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  1. Yep, have several of his rigs. Good stuff.
  2. I had a similar issue with the cheap winchester ammo, primers were backing out. No issues with the AA ammo. Tye
  3. Third level life member, Benefactor, but with the huge salaries and frivolous expenditures I doubt I will be sending them money any time soon. Seems to me some of the smaller grass roots organizations are working harder. More bang for the buck there. The NRA needs a bit of change. Your mileage may vary....
  4. Sent you a PM with my email address. I would be interested in pictures. Thanks, Tye
  5. Tye Riverman

    Well howdy,

    Mr. Dan Hogan was first recommend to me by Marshall Fire ( six time Wis. State Champion).

    Mr Hogan is located in Eagle River Wis.

    Phone 715-479-9624

    My phone is 715-358-0146 if you would like to talk with me.

    Shipping would be 25.00 to the 48 states.

    Deputy King

    (Gary Reith)

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