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  1. I feel that you fellows are far too kind and generous. I did nothing but wait to resolve problems and show my ability to know that stage 7 was after stage 6. Widder and TW showed what a good TO looks like. We had a great Posse , so no problems to resolve. The best event anyone could wish for and a great time was had by all.
  2. Well the cats out of the bag now, I was just asking this for the benefit of TennesseeWilliams. Look like he’s well informed with opinions now. I would have said “Im asking for a friend “ but……well you know.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone, based on my previous experience this is a conversation that a lot of people needed to hear. We sometimes need to unpack the information provided in our RO materials and Shooters Handbook. I’ve been in this operation for 25 years and still have questions every day
  4. Thanks for the input Pale Wolf. I agree completely with the above. The most important part can be making sure everyone gets the same instructions and answering questions in a conscience manner. I think the P.M. should do anything but TO for the whole posse , but I’ve had some folks insist just the opposite. The RO 1 information makes no exact instructions on the TO duty. I feel that some think that “run the posse safely and efficiently thru the course of fire” means be TO if you’re not shooting. That’s not efficient for anyone. P.S. Widder, I think the posse will run its self, it doesn’t need me. Well, except for Tn. Williams. He may need a full time minder
  5. I’ll be a posse marshal at the upcoming Southern Regional. I’m looking at the posse list and find myself feeling like a swine among pearls. It’s possibly the most experienced and knowledgeable group I’ve ever shot with I’ve posse marshaled many times and have a good grasp of what I think makes a great Posse Marshal. I’d like to hear opinions of others about what duties carried out by the PM makes them a good one? Do you think the PM should always be the TO for example?
  6. I’m not sure what awful deed I’ve done to deserve it but I’m on the same Posse as TN Williams
  7. I just lost mine, you can order about 25 pieces off Amazon about 6 bucks
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