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  1. Print your own. 99.9987% of the population won’t know whether it is real or not, a certain group of politically oriented people will think you are a terrorist because you have a card that “Might” support private citizens being allowed to own guns and should be in prison. Years ago, you had to prove membership to take RO II classes, only time I ever knew of it having a purpose.
  2. I have played in quite a few of them(21). Great matches with Great people. I feel kind of attached to that little town!
  3. Did not have the pleasure of knowing him. His last choice tells me he will be welcome atGod’s Table! Way to go out Pard!
  4. Thanks for the pics AND ALL YOUR YOUR HARD WORK!!!
  5. Howdy Slick, Sorry I can’t come! Everybody else—-EVERYTHING Slick does is near perfection and I am sure that his match will exceed his standards! Go, you will love it!
  6. Looks just like the crowd at a Biden Rally!
  7. Keep on Keeping on! Sounds Great. We will keep prayers coming!
  8. Prayers up for her and her family. May she find peace in the arms of the Lord!
  9. Prayers for two more cowboys! We are getting old and many feel the pain of losing a loved one or a valued pard.
  10. Never under estimate the ability of government workers to make job last longer than any completion date!
  11. Every TN. State Match goes down as the best one ever! I have been to a few and loved them all. I even finished in the top 99% two times, sorry I can’t make this one, but I can say THANKS to all those that do the hard work to make it fun for the rest. Randy has raised a bunch of money for a great cause over the years. Bring a few extra bucks and put him over the top this year, Blackwater just keep keeping on, maybe you, Widder andI might have to do an online handicap match!
  12. To answer Phantom’s first question—-22,329 plus another 100 or so that won’t admit it because they are afraid of America’s TV Lawyers!
  13. I am coming back from Florida to shoot this one! Long drive for an old guy, but to see the NAR gang and everybody else will make it worth the effort. Anybody that was planning on finishing last—-too bad!
  14. She will not give up on you, you will not give up on her, and God won’t give up on either of you!
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