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  1. So, is it correct to to assume that a full choke barrel cut to down to 21 " would now be cylinder choke?
  2. Fancy Filly, I have only one 32 H & R mag with case color frame, blued, 4 5/8" barrel, and black birdshead grip that has had exactly 26 rounds fired thru it. One test round (in the box) fired at the Ruger facility and 25 by me. It is basically NIB. It has the original plastic case labeled correctly to the gun, all paperwork and safety lock provided by Ruger and the cardboard shipping box the gun came in. I would part with this for $600.00 plus shipping , my FFL to your FFL. I can send pics to your phone or computer if you are interested. You can PM me or send an email. It is truly unfortunate that Ruger no longer makes this model as it is a nice caliber and shooter. I was considering placing an ad in the classifieds when I read your request. Grizz
  3. Preacher, How much does the rifle weigh and how long is the barrel? Thanx , Grizz
  4. P W Rooter, Sent you a PM re mailing package . Grizz
  5. Smoky Pistols, Please read your PM and provide your mailing address. Thanx. Grizz
  6. We finally made contact. Thanx for your efforts.
  7. Smoky, Just went to your profile listing - no email addy - so I guess you will need to email me first. Mine is listed in my profile. Grizz
  8. Smoky, The dies are yours. I will get mailing cost from USPS and advise along with other information to you in a PM. Thanx, Grizz
  9. CAT, F.Y.I This is the caliber identification that Lee Die company stamped on the dies. There was absolutely no racist nor derogatory connotation intended by my listing accurately what the die rifle caliber was.
  10. PW You will find my email addy for a PM listed in my profile.
  11. OK PW you got it. PM me with your address and I will, advise what the USPS mailing cost will be once I visit the PO with the package.
  12. 349 pieces 45 colt brass- mostly unpolished with the majority, shiny Starline brand noted when hand count made. I shoot 44-40 & over the years these were collected with my 44-40's by brass pickers at shoots. $42.00 plus bulk USPS shipping. 6.5 Jap Lee rifle dies , used but not abused in Lee container minus the top. $10.00 plus shipping USPS. Grizz
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