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  1. Do as you will, this is the data on the website. I think it’s pretty clear
  2. It’s a small company, just a couple of employees. In this environment give them a break. The wheels are listed on the website by case measurement length x Diameter. I have three sets, different sizes, I run 45 colt, 223, 50-70,45-70
  3. I have no problem doing .45 colt in my Annelize. They carry wheels of the appropriate size.
  4. Well that was easy, looks like I'll be getting the Annealer fired up when I get Home. Thank you Gents.
  5. I'm getting some .45 Colt BP Ammo ready to go. I am using new Starline Brass. I have positive outcomes and reduced fouling when I anneal old brass to shoot BP. Is there anyone who has input on Annealing virgin brass, is it work hardened in the Drawing process when made? I know many high grade bottle neck cases are done at the factory.
  6. I was just loading .38 Long Colt tonight using Lee Dies. The powder funnel/ bell floats but it is all inside the die. I have nothing sticking out the bottom
  7. Just in case you didn't get the word otherwise , the roads are to poor for the set up crew to travel so no Ranger Shoot for 1/8/17. We will be back on our regular schedule in February Thanks. Cahawba Kid
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