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  1. Excellent, such fine rifles. Cowboy Carty sells and excellent lever safety/ trigger spring that works extremely well and is a 100% improvement.
  2. Thanks Widder. I think this batch will be my last though. I was really excited about the new Marlins especially the carbines. Anything that makes it easier for a new shooter is a win. We spent a lot of our time and money on the box to match reviews.Gave folks factual real evidence that they fit the bill but it is drowned out by cynical people with no hands on experience who just repeat what they read somewhere in the internet. It’s been discoursging. Frankly I’ve got better things to do with the arrival of our new little one coming up followed by helping produce EOT then jumping right into planning for MI state.
  3. SOLDTwo pair (for 2 guns) Eagle Evil Roy grips black polymer checkered. These differ from the Gunfighter grips as they are thin all the way through and they really engage your hand. I love these grips, we just don’t own any New Vaqueros. $150 shipped first “I’ll take em” gets them SOLD
  4. I am in need of one XRM-3RED aluminum grip frame. Let me know what you have.
  5. Bought 10+ years ago at an out of state match. Unique antler sheath with locking bar to keep in place. Stick it in a boot,belt etc. Someone put sone time into this. $40 shipped. First “I’ll take it” posted here gets it.
  6. Took this in on trade. Banquet raffle gun won by a non CAS shooter. 26” blued round barrel. Unfired in box with paperwork and lock keys. Ran my .45 Colt dummy rounds loaded with 200gr. bullets through it twice and they ran through it like greased lightning. $585 shipped to your FFL. Can be reached at deucestevensllc@gmail.com . Thanks for looking.
  7. Pair of Ruger New Vaqueros stainless steel .45 Colt with 7.5” barrel. Ruger discontinued this configuration years ago. These have half cock conversions with transfer bar still intact and action jobs. Work done by Cowboy Gunworks. Have show about six matches with them but otherwise have been safe queens. Very nice pair of guns that Ruger is unlikely to make again. Come with boxes. $1450 shipped to your FFL. Can be contacted at deucestevensllc@gmail.com . Thanks for looking.
  8. Looking for a pair of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in .45 Colt. either plowhandle or Bisley. Any finish any barrel length but they must be matching and NOT have major action work. Let me know what you have deucestevensllc@gmail.com ps, I know some don’t like to post email addresses. My contact info is all over the place and I’ll take my chances thank you.
  9. Marlin 1894C .357 mag. 18.5” round barrel. This is THE latest in production from Marlin. I’ve installed a Cowboy Carty full spring kit and tool steel firing pin. Spring kit includes mainspring, lever detent spring, and lever safety/trigger spring. Crisp 2 1/2 pound trigger pull and very slick action. Feeds my 1.42 OAL dummy rounds flawlessly. Topped off with a hand stitched lever wrap. All factory OEM parts will be included. Yup it holds 10 .38 specials. This rifle is brand new and ready to be taken to a match. $785 shipped to your FFL. First “I’ll take it posted here gets it. I can be reached at deucestevensllc@gmail.com for any questions. We’ve been waiting for affordable match rifles well here it is!
  10. Just got in 3 Marlin 1894C’s in .357 Mag from one of my distributors. Fit and finish look great. They all feed my .38 dummies loaded at 1.42 OAL flawlessly and I can’t even feel them chamber. Installed a Western Gunworks pin and spring kit and I am really impressed with how it turned out. Another 3 winners from Marlin. Very encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.
  11. I really wanted to run a english style stock for a long time. I love the look and feel. It was faster off the table but there was not enough purchase for my style of shuck.
  12. Looking for a pair of Blued 4 5/8" Old Model Vaqueros in .357mag. Not interested in any that have been short stroked, minor spring work is ok. Only looking for this described configuration. Let me know what you have via pm or my email at deucestevensllc@gmail.com.
  13. There has been a fair amount of discussion on the evolution of the game. A good percentage of the time it leans towards the negative side of things. I fully understand and respect both sides of the camp because I've been fortunate enough to experience the game in both it's "old" form and "new" form not only as a shooter but also as a match director. It is a bonafide fact that the game has changed. It's never been easier to start the game right now with gear and knowledge that folks 15-25 years ago didn't have. A couple of weeks ago and old shooting buddy and I were laughing and remembering back when we were all just desperately trying to get our guns to work right and for all our bullets to leave the barrels. Some of my best memories revolve around the struggles of figuring the game out. In my area we had a lot of former buckskinnners and mountain man guys, that was hoot and those guys were fun to watch and a lot of them shot original stuff. To them it was an extension of something they liked to do with a very light hearted competitive atmosphere. The seriousness of the game was reserved for "big matches" and far away places like EOT or WR where a midwesterner could only dream about possibly attending someday. A lot of folks first priorities was to make sure they looked right and like they belonged there when it came to their clothing. I still remember a half dozen of us standing around the guy with the first Codymatic any of us had ever seen. Reactions ranged from "why would you want to do that" to "wow thats cool". The rulebook was tiny (literally) and if you were a gamer you carried a Schofield for reloads on the clock and Blackhawks actually were an advantage for the targets we were shooting in the day. Guys and gals still wanted to win, but it was a desire that you really didn't talk about and almost taboo. I remember one noted local shooter that carried both Vaqueros and Blackhawks to every match and would adjust his category according to who pulled into the parking lot that morning. I think that many of the old timers would agree that we had a larger percentage of established "shooters" in the game. Former bullseye shooters, skeet and trap, ICORE, silhouette etc. Then came the massive influx of new shooters. Many whom had never owned a firearms before or if they did it had gotten very limited use. Targets moved in closer, our rule book got bigger to accommodate the "evolution" of the game and the competitiveness and a lot of the stuff we used to do on the clock faded away. It didn't happen overnight. But it did happen. Sometimes I miss those days. But most of the time I'm pretty content with where we are today and that is largely due to my personal enjoyment of the game outside of the shooting. We need to do a better job of being patient with each other. Both camps. You can't ask folks to have reverence for something they NEVER experienced. And you cannot dismiss the "old timers" who miss the way it used to be done. There is a middle ground there. I'm not sure exactly where it is. But I think it would lead to a healthier game for all of us. But it starts with folks having a better understanding of each other. I don't believe there is a wrong or a right way here. We have rules and those are the boundaries that we play within. And in the end the game is still what YOU make of it.
  14. Have a Williams receiver sight for a Winchester 1897 complete with front sight that attaches via a friction fit band. Back in the day the was the ticket for turning your 1897 into a slugger for deer season. Good shape, both screws are there. Cool piece. $40 shipped to you. Will accept PayPal via Friends and Family. First "I'll take it" posted here gets it.Thanks for lookin.
  15. The springs that come in the Miroku made 73's are excellent and actually take to tuning very very well. Unlike the Ubertis they are not over sprung with ill fitting low quality springs. What are you trying to accomplish with a new spring?
  16. I do not shoot it. But it is a category I have always admired and been interested in. Personally I'd be more apt to shoot it if there were a minimum power factor involved but thats just my opinion and not a reflection on the current rules.
  17. It was his very first time out and he went from having no real idea what SASS was all about to being all in. I have worked with a ton of new and perspective shooters and I'm excited because this one is going to stick. He is being guided by a couple of guys who absolutely love the game and all of our history. We are working on getting him going and he will be wearing the clothing minimums next weekend and he will decide on how he wants to roll clothing wise after that.
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