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  1. Yep, 4 democrats saved the day. The take away from what is happening in VA is to make sure your ALWAYS VOTE! Voter turn out is always low. If we want to keep our guns we must vote. One of my proudest accomplishements is that I have voted in every election since I was 18 and that has been a while. Reagan was the first President I voted for. Tye
  2. I had a similar problem and it was the retaining pin that held in the plunger and spring on the hammer assembly. There was a burr on the retaining pin and it was a pain to find. The plunger was hanging up on the retaining pin. Had that thing apart many times, but only found it after I completely removed it from the hammer assembly. I was only pushing it out far enough to remove the pluncher assembly and it remained hidden in the hammer. My gun was not short stroked but the hammer safety was removed, hammer welded, half cock, etc. Hope this helps. Tye
  3. Ole #4 did my daly 500 to include reversing the triggers several years ago. They are very nice shotguns and he did a great job. I have another in untouched that I plan to use for cowboy skeet. Tye
  4. So, one of my folks gets involved in a chase last month. The bad guy ends up ramming the patrol car and fleeing on foot. While the officer is chasing him, he takes his jacket off and discards it. I guess it was slowing him down. Left his wallet, id, and dope in the pocket of the jacket. You really can't maks this stuff up. LOL. He escaped, but not for long..... Tye
  5. Sent you a PM with my email address. I would be interested in pictures. Thanks, Tye
  6. Tye Riverman

    Well howdy,

    Mr. Dan Hogan was first recommend to me by Marshall Fire ( six time Wis. State Champion).

    Mr Hogan is located in Eagle River Wis.

    Phone 715-479-9624

    My phone is 715-358-0146 if you would like to talk with me.

    Shipping would be 25.00 to the 48 states.

    Deputy King

    (Gary Reith)

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