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  1. I’m a follower as it Keystone. Wishing Velvet Glove and family all the best.
  2. Both of mine (done at separate times) were super simple and recovery very quick. I guess I drove the day after but could have driven that day but perhaps they did not want me to due to anesthesia. I guess I started shooting within ten days or so but could have earlier.
  3. There are many good holster makers out there. I like Murphy Custom Gun leather. Persimmon Dan will ask you all pertinent details such as amount of drop, cant, crossdraw or straight etc. I am thinking cost runs about $575 or so and for that you will get a rig that will last forever. Whomever you buy from, buy the best you can at this time. With any company you can doll them up and run the price up. Don't forget you will want a shotgun belt or bandolier. I expect you will get a number of recommended makers here. Call and talk to them and make sure you have a pretty good idea what you want before you order.
  4. Sounds like a plan.....glad for all the work the Texican Rangers do
  5. Snakebite, I actually have those boots and for the one foot they are good but not the other. I am wondering if I can put beats foot oil or something to soften the toe and perhaps slightly stretch it.
  6. Cusz M Dutch, my feet are also two different sizes. Never thought of the lace ups as helping. So far, two out of two for laceups. Sounding like a possible solution.
  7. Ninety Caliber Al, when I look at boots the leather over the top of the toes of round toe boots looks higher but you have square tie ones. Does seem the square toe would give needed width. Will check out the la e ups with square toe.
  8. I am a heavy woman with bad feet. I have wide feet that have hammer toes. Often when ending a day of shooting at a match one or more toes has a raw spot on it. My current boots do not rub too bad if I wear extra thin socks but still rub a little. Are there any off the shelf boots out there that might work for me? Had a pair of Earthwalkers at one time and when I was measured for them I was told my feet do not match. Even so I seem to be okay in wide boots except for the rubbing on top of the toes. Unfortunately my Earthwalkers are pretty worn out now. I know mesh type athletic shoes are not appropriate but believe any leather shoe or boot meets approval. I would appreciate recommendations. Oh yeah, have a tendency towards heel spurs but right now the toes hurt the most.
  9. Never have met Velvet Glove and due to where I live likely never will but I follow her story every day. So glad she has love surrounding her and happy she is able to return that love. Her progress is remarkable and an inspiration to all.
  10. I love the wooden/leather loading blocks Missouri Marshall makes. His are more rectangular in shape with rounded ends. Fit well in a back pocket or slip between the belt and you. I prefer them over the square ones or the total leather ones. Try to borrow a couple of different styles and see what you like. Quite awhile back Colt Faro had a video on making inexpensive leather ones.

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