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  1. Flaco, Send me a PM with either your cell # or email addy and I will provide you with pics & other info on the two identical brand new ones that I have available. Grizz
  2. RZR On my Powder Burn Rate Chart - fastest to slowest, Hodgdon International is # 20. Green Dot has just a tad slower burn rate and is #21. Your info on green dot is correct. I would not hesitate to use it following the green dot load data , just reduce it just a bit and fire a few test rounds. GRIZZ
  3. Doc, I have two pair of DW wood grips NIB. Please PM me so I can send pics & other info to you. Grizz
  4. I re-posted it in classifieds and made a note that it got posted in the wire in error. Advised that to avoid a problem as to who might have asked to buy an item first that I would only recognize posts from the classifieds. Otherwise it could be a problem.
  5. 180 pcs. - 30-30, once fired, mixed head stamps, polished - $ 85.00 shipped 116 pcs. - 30 carbine - mixed head stamps - look to be once fired -polished - $ 35.00 shipped 57 pcs. - 7 mm. Rem mag - mixed head stamps - look to be once fired - polished - $ 40.00 shipped 120 pcs. - 270 Win - mixed head stamps - most look to be once fired - polished - $ 70.00 shipped Thanx for looking (Note - This was posted in the Wire Forum in error and re-posted in Classifieds. Only replies from classifieds will be taken else it could become a problem as to who a
  6. Goody, Yes, as soon as I hit to send it I realized that I was in the Wire forum from just having posted another info request item. Did not think to move to classifieds. If the moderators will do it for me that would be great cause I am tecnologically challenged and do not have a clue about performing a topic move to another forum. Otherwise I will just post it afresh in the classifieds. Grizz
  7. Winter/Covid cleanout project turned up brass in calibers that I likely will never get to need/use. Figgered some folks could use 'em due to the paucity of reloading components these days. Personal check or postal $ order is requested. Shipping will be combined for multiple items purchased. PM for shipping addy etc. 180 pcs. - 30-30 , once fired, mixed head stamps, polished - $ 85.00 shipped 116 pcs - 30 carbine - mixed head stamps - look to be once fired - polished - $35.00 shipped 57 pcs. - 7 mm. Rem. Mag - mixed head stamps - look to be once f
  8. Mornin' All, The trigger pull on my new-to-me Stoeger double is atrociously heavy! Has anyone done a DIY trigger pull lightening project on one that they might like to share their procedure and results? GRIZZ
  9. Bucky, I will take the 35 Remington Hornady dies and the 308 dies. Please PM me with where to send funds. Grizz
  10. Darksider, PM me, Grizz Henry
  11. Marshall,


    Have you received my PM's?  I just added email and phone #'s to PM I thought went out yesterday with shipping address but Now I am doubting that it went OK as it appeared when I clicked to send you another PM.



  12. Dusty,


    I can provide you with a tool head for the RL 550 Dillon.  Email me for details.


    Grizz -

    18983 Life

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