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  1. Tennessee Mountain Mauraders is just off I-75 exit 345. We shoot the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays.
  2. Thanks to the brave souls who came and shot today.For all those who listened to the weather man and chose to stay home, you no better than to listen to them!Actual weather was only small amounts of sleet, no wind gusts above 25 mph and 15 minutes of sun as we watched the train go by!Still a good time and some good laughs at each other.Next weekend will be awsome see you there.
  3. Time to start getting ready for the big shoots coming up soon.
  4. Tennessee Mountain Mauraders will be shooting this Saturday. Going to be a gooden.
  5. After much discussion over the last year, the club has decided to add another weekend to our shooting schedule on a trial basis. We will now host a match on 2nd Saturdays, in addition to our regular 3rd and 5th Saturdays. On 5th Saturdays, we will continue to host a casual potluck/grilling hangout after the match. We will see how it goes, and since things are still a little bit in flux for us, be sure to check our website and the forum for the latest updates. You can also now subscribe to our newsletter to get all the updates - see below! We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the Railroad tracks!
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