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  1. T-Bone was making them a few years ago, but I went looking and his website is down. I'm sure a local gunsmith could fabricate one for you. LQ
  2. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/897553947 LQ
  3. I'll take it, sending you a PM LQ
  4. We used to have a guy here that wore nothing but overalls....
  5. Thanks for the thought, but MHs are a special project. There are no parts available - none, and most were nickel-plated. Expensive proposition. X Mark, sending you a PM. LQ
  6. I'll reach out to my local alphabet guy & see what he says. Thanks all. LQ
  7. those are totally cute; wish I hadn't sold mine. LQ
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Lots of gray area with these conversion cylinders for sure. "cartridge cylinder will ship separately." LQ
  9. No, it will not work with the CB cylinder. Yes, still available. LQ
  10. Nope. They would be too long for the cylinder, .32 S&W only. LQ
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