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  1. Tex, I did talk to them at fakebullets.com, seem to be a great outfit with great service. What they would do in this case is cut a ..44 spl to length, fill primer pocket smooth. This will most dimensions within a couple thousands. Im still gonna keep on the search for a few cartridges or casings. Thanks again for the referral I may need them again in the future. WN
  2. Only looking for a few rounds. For context: I read in an article by Rick Hacker that a Henry rifle once was chambered in a .44 Henry proprietary cartridge called the “Henry Flat”. Navy Arms produced a limited number of these Union Pacific Railroad commemorative reproductions in that .44Rim Fire. I don’t intend to fire this rifle but would like to see and have a few rounds for it.
  3. Must say that I’ve got the EO Tech holographic sight and magnifier on a custom AR10 and they are sweet.
  4. I sure need a pair of 44-40’s. Too bad I don’t have that perfect trade. My 44’s ( both old and new model SBH) have the 7 1-2” bbls and my Henry models are in brass frame….
  5. I’ve met so many great folks at the limited matches I’ve shot. Every single one has been welcoming and helpful. Even with that experience I was hesitant to place my first classified ad. Having done a few this year I must say that every interaction has been equally positive. This is a community of ladies and gents that I’m humbled and privileged to associate with. Wooden Nickel
  6. My apologies to Silver Creek Jack. Previous to your message I received a PM committing to the lineup. Please see my PM sent to you directly this morning.
  7. Pards sorry i am not as attentive to the computer as I am my irons. Was a great weekend shooting with the Nevada Rangers. Will edit this post as sold PF.
  8. Pictured top to bottom. This line up has been sold PF. 1. Uberti by EMF Model 73 saddle ring carbine $1050 2. Uberti by Navy Arms Model 66 Sporting 24” octagon bbl $950 3. Rossi Model Puma 92 with 24” octagon bbl $800 4. Marlin Model 1894S has 20” bbl $950 shipping $100 each via FFL. CA and other prohibited states excluded but can discuss. Send questions but for additional photos and specifics please try email to hondohank@yahoo.com - not much chance of trade but… who knows. thanks for looking, enjoy those sunrises & sunsets. Wooden Nickel
  9. Buckey, I’ll take it! It’s definitely a close as I can find match pair. I’ll use the 4 3/4” bbl weak side and 5 1/2” bbl strong side. I’ve got several grip pairs to choose from so I’ll prolly match them. My Cimarron 1873 in 38-40 will watch over them both! business info will be sent by message. thanks Wooden Nickel
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