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  1. One suggestion. When you're looking for a 97 carry two shells, one a dummy round and the other a shotgun shell that has already been fired (preferably from a '97), and fired, not reloaded as a blank. When you see a '97 you're interested in, (with the seller's permission) rack the slide so the port is open and the carrier down, then load the fired round in by hand. You'll have to start it into the chamber as far as you can, but if it won't go don't force it because you could jam the gun up. Then close the slide and put the hammer down, so everything is setting just as if you had fired the round. Now rack the slide again, and that shell should pop out and eject a good distance. Now load the dummy round into the loading tube and work the slide, and the dummy round should feed. If either of those things don't happen, or don't work fairly smoothly, you're going to need to do some work and probably find some parts. If you do buy one, take it apart and CLEAN it. Good luck, they're fun guns to play with, but each one has its own personality.
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