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  1. I would buy in a heartbeat if I did not have three sets of his holsters, all spin for of old short Tom rig. Love them.
  2. Interesting to me in that I was told pretty much from the beginning you do not holster till you are the next shooter. Heard it more than once. I thought it was the gospel. Posts like this can help people like me realize all I thought was true is not necessarily true. I do understand it might be true for particular clubs and might even be helpful for that shooter that suddenly realizes he needs something from his cart and therefore would not be guilty of walking away with loaded pistols.
  3. I went from the SASS Vaqueros with the 4.42 barrels to 5 inch octagonal barrels put on by Snake Oil George. Love them and part of the love is the big, very nice, front sight. I have very poor eyes. As far as significance difference in length of barrels for sighting I do not believe barrel difference would be significant. I think type of front sight would matter more as far as eyes are concerned.
  4. Unfortunately I do not understand the chaps to see how they go.
  5. Sounds like a cool idea but too far for me at this time. Have a blast!
  6. I am trying so hard to get in but like someone said, it seems to have crashed
  7. I stayed at the La Quinta and the only complaint I had was that for the Saturday night stay, which was booked at the same time as the other days, I was charged their regular price rather than the soecial Land Run pricing.
  8. I am 70 now and in my life have stayed up to cheer the New Year in maybe 5 times. You can bet I will be up at 12:01 but it will be to cheer on getting my entry in. Last year’s Nationals was my first match above State level and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fingers crossed my computer and I are on good terms at 12:01 New Year’s Day.
  9. Slowaz, did you get my text saying I, Dream Chaser, will not be able to make the match? I really wanted to come but now is not the time for me. I went to the website to see the stages so I could further cry about not getting to shoot them but can not find them. Can you direct me to them?
  10. Love mine done by Snake Oil George. PM me if you want contact info.
  11. I like SNS coated bullets and buy in quantity to get a discount.
  12. J.S., I would prefer not to eliminate the women’s designation. As an “older woman” I have the right to enter “down” in an age category and believe me those youngsters can kick my butt any time. I would prefer entering down so I do not feel bad placing high in my category to being thrown in with the men.
  13. I just use Stratosheen and Dawn and am very happy with my results.
  14. I have long had the view, if one stereotypes women (because there are always exceptions) you will find women grew up being less “competitive”. By this I mean most young girls who were not surrounded by a lot of young boys did not look at a tree and decide to race their buddies to the top. They did not race across a yard to see who could get there fastest. I have a female friend who is more competitive than any other person, male or female, than I have ever met but most of us are just more conservative. Men tend to take the challenge. Men are more likely to make the jump and change jobs and even types of careers often where women are more likely to stick with their job/ career unless moves made by the spouse require it. I have definitely found that my female conservatism has really held me back. I shot my guns at perhaps 65 percent of my speed at Nationals rather than the ninety percent I should have shot at. Lack of confidence to do what I really can do. My goal now is to go for it at annual and club matches and let the chips fall where they are. Another thing, there are so many men and winning is tough no matter what your category. One little slip up and you go down a notch so many hone their skills where others are happy to shoot a good match considering how much they have put into it. My guess and that is all it is, is that at perhaps half the women, are shooting only because their husband does. Of those perhaps 1/3 to a half are just along for the ride and hardly practice. They enjoy the shooting and even more enjoy shooting with their spouse. For those who say I am crazy about my take on the subject you are likely correct, but it is my belief.
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