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  1. Wolverine Rangers Range War 2021 SASS Michigan State Championship September 3rd-5th, 2021 We are excited to announce that the applications have been released and are available on our website. www.wolverinerangers.org All the info pages still need some updates for 2021; which will happen in the coming weeks. Registration is available via printable pdf for mailing or online for quick entry and payment by credit card. Both options are on our Range War page. We are expecting 250+ shooters this year so get your applications in early!
  2. LGS has six of them a week or so ago. I can give you the name of the store and contact number if you like.
  3. The shortest one looks like the same one I have on my original model vaqueros in 3-3/4” barrels. Do you have two of these? If so bring them on Saturday.
  4. I have these glasses too. They work well and really help to point out things you need to work on. Plus there’s the cool factor, lol.
  5. I would like to thank Mernickle Holsters for sponsoring all of the junior shooters. This is my son and I’s first EOT. We are super excited. JC Wade was texting me all morning with a countdown to registration. Thank You!
  6. Full in 2.5 hrs. Maybe SASS will give more thought to future EOT’s east of the Mississippi??? Maybe every other or every third year. Obviously there’s a huge demand.
  7. I have some extras. PM me a picture of the ones you are looking for.
  8. I saw one at the local gun shop yesterday. Looks a little different than the 9mm. It was $599.
  9. For sale 45-70 Lee Factory crimp die - as new $20 shipped 38 s/w RCBS three die set - slightly used ~250 rounds made in them. $40 shipped. or both for $55 shipped
  10. If you don’t find what you need pm me. I think I have a marbles bead sight that would work for you.
  11. Fireball, I’ll take the Kansas City Marshall badge, the knife third from left and fourth from the left. two of each caliber screwdriver 38 and 44 pm me where to send the funds and how. Thanks, Sinola
  12. Hey Sarge. We shot at Lapeer today and there were a couple guys shooting 22’s. As they are just fun monthly shoots during the winter overall scoring is not an issue. But I believe they plan to allow 22’s all year. There were two lightning pumps that were fun to watch.
  13. I have plenty. If you need some PM me.
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