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  1. No dog in the hunt either but I cut my teeth on progressive loading with one of these and it was a solid press. Mine had been outfitted with a Dillon powder measure. Seeing this ad brings back good memories.
  2. Anything I don't do myself gets done by Cowboy Carty.
  3. To replicate that set currently you'd be looking at $2400-2600. This ain't 2019 anymore lol. $2000 would be a steal at this point.
  4. I’ll take the other one. Misty Moonshine is there and will get it for me. Please give it to her and she’ll have cash for you.
  5. CC Top and I are looking forward to a great weekend with you guys!
  6. After 20 years of shooting this game I'd be lying if I said my opinion on this topic hasn't changed over time. I remember the first time I set a pistol target at 7 yards at the club that I started at. I thought that some of the "old guard" were gonna kill me LOL......as in it was too close. But a 125gr bullet doing 800 fps. was ultra "gamey" at that time as well. I know I certainly pushed the "big and close" agenda. Bought bigger steel, 7 yards turned into 5. Everyone started judging the quality of a match by clean shooter percentages. I think there is a sweet spot somewhere in there. Borderto
  7. Always and interesting topic and mildly entertaining. I have my own thoughts but there's not reason to beat a dead horse because the wire is not for changing minds. I will say that any comparisons to other disciplines is moot as our safety record speaks for itself after 40 years. At some point in time you do have to come to the conclusion that we are shooting really bang bangs (or poof poofs) at real steel. Short of placing pistol steel at minimum 25 yards and rifle at a 100 there will always be splatter of some sort. It's also not the match directors duty to turn people into shooters. That's
  8. Wondering if anyone happens to have any of the J Hornsby Cooler Cowboy Shirts in extra small for my buckaroo. Not picky on colors or patterns cause he don’t care :). Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm interested in some alloy, please pm me. Deuce

  10. Slicks products are great and he is a excellent support of SASS. On separate note it is very possible to shoot a Marlin out of battery, I have done it dozens of times during matches over the years.
  11. terrible thing drinking alone......I mean you get used to it but still.....
  12. How about Vaquero Viejo and Vaquero Nuevo in keeping with the Spanish theme. This also makes us much more multi cultural and trendy, which will equal a mass entrance of hipsters into SASS.........wait never mind bad idea.
  13. Awesome! Been15 years for me and cannot begin to express all that SASS has done for me. Could never repay all that I have taken from it that is for sure. What a ride it's been and going to be.
  14. Doc Noper welds them up nicely and also modifies them to allow for more extraction of the hull since the ejector guns have slightly less than the extractor guns. For me I would want that little bit extra shell extraction.
  15. If the cylinder is sjipping bolt notches it's a new model.......
  16. Some people are very passionate about everything they do. I have seen tempers flare at matches dozens of times and almost always they are very upset with themselves. But on the rare occasions you will run into people where it seems to be very much a habit.......spotters are always wrong........the posse has it out for them....wind always blows when it's their time to shoot etc etc etc. My mentor told me about 15 years ago that it takes years to build a reputation and 5 seconds to ruin one. I have tried very hard to keep that at the front end of my thinking. We have all done things at some poin
  17. Amazed by the irony of some who use the living snot out of this forum yet claim to have no use for the organization that owns it............wow
  18. in my experience the positives have not outweighed the negatives so I will continue to shoot and produce a traditionally lubed bullet that has served me very well for 15 years of CAS shooting. Try them and see they may just be the bees knee for you but they were not for me.
  19. Tornado.........Thank you for your post, my thoughts exactly.
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