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  1. I Shot the Midday wave on Day three. The Rain was overwhelming for me and the Remingtons. I loaded cylinders in advance the night before , just not able to keep them DRY. I had several FTF on each stage.
  2. The costume contest scores are still linking to 2019
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply folks, I’ll be happy no matter how it runs! Just being curious!
  4. So Posse 20 should shoot late on day 1 Early on day 2 and Middle on day 3 ( In Theory)??
  5. This year will be my first trip to End of Trail. I was wondering if the shooters will get an Email giving Possie and shooting flight information or do we find out on arrival ?
  6. I have an Annelezze , I highly recommend their product. I do Anneal my brass and it improves the situation. Just always looking for new things to try
  7. Thanks Larsen, I bleed Balistol when you cut me.
  8. Lifter in a toggle link rifle was a thought. The rifle is in .45 colt. Thinking it could make the blow by fouling more manageable in the area of the lifter
  9. Title says it all, anyone have any experience with this combination?
  10. Ohhh please Mr Pete. I’m a terrible shot, but I throw a mean Lance, I can strike a match and light a fuse, body dragging is one of my specialty’s. Ohhh and please put these activities on the clock!! I would be most pleased if everyone with a SASS# over 40,000 walked by and said “ what the Hell are they doing?” Cahawba Kid SASS 24792
  11. Do as you will, this is the data on the website. I think it’s pretty clear
  12. It’s a small company, just a couple of employees. In this environment give them a break. The wheels are listed on the website by case measurement length x Diameter. I have three sets, different sizes, I run 45 colt, 223, 50-70,45-70
  13. I have no problem doing .45 colt in my Annelize. They carry wheels of the appropriate size.
  14. Just in case you didn't get the word otherwise , the roads are to poor for the set up crew to travel so no Ranger Shoot for 1/8/17. We will be back on our regular schedule in February Thanks. Cahawba Kid
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