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  1. Granpaw, I'll take this fine knife that you have made. I will PM you with mailing info. Please PM me with your info for the check. Thanx. Grizz
  2. Casey, All I shoot is BP in 44-40 & .38 's. I cast the snakebite large lube groove bullets for the .38, a must for the rifle. Not so critical when shooting revolvers. You can get by with a variety of bullets in the revolvers without losing accuracy using BP. Rifle has to have that extra BP lube to keep accuracy and avoid filling the rifling with crusty fouling. I'll toss in some of the snakebite bullets when I mail you your dies. Grizz
  3. Casey, I have a new, Unused in original box Lyman All American 3 die set, not carbide - $30.00 shipped. Grizz
  4. Bo, You got it right. I PM replied and I texted you one pic. to whet your appetite BG. More to follow when I get back from Phez huntin' ( first day out with the French Brittanys - season opened on Sunday) Grizz
  5. Bo, I have a pair of old model 4.5 inch 44-40's that have Jimmy Spurs free spin pawls ( saves you seconds as you do not have to click around 5 times to get to a round by passed by short cocking) , widened sight groove and smooth up job. One has sambar stag grip scales and the other moose antler scales that I made while recuperating from hip replacement surgery. I sent the cylinders back to Ruger and they opened the cylinders to .430. If interested PM me with your contact info & I will send you pics & we can discuss. Grizz
  6. MB,


    What are you asking for your Coyote Cap 1887.  Is it the "Special" model?  What is the S/N prefix - 05 or 06?




    1. Hawk Eyes Hudson

      Hawk Eyes Hudson

      Sorry Fellows,


      I just used a tapered punch and it started out.  Should have started with that punch first.  Thanks for the reply's back.


      Hawk Eyes Hudson

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