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  1. WOW! In light of that I'd also consider here http://cartridgeconversion.com/Home_Page.php
  2. Lucky you, you've been spared all the vitriol that is spewed about him.
  3. Does anyone have problems with the seller allowing an obvious dealer to purchase the item? What about the sellers who have obviously been in the game a while and sell their goods at a marked up price? Like a Rodeo for $1200 or a Colt SAA for $2500. Are they just following the market and not price gouging? Why is this dealer, and let's be honest, everyone knows who is being talked about here, such a target for some of you?
  4. If you're just wanting to shoot the gun I would suggest you try a cylinder from a newer Pietta and their old style 4 click hammer. They are the same dimensions as 1st and 2nd gen Colts. Available form a variety of sources, I would start with VTI. https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=74&cat=Pietta+1873+Colt+GWII Next I would try EMF, now owned by Pietta https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/1873-GWII-SA-and-Pietta-Transfer-Bar-Models-c510.htm
  5. https://oldguns.net/sn_php/marlinlookup.php
  6. Yep! I was in a pawn shop 15 or 18 years ago. They had a Uberti Walker in the cabinet behind the counter. I asked to see it, the clerk said it was broken and they were going to try and get it fixed. I looked at it and asked him what they would take as is. $35 dollars. I held the pistol straight down and cocked a few times, no problems. Held straight up the cylinder would not advance. I bought it and ordered the hand spring that day. Had me a Walker for about $40. IIRC I sold that to a fellow shooter for $275.
  7. I never had any trouble with it. Are you taking the powder out of the hopper after a loading session
  8. Reckon they'll have to change that. Won't be there anymore.
  9. I think 23 is a collection of Hamilton's. Might be at least one Stevens.
  10. IIRC the first I was buying would have been in the 1974-5 time period. That's when I turned 18. They were $8.99 at Walmart. Target, etc.
  11. Please point out the complaining on this thread on any other on the SASS wire.
  12. As an added bonus you can shoot the 51's in the Frontiersman category with the original cylinders and BP.
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