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  1. Google Mernickle holsters, there is a good tutorial re how th measure for a gun belt. That should give you a good idea re your size. Hope this helps. Tye
  2. I carry a 642 daily and have been for years. Duty gun comes off and the 642 goes in my pocket. I barely notice it anymore, but would love to have a 340 PD which has the Ti cylinder and is a few ounces lighter. I have shot +p ammo in the 642 but opt for standard loads. I would not want to shoot 357 in of the lighter one, but I think standard loads would be fine. Whatever you decide I would suggest you practice with it. We qualify on a 50 round course, most folks could not stand 50 rounds of 357s out of these light guns or even +Ps. Whatever combination you carry, you should be proficient with it. I do love the J frames for pocket carry and they will shoot. You just have to do your part. BTW, my son is a police officer too. I bought him one to carry as well soon after he graduated from the academy. Mi dos centavos. Tye
  3. Picture of the repaired wood screw added. The repaired screw is on the left. Price reduced to $1050 which is a steal for this shotgun! Thanks for looking. Tye Howdy, Full action job to include mechanical triggers. 13 1/2 LOP and 22" barrels. It has been my main match gun for 5 or so years 10 to 15 matches a year. It has an imperfection behind the safety, cosmetic only. Been there since I bought the shotgun. The only other issues is one of the screws in the forearm striped out 3 or 4 years ago and I put it back with jb weld. Been working like a champ ever since and has not loosened. Action locks up tight. No cracks in the stock. $1200 $1050 shipped to the lower 47 excluding California. Your ffl must accept shipment from an individual and all laws apply. The only reason I am selling is cause I came across another skb with beautiful wood in new condition and just recently got it back from Goatneck Clem before his untimely passing and I need a new tractor. First to post here "I'll take it" gets it. Thanks for looking. Tye
  4. Sent you a PM with my email address. I would be interested in pictures. Thanks, Tye
  5. Tye Riverman

    Well howdy,

    Mr. Dan Hogan was first recommend to me by Marshall Fire ( six time Wis. State Champion).

    Mr Hogan is located in Eagle River Wis.

    Phone 715-479-9624

    My phone is 715-358-0146 if you would like to talk with me.

    Shipping would be 25.00 to the 48 states.

    Deputy King

    (Gary Reith)

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