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  1. Hello Pee Wee. I made two pair of grips from +S for Uberti Model P Jr.'s. There is a pronounced grain pattern, which is nice, but it is so uniform it really does not look like real ivory. Also, the grips are whiter than I would like. I tried contacting the maker to see if there was a way to age them to a more yellow tint. Got no reply. The resin ivory grips are OK, However, IMO, Tru Ivory Ultra Antique are the best looking imitation ivory grips - if we are talking about synthetic materials. I've made quite a few grips from American Holly Wood. I think those look great and they just get better looking as they age. TR
  2. Yep!! Tried the same kind of scam with me on my WTB post for a Uberti Model P Jr. 32-20/32 H&R 5.5". Sent me pics of a gun like that from an old post on Guns International. Only wanted electronic payment so no mail to address. TR
  3. Unfortunately the guns Ol' #4 has, although they sound very nice, do not match the one I have and he does not want to split them up. So, I'm still looking. Anybody? Thanks. TR
  4. Hello Ol' #4. I've given up on consecutive numbers so if you've got one of these guns you would be willing to part with, regardless of serial number, I'm interested. Please PM me with particulars. Sure do appreciate it!! Sent you a PM as well. TR
  5. WTB a pair (consecutive serial numbers) of Uberti Cimarron Model P Jr. or Taylor's Stallion 32-20/32 H&R dual cylinder, 5.5 inch barrel pistols. Was looking for a pair with conseccutive numbers but gave up and bought one. Looks like it might have been the last new one in the country, at least that I can find. Now I need one more. Anybody got one you would like to sell? TR
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