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  1. Please, trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty! Well really about shooting in Mississippi, but you get to he idea!
  2. The idea of reducing springs without spares seemed like a bad idea. I called the CZ customer service number, spoke to a nice lady who said she would put springs in the mail no charge. What came in the mail was more than expected, not just springs , two complete locks. I was shocked! Big ups to CZ for great service
  3. Randy, I’ll be getting my registration out this week. I should make three for FCD. Lasombra and Tyrell Cody you are welcome
  4. I do my .45Colt brass every loading, probably over kill. It keeps the gun clean
  5. Did you grind the edge of the spring or the wide part of the spring?
  6. Title says it all, I have a set of replacement springs on the way from CZ ,I didn’t want to do anything until I had a spare set in hand. The stock springs are a real Bear, I would like to reduce them around 25%. These are of course V Springs. I have a spring vise to remove and reinstall them. I’m unsure of the best approach to reducing the spring strength, what part of the spring to reduce. I know it will be the top leg, just unsure what to remove. Any input?
  7. Hey Capt Burt, I see the application for the Mississippi state shoot is up, maybe want to edit the original post and and the link. This shoot had the lowest attendance of the Magnificent 7 last year. I attended and found it to be spectacular,great venue, well managed and great stages. I highly recommended it
  8. I would love to hear from Drake, tried sending him a message. No response. I hope he is recovering quickly!
  9. I can add to FCD, I’ll have it to you this week
  10. KC…. .? What in the world is holding you up. I was looking forward to sitting under the pavilion and shooting the Bull
  11. Just in case you didn't get the word otherwise , the roads are to poor for the set up crew to travel so no Ranger Shoot for 1/8/17. We will be back on our regular schedule in February Thanks. Cahawba Kid
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