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  1. One does not have to shoot much slower to eliminate misses. One must become a better shooter. Our champions are proof. Most of us miss with revolvers more than with the rifle or shotgun. Take 1 second more per 10 shot string to perfect the sights. One second per string does not sound like much. but it’s surprising how much less rushed you will feel. Depending on a “rhythm” can get you a miss. Break the shot when the sights are right, not when your rhythm demands it. It’s a change in attention focus. Practice shooting at paper for small groups like Bullseye competition to get away from being enslaved by a rhythm. Misses are proof that big close targets can’t conceal every sloppy shot.
  2. I shoot two BSS with blackpowder and plastic wads. I think you are working too hard. Buy some #4 rubber plugs/corks at a hardware store ( I got mine from Ace). Plug the breech end of the barrel and slosh hot soapy water in there for a minute, pour it out, repeat a couple of times. Then plug the muzzle end and let it sit while you clean your other guns. Pour out the soapy water and push a tight fitted wadded up paper towel through the bore. You probably will not need a brush at this point but you can repeat the soapy water wash if needed. Finish with protective lube of choice on a BoreSnake.
  3. Yes. I can. And I could have fun with that.
  4. Both brands should be considered kits that require some work. For me, tweaking the Pietta's bolt/cylinder notch fit is easier than correcting the Uberti's short arbor flaw. So these days I would give Pietta the nod. I've owned and competed with both. I agree that Treso/Ampco nipples are the biggest single improvement you can make to the Italian open tops. Have fun and Merry Christmas. We should all have wives that buy us guns!!
  5. Sweet early Christmas present from Sam's Club in Springfield today:
  6. Changing your alias to “Mississippi”, are you?
  7. Ranking high in the overall results and shooting clean are complementary goals, not different goals. Look at the results for most matches -- club monthlies as well as the big championships. Most of the top shooters will shoot a clean match. At that level of competition they simply can't afford to spot their fellow competitors 5 seconds for a miss when their placement may be determined by less than a second's difference between shooters. If you are not shooting clean matches, look at your scores for the last few matches you shot. Figure out how much higher in the rankings you would have been if you had shot clean. Figure you take one more second to aim so you don't miss, and that one second investment saves the other 4 seconds off your time. So subtract 4 seconds for each miss from your total match time. How far would you move up in the rankings just by eliminating misses, by actually shooting each stage one second SLOWER? Shooters who are missing a lot can help their rankings quickly and easily by eliminating misses. Getting faster after you eliminate most of your misses will probably take a lot of practice time. If a person is shooting really slow and still missing, then you may have a gun or ammo problem. It amazes me how many shooters have never shot at paper to see where their guns and ammo actually hit the target. Do whatever you must to get point of impact on the point of aim. Kentucky windage will kill your scores.
  8. Looking at the space in which I am presently writing to respond to this thread, there is a paper clip in the lower left corner next to the link, “Click to choose files”. So I could post a photo in this response. But that option does not show up in Personal Messages. My PM response box only provides the “Insert image from URL” option. Is that the case for everyone else too?
  9. Widder, after reading your comment about nervousness I thought about the way my hands shake at the unloading table. I shake from eagerness to do it again! So if you are like me and notice your heart pumping and hands shaking after shooting a stage don’t mistake eagerness and excitement for nervousness. When I get to the unloading table and I find I’m calm, it will be time to retire from shooting.
  10. Doesn’t everyone make sure it’s loaded by looking down the barrel??
  11. My iPhone vibrates as well as making a sound when the count-down timer goes off. It just counts whole seconds but that should be about as close as slapping a competition timer. Set the timer to the number of seconds you want to beat, put it in your pocket or somewhere you can feel it vibrate and start it. Hopefully you will have completed your dry fire stage by the time you feel it go off!
  12. I reload inside my home in a spare bedroom, and store the finished cartridges inside the house at the same temperature, so I have never experienced problems with condensation inside any cartridge. Or percussion gun. The worst case scenario would be reloading outdoors in 100% relative humidity during a rainstorm, then taking the cartridges into sub-zero temperatures. I have sub-zero interest in conducting that experiment. I await your results eagerly.
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