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  1. Just received a shotgun back from him a few weeks ago. Great gunsmith, he will be missed. Prayers up for his family and friends. Tye
  2. I ended up with the Cowboy and Indians firing pin and it miked 1.98 and the stock one at 1.94. I tried to just drop it in but the potrusion was way to far out causing a pretty good dimple in the primer when I closed the action. Trimed to 1.955 and it sits just under flush with the bolt face, no primer dimples and .015 longer than stock. I am pleased with the outcome and appreciate the guidance you guys offered. Tye
  3. Howdy Gents, Getting ready for a match tomorrow and my Codymatic's firing pin comes rolling out the barrel. Any recommendations for a high quality replacement? I was just looking at the one from pioneer that is .015 longer and looks like higher quality, anyone have experience with this one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Tye
  4. No rust on this gun anywhere. Just a reflection. A photographer I am not. Thanks for looking.
  5. Howdy All, This is an unmodified newer 3rd Gen with the removable bushing. It was shot by the previous owner, but I have not fired it. I think he put a 100 rounds through it. I would rate this gun 98% or better. No scratches, turn line, or holster wear. Comes with the box and paperwork. When I got it I noticed the grips were cracked from over tightening the grip screw. It was returned to Colt and the grips were replaced under warranty. $2000 $1900 $1750 shipped to the lower 47, excluding California . Your FFL must accept shipment from an individual. All state and federal laws apply so be sure it is legal for you receive. First "I'll take it" here on the wire gets it. Thanks for looking, Tye BTW, that is a piece of lint on the bottom of the grip frame not a scratch.
  6. If this is for the large frame old model let me know if you need a stainless or blue one and send me you address. Tye
  7. Sent you a PM with my email address. I would be interested in pictures. Thanks, Tye
  8. Tye Riverman

    Well howdy,

    Mr. Dan Hogan was first recommend to me by Marshall Fire ( six time Wis. State Champion).

    Mr Hogan is located in Eagle River Wis.

    Phone 715-479-9624

    My phone is 715-358-0146 if you would like to talk with me.

    Shipping would be 25.00 to the 48 states.

    Deputy King

    (Gary Reith)

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