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  1. You can use a pipe cutter - wrap tape (masking tape, electrical tape, duck tape) around the forward part of the barrel (the narrower part) above where you want to make the cut. Do that until you have built up that narrow part to where it is the same dimension as the broader part and, with part of your pipe cutter resting on that taped section, you can cut a relatively straight line. At least as straight as I was ever able to manage a hacksaw cut. Then with a little filing, a little round filing around the barrel to make it look nicer, and a little touch up bluing it should look real good. Oh, good luck with the bluing on the steel of a '97.
  2. On the very bottom of your carrier, screw out the trigger spring screw that lets that leaf screw come off. I find I have to then hold the carrier upright above my head, look inside and you should see the small stirrup attached to the hammer, and see the small "hook" where it should go. When you get that back in its place, put the trigger spring back on and you're good to go.
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