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  1. I could but we already have one made to our specs that I like just as well and fill the bill a little better.
  2. Send it……the 3 yard pistol targets won’t care
  3. Those were made by Trapper Gunsprings on the east side of Michigan. I have several sets (not for sale)
  4. I shoot only Carty’s work and these would be a lifetime set of guns for someone.
  5. Get it tuned and cut. Once done that gun can be easily sold in that condition to a cowboy for $2200-$2400. It be will never be worth more as a field gun in our lifetime.
  6. No, I had these built for my little girl. She’ll be shooting soon. Boomstick Jay did the work.
  7. I had the only pair of 32’s I had left in the safe converted to .38 spl. and had octagons installed while I was at it.
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