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  1. Yep, once again Comancheria Days, the annual match put on by the Texican Rangers, was a huge success. Congrats go out to Top Cowgirl Panhandle Cowgirl and Top Cowboy Colorado Jackson. If you have not had the pleasure of shooting with the Texican Rangers at the Stieler Ranch located between Fredericksburg and Comfort, Texas, you should consider putting Comancheria Days on your list. Thanks go out to all who had a hand in putting on this fine match.
  2. The Texas Historical Shootist Society hosted this year’s State Championship and Panhandle Cowgirl and Rusty Remington took Top Honors as our State’s Champions. Hats off to them and them and to category winners. Thanks go out to THSS for hosting a good match.
  3. I LOVE mine. I am a very obese woman and if I wear a shotgun belt properly (in regards to belly button) then I can not see my shells. I see many, many who do not wear shotshell belts properly but I do not want to be that person. The bandolier not only allows me to see the shells but also means my band has to travel less distance to load the shotgun if I have properly gotten it to my shoulder. Important to put the shells perhaps only about 1/3 of the way down into the loops. Also, do not pull straight up but instead when you grab lean them forward and rock them out. One other thing is t
  4. Only a few addressed how much can’t they have. I was hoping to see all ranges and see which seems to be the one preferred by more and why.
  5. 12 gauge for sure. One tiny additional positive is others will have ammo if you run short. If buying try to get Winchester low noise, low recoil at 980ft per second rather than stronger stuff.
  6. Hmmm, for general timing (dry fire probably would not matter). I like the competition electronics be. As I recall with it, when timing someone and you touch the buzzer it goes fast right 5hen whereas, if I am corr3ct, the Pact model does not go off till the finger is released. Your current need might be dry fire but down the road you may wish to time others. I live the Competition Electronics and my friend lives the Pact. Mine has held up to being dropped. Read the comments, pick one, and regardless of choice you will probably do well.
  7. I got some of those yellow, I think #10, dry wall plastic things you use when hanging pictures so you screw in to them. Obviously I do not remember what they are called.
  8. Never a problem with pin sticking in primer pocket but have had multiple problems with pins getting crossways in 38 special case. I keep thin needle nose pliers handy and check each case before reloading. Why, because before that I broke several decap pins. I did get some more pins that must be smaller because now I have fewer issues but still check them. I do thongdps the hard way. I first decap everything and then wet tumble. Check for stuck pins and then put in my press that does still have a decap/resize die. This is where I may get my decap pin ruined. I did order new pins but do
  9. Hoss Shoer, a problem I had with the SKB is it has what I call fluted metal where the wood joins the metal. Those pretty little “flutes as I call them” create a weakness and cracks have occurred for many people. I have three SKBs and all three have developed cracks. These guns have been worked on by well known gunsmiths yet cracks happen. Cracks can get real bad and guns do not work. Replacement wood is expensive. Other than that, the SKBs are good guns. Found they point better than a Stoeger. Like the single trigger that SKB and CZ has because it allows more room between trigger guar
  10. Received my CZ Sharptail from Long Hunter yesterday. It was too late to go shoot so I went out this morning and put 80 rounds then it. Too early to know for sure but figure I may be selling my SKBs and getting a second Sharptail for backup.
  11. I always only buy slicked up guns so good for you. I started with a Stoeger but they wear out sooner than higher end guns. Moved to SKB and felt it pointed better. Single trigger so I found the recoil did not come back on me as it did with double trigger. SKB is nice but I am sick of having the sticks crack/split due to stress of where metal has little flutes where it joins wood. For a cowboy shooter I practice my shotgun a lot, from picking up and shooting to putting it down as in a match. All three of my SKBs have had stock issues. I am a true believer in Long Hunter and have a new, t
  12. You will get a lot of answers but some may forget to say you should get a flip tray to help load primers with primer tubes. I prefer metal over plastic and got mine long ago from Dillon.
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