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  1. How about Browning semi auto 308 magazines?
  2. Mine was doing the same thing. New spring and arm did the trick.
  3. Only shot 4. 1. Knockdown. 2 flyer. 3 Knockdown. 4 makeup target.
  4. That engage thing can get tricky
  5. That would be a fair call if I thought it was intentional to gain an advantage.
  6. I think the right call was made.
  7. No controversy. Just wondering if you have to fire at the died or where it was before going to a make up target for a miss. If you don't shoot at a target it's a miss. Engaging is not hitting. Suppose I shot both knockdown targets before I attempted to hit the fliers and just shot the two makeup targets because both fliers hit the ground before I could reload the shotgun.
  8. He tried to shoot but the round never fired. He reloaded, double barrel, and shot the make up. To late for the bird.
  9. Shotgun instructions are for 4 + shots. Targets are popper targets. Shooter is to shoot a knockdown that throws a clay into the air. Two targets. Any missed birds can be made up on stationary target. Shooter knockdowns first popper and hits bird. Then shoots second knockdown but next shot foes not fire. Shooter reloads two shells and shoots stationary target.
  10. We had a good turn out today. Thanks to everyone for shooting with us, especially those who drove 3 hours one way to shoot with us.
  11. Widder, you could hookup with Slater and come visit.
  12. Bring the party with you we all will have a good time.
  13. Here's your chance to get those "what if and if I had only shot it this way" Southeast Regional stages out of your system.
  14. Tennessee Mountain Mauraders are having a fifth Saturday shoot October 31st. PCC match at 8.30 Main match at 10. Pot luck lunch after the match. Hamburgers hot dogs or whatever. See you there.
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