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  1. Let’s all keep raying for this gal! She is “one of a kind”. Always enjoyed seeing and talking with her, and she could do that Gunfighter thing really well. Hang in there girl!
  2. How do I win these great looking guns?
  3. Let me add my prayers to all the others. I hope and pray for a full and complete recovery for this beautiful and competitive girl. She is a real gift to all of us!
  4. If you can read this post—-Be Thankful of the small blessinngs you get every day!
  5. How much do reverse action jobs cost?
  6. Parlor house Pearl and Otero Perro chopped first and second place money. It was a lot of fun even if attendance was down to to flood! Everyone won a door prize, Smart * won the one of a kind Graver Bill knife, and it was indeed a beautiful one! Thanks to Graver Bill(he is just one of the reasons NAR is a great club). Thanks to all who worked on this match and most importantly——THANKS TO ALL FOR COMING!!!
  7. He is one of the best SASS has and certainly deserves this honor!
  8. Hey Blackwater— You May have not always been healthy, but YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE GAME! TINY BUBBLES should be an easy number for you and the band! Don Ho trivia—Did you know he was an ACE in the Korean War. Air Force Major! SALUTE!
  9. Casket maker Dave—North Alabama Regulators
  10. New poker prizes coming in daily! Almost to the point that everybody will play for free! Let me know if you find a better deal and I will go play! Judge Roy Bean will be playing, he may be old but, he is a dam good poker player. Just ask everybody he beat at Rabbit Ridge! Everybody in that game thought the were the best player, Judge proved them all wrong and claimed the money! Justice Lily Kate then robbed him and gave the money to the scholarship fund.
  11. Think about having your poker ticket drawn and you win a custom made knife from our own Graver Bill! He is a Master Engraver and nationally recognized for his work. Your $50 entry fee could make you the owner of these one of a kind knives! Put on yore card playing duds, get a drink from Barkeep Casey, and start stacking up the chips!
  12. ATTENTION YOU FOLKS THAT PLAY POKER AND YOU THAT DON’T!!! Thanks to some generous folks, We now have PP(Poker Prizes) worth well over $1000.00! Don’t have to win the tournament—just register,get your ticket and you might be the winner of a free entry to EOT, COMIN AT CHA, or a Henry Rifle! Lots of $50 Gift cards and other gifts. You will probably play for free and might do well enough to sit at the WINNER’S TABLE, proceeds go to SASS SCHOLARSHIP FUND and NAR Range Fund! See you at the tables!
  13. Tennessee Williams, I will sign you up. Good Luck and Thanks!
  14. POKER TOURNAMENT DETAILS: Friday Night-Texas Hold-em. $50 Buy in, $25 re-buy(1). Limited to 50 players. Cash prizes: 1st-$250, 2nd-$200, 3rd-$150, 4th-$100, 5th-$50, Best Hand of Night $50, First player knocked out $50. Lots of great door prizes for players and dealers only including free shoots, gift cards, custom made Graver Bill knife, jug or two of beverages and many, many more! REGISTER NOW. SEATING LIMITED! Send e-mail to. — sawyer34250@gmail.com — to reserve a spot. Pay on Friday night at sign-in! IF YOU LIKE TO PLAY THEN SIGN UP NOW, Proceeds to SASS Scholarship Fund and North Alabama Regulators Building Fund! Cash prizes based on 50 players, may be adjusted based on number of players. Come on, I promise you will have fun, and as a special incentive—-I WILL OFFER SAWYER’S SHOOTING SCHOOL. AT A DISCOUNTED RATE!!!
  15. Send to

    Jerry McDaniel

    102 Moonglow Trail

    Huntsville, Al. 35806


    Send me your address and I will go ahead and ship it.  Thanks



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Received today - thank you. That is some clean stuff - won’t be hard to tell my old shells from these...lol

      Do you wet tumble with pins or something?

    3. Sawyer


      Walnut first for 4-5 hours, then corncob for a couple more.  Glad you like it.

    4. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Did you get the check OK? I had not seen it processed and wanted to make sure you received it.

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