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  1. Hi Rye, if that AR is a Sport and not a Sport 2, It has no dust cover, forward assist,or threaded barrel, I would get the Mini 14. S.W.
  2. The Savage is $439. MSRP without the scope and the Sig is $1083. MSRP with night sights, so it seems like a good deal S.W.
  3. Hey Rex, I'll take them. PM your payment options please S.W.
  4. Prayers and good wishes for you and your friend
  5. Number 7 with a rather large firearms section and gunsmith service
  6. Hello Ace, When I was in high school I had a Springer Spaniel that looked a lot like your best friend, he had a lot of black spots on his nose so I named him Pepper,I still think of him and miss him. S.W.
  7. Please let us know if you need more help
  8. They are WONDERFUL, Keep them coming please
  9. After seeing the post from Subdeacon Joe, I thought it would be nice to see all your Angels, so I'll start, here is my Angel Gal, she's 3 years old
  10. I found several of them from $375.00 to $500.00 Go to Google and type in "value of New Frontier AR15 Hope this helps S.W.
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