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  1. Hello Johnny. They are yours. Sent you a PM with my contact info. Please PM me your mailing address and I will get them in the mail. Thanks!! TR
  2. Hello Dawg. Brass grip frames/grips are in the mail. I PM'ed you a tracking number. Blue grip frame/grips still available. TR
  3. Hello Dawg. Yep, the brass frames use a spring loaded plunger as the trigger return. I'll PM you with my contact info and mark the brass frames "SPF". Thank you. TR
  4. First: Both brass frames are "SPF's" to Prairie Dawg. Second: One Ruger blued grip frame for New Model Rugers. Also available for this grip frame, a custom set of outlaw style (thin) grips and the factory Ruger black plastic grips. All "SPF's" to Johnny Reno. Prices include shipping to the 48. First "I'll take it" here gets them. Thanks. TR
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