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  1. Here are the picturesimage.thumb.jpeg.ca9ca9cd3992bb7f1f917835ef07b08f.jpeg

    Holster 3.jpg

    1. Smiling Wolf

      Smiling Wolf

      Sorry I took so long, hard dealing with a 15 year old, he decided to do something else, thank you anyway


        Smiling wolf

  2. We might be able to make that work, please send pictures
  3. Looking for a double strong side holster rig for Ruger New Model Vaqueros 38/357 size 40 to center hole and a shotgun belt. I took my nephew to a shoot and I've created a monster Would appreciate pictures and price please. Thanks Smiling Wolf
  4. Sgt Duncan, Nice, Evil dogooder, looking for the 24 1/2"
  5. Sacramento, yes, I'm interested, pictures and price please Three Foot, Kalispell, I'd be interested Thanks Smiling Wolf
  6. Haven't been on here in a while, moved to Montana and looking for a Henry 44-40 thanks
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