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  1. I knew that once Toys-R-Us went out of business that they would make money off of that dam giraffe.
  2. The whole thing is screwy....when I started in SASS in 2005, the Thurmont Rangers was home of the Northeast Regional and then they took on the Eastern Divisional mess and now that was canceled. Truth being told the whole northeast amount of states is bull crap. I think that there should be a Northeast group, mid- Atlantic group and then a southeast group made up of all the states on the eastern coast. If I were to set it up i would be as follows....New York thru Maine would be the Northeast, New Jersey thru Virginia would be the Mid-Atlantic and North Carolina thru Florida would be the Southeast.
  3. Thank you Black Hills Barb for the kind words in regards to the Westshore Posse and the support that you and your family gave us over the years.
  4. Well I am not giving a Ruger a pat on the back for the good guy of the year award and like Chuckaroo said, they are just covering their butts for liability. I only went back to a Ruger Mk pistol because the ease of breaking it down.
  5. Well put Misty, I'll back you.
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