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  1. When I tried CCI I had about a 15 percent failure rate where my friend who shoots semi-autos had no issues. I think my problem is my springs are too light for the CCI which I have been told is a harder primer than Federal. Whether it is or not, I buy Federals but must admit around here they can not be found although I believe there are some online resources.
  2. We had eight today so we did. We also allow one to switch up their position. Above ten we tend to go up more when we want but most pretty much keep to the same pattern, When we do “designate” we ask the shooter pretty much as to where they want to be in line.
  3. I wondered. I recently sent an email but had no reply. Wish him the best.
  4. 15 or more. Irritates me to be on a posse of ten or fewer as I can not have time to think about stage or socialize and I even feel guilty stopping to get a drink.
  5. I came from another shooting discipline so feel my purchases were good ones in that I asked, watched, and pulled out the pocketbook to buy quality. Made sure all of my guns were tuned by a competent person cause I am not that competent. So, what I see as doing different would be to try to attend as many club matches as I could get to and watch, ask, and above all, listen, not in an effort to get fast quick but to learn good habits.
  6. Good topic. I use 105 in pistols and 125 in rifle but had been considering, once I need more bullets, of going straight 125 for both. Love hearing the support for that weight.
  7. I am in support of THSS having a second run but am aware (or think I am) that the dates announced at the last Trailhead for next years are in conflict with Regional. I believe they are going to try to resolve the problem but really am not in the know.
  8. Young fellow whom I have never met but hope to do so some day. Have heard many wonderful things about him.
  9. SNS bullets are also good. I use them and Cimarron and have had quick service from each. That being said, the others listed in the replies to my knowledge are also excellent sources.
  10. For a woman you either need a belt that rides low or, as Allie Mo’s photo shows, fits at the waist but holsters are dropped down in buscadero style. Most women that wear them at the waist with gun butts at top of waist find they are drawing into their armpits.
  11. Will someone please educate me and tell me what CMP means?
  12. If I practice it is with 22s unless before an annual. Not interested in sounding time and gas money to go to a match that has been dumbed down because some do not have ammo. I have offered my 22 gear and ammo to those in need and so far none are going that route. I suspect I will shoot my 22s at matches this summer so my primers can last me another year or more.
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