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  1. I am looking for a 1911 frame. I picked up a nice colt slide some time ago and thought I would build one to shoot wild bunch. I have seen the 80% ones for sale but that looks unnecesarly complicated. It seems all of the other frames are priced really high. I am hoping ya'll have some wisdom for me.
  2. I'll take the MHT westerns Texas ranger hat
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied. I purchased some holsters from Hoosh.
  4. Looks great, ill take them. let me know where to send money.
  5. I am just starting out and just purchased some 5.5 colt clones in .357. I need a starter rig , I was hoping for something inexpensive until I figure out what I want.
  6. Thank you to all. I have shot two practices and my first match was Saturday. I have shot the ubertis and rugers and an open top that was cool. Most of the guys shoot the 1873 lever.
  7. I am ready to purchase my shootin irons and was wondering if there are any brands or models to avoid? I am in need of everything, pistols, rifle and shotgun.
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