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  1. Excellent Shooter and a Wonderful Young Lady! I wonder where she learned to shoot?
  2. T-Bone is World Champion Again! And again, and again, and again, and again, and so on and so forth!, Great Shooting Mr. Bone!
  3. I guess I better reserve a hospital room now. I didn’t fall and I don’t know Day it is. Was today tomorrow yesterday? Will today be yesterday tomorrow? Will tomorrow be today the day after yesterday? Get better soon Noz, I need a smart feller to answer these questions for me!
  4. Great Shooting! I don’ know how he does it, BUT, He does it!
  5. He is AMAZING! I predict he will win it all next year as a Gunfighter!
  6. Way to go Girl! I knew she would do it AGAIN!
  7. Get well soon feller! We are all pulling for you! Prayers up.
  8. Sawyer

    age limits

    I am old but I ain’t grouchy. You better not say I am grouchy or I be all over your a$$!
  9. Hoped all of you loved it and enjoy many matches in the future!
  10. Sawyer

    age limits

    We need young shooters! If they understand safety and practice it, then encourage them. Look at the age of your next match participants and it becomes painfully obvious why we need them!
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