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  1. If health and work cooperate, hope to see you there~!!! Cheers, FJT
  2. Rather large, you say? Good Times, Indeed! Those are TARGETS, folks… NOT props! Good times in Florida!
  3. Got out on Sunday, to the Panorama Sportsman's Club. It went a good deal better, this week. Still a long way away from being completely comfortable! Slooooowly, but surely. But slowly... Cheers, FJT
  4. Mighty fast company, I was keeping in those days, BB! One of the best times I ever had in my life. FJT
  5. All good ideas; thanks for listening in, Kid C! Cheers, FJT
  6. The Henry Big Boy is a nice rifle, but not the best choice for Cowboy Action Shooting. The Marlin is a much better choice, for this game. Smart to ask; pay heed to the information provided. Cheers, FJT
  7. I keep forgetting that you’re sharp as a tack, though you’ve been around slightly longer than dirt, Yul. Correctamundo; that’s Zzyzx, giving me some pointers on the hammered 10 gauge double, back in the day. Good fella. Cheers, FJT ( Did I mention how great it was, seeing you at Cajon, last week?)
  8. B.T.!!! If I hadn't just bought a Henry Big Boy in .44 Mag to go with my pair of Walker Colts, I'd have taken you up on that kind offer! Of course, a good '97 is always appreciated...never having met one of that description in my entire life... Until I can make way way out to Cahoots, Youtah, I'll just stick with my lightnin' quick Meteor 10 ga..... See you at EoT? Cheers, FJT
  9. KCD: Thank you for the kind words; I'll make certain that you get a copy of the CD; for what it's worth, I'm working on another one, as we speak. If you don't want to wait, you can PM me, and well see if we can't get something going, before my next trip out there - which IS coming. Cheers, FJT
  10. Truly impressed with the results of the herculean efforts that went into building that range back up! And it was a picture perfect day for shooting. So many great folks out there, too... Cheers, FJT
  11. Shotgun Boogie or Lassiter. Geographical proximity should be your guide; both are great. Cheers, FJT
  12. Ooooh-kay... Several moving parts to this story, so bear with me. Because of the issues which caused my unfortunate departure a couple of years back, I was using borrowed...everything. Thanks to Hud, Coffee, Aimless Lee, and Sgt. Major O'Donnell, who between them, hooked me up with the necessary firearms, ammunition, and even a gun cart to wheel the schtuff around in. It took a while, but I did find clothing and leather; good thing, because as much as I like this game, I don't believe I would quite be comfortable in someone else's trousers. (Side note; curiously enough, in the last two and a half years of inactivity, my clothing and leather seem to have shrunk a bit. Hmmm....) The Cajon Cowboys have undergone some trials and tribulations in the last year, but, after some heroic effort, have built a new range at their location, and done a great job of it. Props are beautiful, solid, and stages are very shooter friendly. The day dawned bright and clear, and even, a bit warm. What a great kickoff for their first match! 101 shooters showed up, with people driving in from other states to say hi, and wish them well. We arrived in plenty of time, but there was so much handshaking and back slapping going on that it was time to shoot before I knew it. My first stage was great fun; if you don't have an adrenaline charge before any match, you ain't quite human, but this was extra special. The buzzer went off, my hands found their way down to my sixguns, and it was off to the races. That is, the races, if Benny Hill was driving. I was plumb rusty and a bit fumbly, shot clean but careful, tossed a few shotgun shells out to the crowd, and reeled in a not-too-awful 18 second stage. While of the pace for the Fast Guys, that was encouraging! Everything went that way; consistently slower than my brain told me that I should go, but, absent a few brain fluffs, and a rifle miss (I hadn't missed a rifle shot since about 2004...) it went better than I thought. Unsteady hands put a shotgun down incorrectly on one stage which drew an SDQ, however. but, honestly, I was having too much fun to even take issue with that. Aside from that, I finished the day without shooting myself in the foot, either actually or, metaphorically. Watching the other shooters, I did have that momentary amazement at how fast everyone has gotten since I last went shooting! It was great fun; more than I have had in a year. I was wearing a HUGE grin, all day. Honestly, it was a mixture of a party, a reunion, and a sporting event. I wish the Cajon Cowboys well, and hope to get back out there again, before long. In fact, I hope to get up to speed and get out and about for a few more matches, soon! Thank you for all the well wishes and encouragement, and I hope to see you ALL out on the range!!!! A very cheery FJT
  13. Just a heads up, to keep your heads down. For various reasons, I shot my last match in November, 2017. Things got a bit better, and I'm going to try it out again, tomorrow, at the Cajon Cowboys grand re-opening. This should be fun. Words of encouragement appreciated; please, keep the laughter to a minimum. Cheers, FJT
  14. Found some more old shots from the SASS Middle Ages. Feel free to tag, add, or comment! Cheers, FJT
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