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  1. For shim stock I use harbor freight feeler gauges. They are cheap and you get lots of different thicknesses.
  2. Hornady lever revolution is shorter brass in all calibers. 45-70 is much shorter.
  3. Why isn’t a 30-30 good for black powder?
  4. Reduced to $40 shipped for all three mags.
  5. I’ll take em. How would you like the gold dust?
  6. Will you be at Sandusky on Saturday?
  7. Mark, I can bring them to Piqua next week, save the shipping cost. If that works for you.
  8. 40 S&W once fired brass. Bags of 250+ Misc. head stamps, Cleaned, most are sized and deprimed. Four bags available. One bag of 250+ PMC/ELD head stamps. $25 for each bag +shipping. Sold 380 Auto brass, misc head stamps, cleaned, once fired. One bag of 170+ $20 +shipping. Sold 45 ACP small primer, one bag of 50+, $10 shipped, or $5 with other brass.
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