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  1. I'm hopeful to make it, it'll be my first foray to smoke up a range in the great state of Georgia.
  2. IACs don't either and the PW87s are junk.
  3. @Scarlettwould probably worry about me if I didn't suggest a full case of FFg Black Powder(or substitute if you have to) But seriously Clean Shot is the best of that Heathen Smokeyless Mess....
  4. I worry about setting off a primer with a magazine full of round nose bullets. Look for round nose flat point or truncated cone bullets.
  5. You really shouldn't use round nose bullets in a lever action rifle.
  6. Have you called Taylor's? Might be worth a try. Yeah, I started out shooting .44-40 in 2012; figured since they didn't make .45 rifles in the 1800s, I didn't need one now either. I've outgrown that silliness and pretty much shoot .38 special in everything all the time; Real Black Powder of course
  7. I have a 24" Uberti Burgess in .44-40; it's my second one, mistakenly sold the first one to a shooter here(can't remember who). I've debated selling this one too, but for some reason just can't pull the trigger.
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