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  1. Purly,

    Havent heard from Mac so I’ll send you the pictures of what I got. Also will include the .358 & .452 sizing dies with top punches. It’s in pretty good shape (see pictures). Think I can get it into a medium flat rate box so delivered say $110.00. Let me know!

    Last Gun



  2. Anybody have a lube sizer you would sell ?
  3. Yes. There is a small hole in the strut. Works great.
  4. As long as they are your size.
  5. Got it. No need to go further.
  6. I'm in search of a boot I can wear all day. Not shooting B-Western or Classic Cowboy. Aged based category only. I will be shooting State, regional, and possibly E O T. Whats the opinions ?
  7. I can tomorrow. I have already turned heat off in shop today. Cold here
  8. Curly Bill Kelly. Local gunsmith made a seat to go in mine. Works great . I got his contact info if you want it.
  9. Max, if you would skip a pratice session or two you would have time to cut the bar code off of the box.
  10. Congratulations Slick. Also, congratulations to your family of shooters.
  11. Old age and spell checker will get you every time.
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