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  1. I would like #4 (red tie) and #7 (canteen) to 70785
  2. I'll take #1 and #2. I will p.m you my mailing address so we can figure shipping cost.
  3. Howdy Hellbender, I will take the 6 shirts you have left. #7, #11, #12, #26, #27, and #28. Sending a PM
  4. Just finished the deal with Cherokee Slim. Thanks all.
  5. I have a pair of Stainless SASS New Vaqueros in .357's that I would like to change out the grips on. Looking for a matching set of grips for both. Any take offs out there gathering dust that you would like to turn into gold?
  6. send paypal $20 to   rlluehr@yahoo.com



    also send me your shipping inform

    1. Lucky Lawdog

      Lucky Lawdog

      sent paypal, my shipping address is Steve Gallo 14695 Springfield Rd. Walker, La. 70785.

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