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  1. Kid, In my loading room cleanout activity, I found cast lead .308 diam. bullets that just might be what you are looking for. If you are interested PM me and I will do a count and advise. For sure they will cost you much less than commercial sources. Grizz
  2. Cpt Dan, you got 'em. PM has been sent with info. Thanx, Grizz
  3. Sacramento One lot of 250 - .357 brass reserved/sold PF to Sacramento Johnson. Grizz
  4. Rob, The .45 auto brass is all large pistol primer. Thanx for your inquiry. Grizz
  5. Borderline Kid, Your 380 brass is on its way to you. Here is the tracking # 9505 5158 3631 1181 2023 43.. Since you cannot receive a PM, I will email the tracking # to you also. Thanx, Grizz
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