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  1. Marshall, Have you received my recent PM's. One I sent yesterday appeared as apparently unsent when I was preparing another PM to you. I did receive your PM with shipping amount. Grizz
  2. Marshall,


    Have you received my PM's?  I just added email and phone #'s to PM I thought went out yesterday with shipping address but Now I am doubting that it went OK as it appeared when I clicked to send you another PM.



  3. Marshall, I will take the hard side shotgun case for $40.00. Please PM me for details on shipping you your payment. Grizz
  4. Mike, When this model B is opened does the barrel have to be forceably pushed downward in order to insert or remove live or spent shells? In other words do the barrels drop to the full open position to allow loading live rounds or ejection of fired hulls fast or does it have that spring loaded additional 1/4 inch of travel to full open that one has to apply pressure on the top of the barrel to attain a fully opened action.
  5. The brass pin serves as a travel stop when it meets the brass frame portion of the loading tube spring channel. This prevents the dowel from travelling into the elevator (like a loaded round) and seizing the action up. I cut a bevel on the side of the dowel opposite the pin side of the dowel on mine to allow the elevator to easily slide past the dowel end otherwise it hits the dowel end and cannot . The action is locked up. This bevel allows the elevator to slide past the dowel also pushing the dowel slightly back into the loading tube on its downward travel and allowing the elevator to drop entirely to the bottom of the lever throw. If a reload is necessary this allows the elevator which is all the way to the top when the lever is activated full throw to be pushed down with a finger to allow a round to be inserted into the chamber. Grizz
  6. Dusty,


    I can provide you with a tool head for the RL 550 Dillon.  Email me for details.


    Grizz -

    18983 Life

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