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  1. .45 ACP large primer, 200grain RNFP lead, 5.9 grains of Titegroup, Federal primers. $35.00 per 100 including the plastic box.
  2. Looks really great! If it under a hundred bucks I will take it!
  3. Waimea, Imoved down just about a year ago. Where are you located?
  4. Howdy Pard

    Got your money!  Will ship brass Tuesday if the PO isn’t open tomorrow!  Thanks!

  5. I have 388 pieces of clean primed,,once fired Starline brass and 300 rounds of 45 Colt loaded ammo for sale. Also have 300 rounds of 45 ACP Live ammo. I live in Winter Springs, so if you are within 50 miles we could do a face to face. PM me with your phone and we will discuss it. THANKS
  6. WRONG ANSWER!( Well,not the wrong answer, just the answer I did not want to hear!) Thank You for your help and the reference material!
  7. I have 4 bags of cleaned, deprived, Starline brass for sale. Mostly once fired, none more than twice fired. Will sell for $22.00 a bag plus $8.75 flat rate shipping. Can get two bags in small flat rate box. Have one bag that is about half Starline and half mixed for $20.00 plus $8.75 shipping. Buy it all for $100.00 plus $15.90 for shipping. First I will buy it all-gets it!
  8. Can you ship primed brass through the USPS without hazmat fees? Appreciate any info!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I stayed away so you would have a chance to win!
  10. I predict this is the first of many he will win! He is a great kid!
  11. I have played in quite a few of them(21). Great matches with Great people. I feel kind of attached to that little town!
  12. Keep on Keeping on! Sounds Great. We will keep prayers coming!
  13. She will not give up on you, you will not give up on her, and God won’t give up on either of you!
  14. Good news just keeps coming! We should all remember that God hears and answers prayers!
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