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  1. Purly,

    Havent heard from Mac so I’ll send you the pictures of what I got. Also will include the .358 & .452 sizing dies with top punches. It’s in pretty good shape (see pictures). Think I can get it into a medium flat rate box so delivered say $110.00. Let me know!

    Last Gun



  2. Anybody have a lube sizer you would sell ?
  3. Yes. There is a small hole in the strut. Works great.
  4. As long as they are your size.
  5. Got it. No need to go further.
  6. I'm in search of a boot I can wear all day. Not shooting B-Western or Classic Cowboy. Aged based category only. I will be shooting State, regional, and possibly E O T. Whats the opinions ?
  7. I can tomorrow. I have already turned heat off in shop today. Cold here
  8. Curly Bill Kelly. Local gunsmith made a seat to go in mine. Works great . I got his contact info if you want it.
  9. Max, if you would skip a pratice session or two you would have time to cut the bar code off of the box.
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