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  1. Just the opposite. Moonshine is a requirement for playing banjo.
  2. Mostly frailing, just now getting used to a little drop thumb and two finger lead.
  3. My favorite old costume was Scout's "ham" costume: Yes, I'm from Alabama, and I love "To Kill A Mockingbird".
  4. Me too. But I just want to see Kate Upton jumping up and down again.
  5. Man, did I misjudge this thread. I thought you meant you needed a bigger walker, like this:
  6. I hear Tupelo Honey makes damn good moonshine, too.
  7. Or, they could be some of those "non-binary" creatures you wrote of earlier.
  8. Isn't that part of the Maryann / Ginger debate?
  9. Even with a lever rig like a Tower of Power or other similar device, the downward force necessary to seat the ball can sometimes be considerable for a stubborn ball. I can't imagine trying to seat 6 at one time with only the force of you turning a screw. I could be wrong.
  10. You can get up with Yul Lose and see what he has available. He lives down in San Diego. A short day trip, and you get to meet a legend.
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