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  1. I'll take #12, the silk wild rag, if it's available.
  2. Have you considered a hand deprimer? Slow, but takes up much less room on the work bench.
  3. I'm amazed, took a chance and ordered from Apache because they say ship in less than 3 days. I ordered on 5/2/21 and they arrived today 5/5/21. Outstanding.....
  4. I ordered 1000 .38 coated bullets from Apache Bullets on 5/2/21 and they were delivered today 5/5/21. That's 3 days folks.....amazed
  5. I'll take the 1st pair, 40 waist dark brown and black. I will shoot you a PM.
  6. send paypal $20 to   rlluehr@yahoo.com



    also send me your shipping inform

    1. Lucky Lawdog

      Lucky Lawdog

      sent paypal, my shipping address is Steve Gallo 14695 Springfield Rd. Walker, La. 70785.

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