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  1. I have a young son who is wanting to get into SASS with me. Looking for smaller set up, belt size in the 30 inch range. He will be using my Cimarron/ colt clones with 4 3/4 barrels and shooting .38/357, double strong side. Anyone got anything gathering dust that they may be willing to part with?
  2. San Pedro Saddlery loading strip holds 10 rounds of 44/45 per side. $27.00 with shipping included.
  3. I have a few pleated front puff sleeve shirts that I would like to part with, I just don,t care for the puffed sleeves, not my preference, might be yours. 1 is a Scully, 100% cotton size XL and 3 are hand made in Ecuador 100% cotton size 2XL. Prices are $25.00 including shipping anywhere in the lower 48 for the Scully and $22.00 each, includes shipping for the hand made 2XL's or $60.00 includes shipping for all 3 shirts in 2XL.
  4. I have a mossberg 590 tactical if you are interested, send me a PM.
  5. excellent transaction, beautiful gun. was a pleasure meeting and talking to you.
  6. what generation short stroke and by who and what other mods were done?
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