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  1. I'd be interested in your barrels if they're grade one fluid Steel. Sent you a PM. LQ
  2. Nigeria? Maybe they've got some money to send me
  3. There's a new one among us. "Koeman" is answering WTB ads privately, then referring to a David Carey in Georgia - davidcarey470@gmail.com - who miraculously has exactly what you're looking for. FYI
  4. This was my dad's - maybe 20 RDS through it. Not even broken in. 18.5" barrel with ported muzzle brake, front pistol grip pump shotgun.No box or manual. $420 shipped to FFL, thanks. LQ
  5. Hi Ashley - Damascus barrels ? Year of manufacture ? Thanks, LQ
  6. If I didn't have like 29 shotguns already, I'd be all over this one. El Q
  7. Probably got a new scammer on the forum; this one joined today. Poor English and a fake SASS number. Awhile back, we had the same issue over on the Colt forum - the admins made the classifieds inaccessible by new members until they had participated in 50 posts elsewhere on the forum.
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