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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows dimensionally the location to drill a hole to accept a Ruger style hand spring on a Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon. Yes I know there is a fixture and yes I know some have gotten a kazillion rounds of use out of the flat springs. I wanna do and gonna do it just trying to cut the curve a bit. Any info appreciated.
  2. DOLD Pietta Great Western II 5.5" .45 Colt. This is the nickeled Cattle Brand model and you can see have beautiful engravng throughout. I cannot 100% attest to it but it appears to be un-fired as there was still the facotry storage grease on cylinder frame. I do not have the box or papers. $625 shipped to your FFL. First " I'll take it" posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SOLD I
  3. SOLD 2 Ruger SBH jeweled hammers with matching jeweled triggers. All in stainless. Gently used in great condition. $205 shipped. If using PayPal friends and family I ship same day. First “I’ll take em” gets them. Thanks for looking . SOLD
  4. 812ga SxS double trigger imported by Westernfield and made by Miroku. Very nice quality. Super clean with beautiful wood. 22” ribbed barrel (yes it’s SASS legal) fully tuned by Doc Noper. If you’re not familiar with Miroku made firearms that is where all your SKB’s and Brownings are made. Nice thin wrist and easy handling. 14 1/4” LOP. Big bead installed. Gun needs nothing. $975 now $875 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. Shoot a high quality SxS for a little bit more than a tuned Stoeger or about the same price as a Turkish gun of questionable decent. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it.
  5. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357 24” octagon. Action with lightened springs one piece firing pin, lever wrap and semi buckhorn rear sight and Marbles small gold bead front sight. Some finish wear and barrel wear spot from guncart. Stock is solid and “ears” are intact. Stock has been cut and Marlin rubber pad added and has 13 3/4” LOP. There was an alias sticker on right side of stock that has been removed but can still see outline in pic. Very honest solid gun that feeds .38’s loaded with 105’s smoothly and feels good. The pics don’t really do it justice. Has sat dormant in retired shooters safe for a dozen years. $1075 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from individual. I will only sell to a SASS member in good standing. Lots scam attempts going on at the moment. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it regardless of PM conversation. Thanks for looking.
  6. SOLD Buttstock for SKB 100 12ga. Very solid with no repairs. Possibly a small hairline crack on one left hand side scallop but not sure. Scratches in finish on left hand side from my shell belt. Has been cut as I was running a lace on pad . LOP is 13,5”. No buttplate or pad included. $325 shipped. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  7. Title says it all. In search of a pair of Ruger Bew Vaquero gripframes in stainless with no lock.
  8. It's even your size!! You make a Vaquero look like a NAA Mini Revolver LOL.
  9. SOLD Virginian Dragoon Stainless 8 1/4" barrel in .44 mag. Beautiful condition and appears to have lived a very easy life. If it's been shot is certainly was not very much. Pics speak for themselves. $625 shipped to your FFL. SOLD
  10. SOLD Had these in my son’s guns for a couple years. Very good condition and complete with plungers,springs and crosspins. They are jeweled. $150 shipped. Payment via PayPal friends and family or will deliver for cash at GA State match next week. First “I’ll take em” posted gets them. SOLD
  11. SOLD Have a Colt Python .357 4" nickel. Made in 1977 according to the Colt website. The pictures don't really do this gun justice and overall in very good condition I'd rate it between 85-90%. Smooth as class and locks and operates as it should. The bad, someone machined a shallow "slot" behind the front sight, no idea why but it's there so check out the pics. Great gun for someone looking for a way above average shooter grade snakegun. $1285 shipped to your FFL. First "I'll take it" posted gets it regardless of PM conversations. thanks for looking. SOLD
  12. Just wondering if anyone has one they no longer use and want to part with. Let me know. Thank you.
  13. SOLD Have two Ruger Single Six .32's stainless 4 5/8" barrels. - New Vaquero stainless grip frames - Short stroke hammers with half cock, no T bars and jeweling - Full custom springs all the way around including ejector rod. - Ejector rod housing beveled. -Widened rear sight - Brass Sure Hit Front sights wraparounds. No boxes or papers.Very nice condition overall on a very unique hard to replicate set of guns. Would be amazing duelist or gunfighter guns as well. $2450 Shipped to your FFL. First "I'll take em" posted gets them regardless of PM conversations. Not interested in any trades at the moment. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  14. SOLD Ruger New Vaquero hammers. 1 blue 1 stainless. No plungers, spring or cross pin. $25 shipped for both. Prefer PayPal Friends and Family but check works too. Thanks for looking. SOLD
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