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  1. They say that if you run counterclockwise around the tip of tornado real fast it will die. I am not sure how they determine what speed really fast is. Who are THEY? Does anybody know?
  2. HAPPY FOR YOU MY FRIEND! I know you missed the socializing more than the money so now go get some of both! Hope to see you soon. YES he can sing!!!!
  3. Prayers for the family and a Salute to the soldier! We had good times talking at Ambush the years he came.
  4. Cut the trigger guard off, or the finger! I don’t know that might get you a penalty or not!
  5. Today’s weather—Whatever God chooses to throw at you. You can’t do anything about it! Tune in tomorrow for the same forecast.
  6. Take the snake to the U.S. Department of Weights and Measures for proper positioning fully extended beside a certified tape measure, then using a certified photographic drone take a high resolution photo from 15 feet directly above the center of mass. Have 10 Notary Public’s verify the photos truly and accurately depict what they personally observed. If that snake is alive in the photo then Tn. Williams is out of his mind and should be euthanized to protect the rest of us!
  7. Surely nobody believes Politicians or Laboratories or Medical Professionals could be influenced by money!
  8. I agree with focusing on equipment before clothes! You might be able to afford a change of clothes, but a change of guns is a different story. I found a lot of good, suitable outfits at thrift store when I started. Got a couple of pretty decent outfits for less than 5 bucks. Welcome and Good Luck!
  9. Sawyer

    Big Drink

    Way to go!!
  10. I think the politicians are really confused and trying to balance public safety with the economy. Jousting with windmills!
  11. Good news just keeps coming! We should all remember that God hears and answers prayers!
  12. Sawyer

    Carpal tunnel

    Hope all goes well for you my friend! I might need you to pull me out again!
  13. I will continue praying for her and you. She is a fighter! But You Sir are my hero! I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have felt, the stress you have suffered, the financial worries you have, the schedule nightmare you endure, the travel nightmares you put up with, those things would have killed me! You continue on and even find time to update us about our friend. You have my utmost respect and admiration! Someday you will march with the Heroes and Saints as they pass in front of the Lord!
  14. For a while Birmingham had the biggest Dick’s In Alabama, but a new one opened in Huntsville. We now have the biggest Dick’s in Alabama!
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