigger systems should be the same. This link provided by Sedalia Dave in that thread details the function and adjustment of the firing system. http://www.bpcr.net/site_docs-results_schedules/documents/Double_and_Single_set_Trigger_Adjustment.htm
  13. Check to be sure the lower rear edge of the fore end iron is not contacting the bottom of the receiver, preventing the gun from opening further. The next thing I would check is that the gun will actually cock the hammers without the fore end attached. You should be able to push them against a hard table edge to cock. Don't use the dining room table, but the edge of a workbench should do fine.
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