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  1. If you wouldn't practice so much you wouldn't have a problem. ☆
  2. If the Shotgun Boogy trigger is adjusted properly the half cock don't work .
  3. Thanks for all the good advise. Half cock is gone.
  4. I didn't weld it.  All I did was use a file/stone and removed the notch on the hammers. 


    No need for welding.  Just make sure there is no "catch" for the sear there.


    1. Purly SASS # 57438

      Purly SASS # 57438

      Thanks. I thought I might be able to do that.

  5. Anyone have any information on welding on a 73' rifle hammer. I am thinking about removing the half cock .
  6. I had a great game going on my first stage. The fastest time on stage 4. Then the voodoo doll seem me . After that I had two jacked out rounds , some misses, pinched the heck out of my finger with the rifle, the trigger screws backed out of my 73' trigger. No more messing with the "Kajun" stuff for me.
  7. Fast Eddie wanted to know the history of the voodoo doll. After I told him about the doll he said we wouldn't see it again. May he will give it to Kajun .
  8. I am so glad the voodoo doll didn't end up in my cart. Just touching that thing put a shooters hex on me. I hope I never see it again.
  9. Should be a good day to be shooting. Can't predict what December and January will be like around here.
  10. Capt Bill if it dont sell by Saturday bring it to Tennessee Mountain Mauraders . There was someone looking for a rifle at the last match.
  11. Come on Widder I need the help . I have something for our ole buddy Tn. Williams I think he dropped at the regional match.
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