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  1. Wow alright well I guess I better scoop it up!
  2. Awesome thanks for the input, I have also found a marlin cowboy limited in 357 like new for 750 is that reasonable?
  3. Thanks! I've been searching online and YouTube for comparisons and I understand the bss and skb are the most desired sxs and I've considered a 97 and I am really thinking about a 97 if it's within the same price range.
  4. I will get some asap, what is the consensus on these for cas?
  5. I have been offered one for sale it's a sxs but I do not have a model number as of yet I'll ask. I'm just not too familiar I know Stevens and marlin made some guns for sears and that's about it, not too familiar with quality. Thanks
  6. Any input on "sears" ranger shotguns?
  7. Yes long hunter was great they said 4-6 weeks it took two! As far as grips I was only inquiring as I found those to be quite attractive in more interest in shooting than aesthetics at the moment but who knows 😬! I'll check out those grips also.
  8. What are the thoughts on eagle grips specifically the ultima ivory?
  9. Certainly I welcome and accept all knowledge and advice!
  10. They're .357 and I'll most certainly look for a lever gun in .357 Looking to see the rig aswell
  11. That should do it, I am located in central California
  12. Oh yes sir I know I just keep reading and watching videos trying to learn more
  13. Howdy, it's been awhile but my sass vaqueros just came and they're the first step towards being able to join in on the fun. My holsters are on order with kirk Patrick and should be here any week now. Tracking down a reasonable lever gun and shotgun now.
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