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  1. Contact some of the experienced BP shooters at your range and ask for help. It’s no trouble to clean the guns at the range immediately after the shoot. Let the soot lords know the situation and they can bring what they need to send her home with clean firearms.
  2. Difficulty on opening the lever might be caused by the rim of the cartridge protruding from the magazine getting hung up on the carrier as the carrier rises. The rim of the cartridge in the magazine should slide down the angled front surface of the carrier, which pushes the cartridge back into the magazine tube. To check: load only one cartridge in the magazine and cycle the lever. If the lever always opens easily with just one cartridge in there (no cartridge in the magazine) look for a burr on the front of the carrier that might catch a rim. If the gun is difficult to open with just one cartridge on the carrier, then the rim may be catching behind the carrier.
  3. Col. John Stapp survived 570 mph and 46 Gs of deceleration. But I suspect it was not fun. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stapp Another volunteer endured 83Gs deceleration, which is not wind pressure, but dang!
  4. I’m gonna try this. Dang. The calorie count on my recumbent bike didn’t change unless I moved the pedals. Foiled again.
  5. No doubt! I can say the same for my K-Frame .22s, .38s, and .357s! An older S&W is a work of art.
  6. Flood the exposed parts of the arbor and wedge opening with a good penetrating oil and let it soak for a few hours. Then gently warm the metal with a hair dryer (not a flame or heat gun), then chill the metal with ice water. Dry and repeat: oil soak, warm, then chill. You are trying to pump the oil down between the parts by capillary action, gently expanding and contracting the joint with temperatures. Continue until you can wiggle it apart with your hands or give up in frustration. Trying to get a replacement from Dixie, if they will take this one back, is probably your best option, but if you are stuck with this one try the “hot/cold “ treatment. I have freed up some badly frozen joints this way. Patience...it may take several days.
  7. I bet the pigeons will make bombing sorties in retaliation.
  8. It’s too clean BQ. You need to give it some exercise!!
  9. I used them in Browning and SKB doubles without problems. Guns are like snowflakes, each is unique. Experiments in your own gun are better than taking opinion polls.
  10. If you use the lowest base hulls, the extractor will push most of the base out of the chamber...it has not been an issue in my shotguns. Risk $6 and try them to be sure.
  11. This may not help, and it could hurt. Have you ever tried to pull two pieces of glass apart when they have water between them? Smooth chamber wall and smooth hull stuck together with some kind of liquid... I shoot blackpowder and never swab between stages and the empty hulls shuck out just as easily on the 6th stage as on the first. Ribbed hulls like Gun Clubs and Estates actually have less contact (and therefore less friction) with the chamber wall than the smooth hulls. Stop swabbing, try some ribbed hulls, and let us know what happens.
  12. My apologies. Honest, I did not want to hijack the thread and make it a "bash California" thread. It's just that it's so easy to do... Those grips remind me of the factory grips on my old 1973 Ruger Mark 1 bull barrel. I wish I could shoot it as well as it can group!
  13. That sounds more harsh than I intended. I suspect the smooth sides of the AA hulls simply create too much friction in contact with the chamber wall. STS hulls are smooth to be sure, but I suspect the crimp petals on the STS hulls may not cause as much friction in the chamber after firing. In my experience the problems happen at the crimp end of the hull—the extractor kicks out most of the brass base, so the base is less likely to be a problem. But again that is speculation. Experiment with the less expensive Remington Gun Club shells and the Estate brand of shotshells if you think STS are too costly. Both are $5.99 a box at Academy. But if your guns shuck STS best, buy those and don’t look back.
  14. Who cares why? Your guns have told you their preference. Listen to them. Use STS hulls and worry about something else. Both of my Brownings like STS, Gun Clubs, and Estate hulls. AAs are not welcome in my guns either. Feed ‘em what works.
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