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  1. The first 9 are the only legally acquired rounds in the rifle.
  2. And a miss for not hitting the target with the first 9 rounds.
  3. Gunzilla's shotgun was a 10 gauge with all brass hulls, berdan primed. He said it was a lot of fun to go in the back yard and get dirty all over again.
  4. http://www.massreloading.com/reading_pressure_signs.html
  5. 1856. Either a bartender or brothel owner.
  6. Right in the shooters handbook. It doesn't matter whether I or you or anyone else agrees with the rules, they are there to be enforced. SHB, page 18 o A shooter should not be allowed to pick up a dropped firearm. The CRO/TO should recover the firearm, examine it, clear it (if necessary), return it to the shooter, and assess the appropriate penalty. You might as well start the engine and go home. If you don't want anyone handling your firearms don't bring them to a match. As stated, the rules say any dropped gun will picked up and cleared by the match official. Don't like it? Leave your "precious" at home.
  7. I think one is a SDQ, 2 is a no call. Plus he should not have picked up first pistol, that's the ULT officers job while he has not been released from the stage.
  8. Yes sir, fine bunch of folks running the club and shooting there. It's about 1 1/2 hour drive, but they shoot on consecutive days the second weekend. They have hookups for campers, dry camping and even a bunkhouse that holds about a dozen if you get in line early enough. If you prefer to stay in town it is about 20 minutes to Palestine. And if you are retired they shoot the next Monday, 3 days in a row! http://www.oakwoodoutlaws.org/
  9. Might want edit your text. These are very clearly not Vaqueros, they are New Vaqueros.
  10. Might want to take your phone # off the public forum now.
  11. No dog in this fight. But reasonably priced shotguns are found much more often that reasonably priced rifles.
  12. There were also some Charles Daly's put together with the left overs from ASM's when that outfit in Florida went belly up.
  13. I don't know about priming a case that is full of BP.
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