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  1. I always liked the Pioneer Arms hammered coach gun. I still have mine, and occasionally hunt quail with it, although I now shoot an '87 for CAS. The PA is very well made in Poland. I see they are still listed on the PAC web site, but I do not think they have actually been manufactured or imported for some time.
  2. Obviously not the problem here, but FYI, a few years ago (during the Obama component shortage) I had a bunch of Federal SPP that about 10% had no priming compound in them. The anvil was present in the cup, just no compound. The faulty primers were randomly scattered with the good ones. Until I used up that lot, I would use a primer flipper tray to get the primers upside-down and inspect each one to sort out the "bad" ones. I contacted Federal and they had me send them some of the faulty primers. They contacted me back, saying "Yep, no priming compound"!!!
  3. I use Fiebing's leather dye. The dye comes in various colors. I mix "yellow" and "medium brown" to get the shade I want. Experiment on scrap material, or the back side of your grips to get the mixture as desired. Once applied, the color wears very well. Never had to re-dye a pair of grips yet and I have several pair I've used a number of years. Works very well for me. TR
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