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  1. Personally I know nothing but there might be a chance if you google NRA perhaps they have something in regards to introducing youth.
  2. Holsters, spoon made into hook to hang loading block, unjammer tool, screw knife (never use it but do use unjammer tool), and I tuck a bag under my belt to put empties in. Bag can be used to wipe sweat off my hands or head.
  3. I like 5. With 5 I use positions one, three, and five so my fingers can find one but not be trying to get two at a time.
  4. Thank you for posting this. So far I have avoided it but may be just a step away. Had wondered about it but since I was not there yet had not posted. Good luck in your healing and in your future prognosis.
  5. Mossy Pops, Thanks for updating Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros but can you take off the part that is. https:lgrpc.com/cowboy.html. ? That is not our group. All we have is the facebook page you added for us. Thanks.
  6. Awesome you do this. The Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros who are on the bottom of Texas on your map do not have a webpage but do have a Facebook page of RGV Vaqueros. Address is 600 E. Javelina Dr., Pharr, Texas 78577 Thank you
  7. Today he will receive an SKB of mine that just would not fire reliably. In the box is another SKB 200 I found at a pawn shop and he will be working his magic on it to take it from a stock shotgun to a competition gun. Have total trust in him.
  8. Not real comfortable with less than 12,000 on hand but prefer to have 25,000. When I get down to 10,000 I usually buy. In the past 12 months I may have shot about 11,000. For the next few months I am okay but plan to buy when I can.
  9. 12.9 of Red Dot with 1 oz Claybuster Pink wad and oz of shot
  10. Hahaha.....when someone posts something like “what’s the call”, I like to see the responses but know to wait for the “real deal”. Thank you Pale Wolf Brunelle.
  11. Glad to hear that it was not as severe as thought.
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