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  1. This week on "The Gunslinger Hour," Hud and I will be interviewing legendary sniper and long range instructor Todd Hodnett, live, on air. You may know him better as "Handlebar Doc," former National Overall SASS Champion. Today, he is, simply, the Einstein of Long Range Shooting. A great guy, and an impossibly good shooter. Here's my favorite of his many Youtube Videos, taking down a flying drone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47p77zmVf50 The Gunslinger Hour; Live on Sunday Mornings, on KABC 790 AM, Los Angeles. https://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/ Cheers,
  2. Wishing Marauder well, from here in California! Cheers, FJT
  3. This week, Hud's and my guest will be Rick Travis, the honcho at the CRPA who helped engineer the overthrow of the ridiculous and punitive ammunition ban in California. https://crpa.org/news/litigation/crpa-wins-major-battle-in-lawsuit-challenging-prop-63s-ammunition-sales-restrictions/ It's nice to win, once in a while, to stand up against the coming of the dark. Additionally, you can come to California to compete once again, without having to worry about breaking some idiot ammo law. Listen in. Should be good; every Sunday morning, 7:00-8:00 a.m. on 790 AM Radio, KABC, Los Angeles. https://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/
  4. My dad was a B-17 pilot. He said that the only thing that frightened him more than the heavily armed FW-190s, were the ME-262s. And Flak. The FW-190, in its many variations, was a damned good fighter; better at low altitudes. Cheers, FJT
  5. Given how well it performs at distance, (its downrange ballistics are superb!) the up-close improvement in punch that it provides over 5.56, and the fact that it slots into existing AR magwells, it is possibly the best caliber devised for a PBR. It is absolutely the caliber that the US military should have spec'ced for its caliber upgrade. That said, the fact that it wasn't selected means that ammunition supplies are not as ubiquitous as lesser calibers. Nevertheless; it is superior in every way to 5.56. Cheers, FJT
  6. What would you choose, and why? Your answer might vary, based on location, terrain, population, and training. Perhaps you should include a .22 LR in the kit. If so; Pistol or Rifle? Ubiquity and versatility will also play a role. .38/.357? 9mm? .45 ACP? 10 mm? .44 Magnum? Shotgun is a likely choice – but the ammunition is so bulky and heavy. Perhaps a rifle. Lever, bolt, or semi-auto? If so, which caliber? .223? .308? .30-30? .30-06? This is a brain teaser, and Jeff and I will be discussing this very topic on The Gunslinger Hour, this coming Sunday morning, April 5, from 7:00-8:00 a.m., on 790 AM, KABC. Feel free to call in with your thoughts or comments, at 1(800) 222-5222, 1 (800) KABC, or just listen in. The show is also available as a podcast, posted the following Monday, on the KABC website. https://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/ Cheers! FJT
  7. Widder; You must play it. In the same manner that ou can go to a rack full of Wilson A-2000s, and try 9 on, but #10 will feel just right; thus it is with guitars. When you play it, the right one will just feel and sound...right. And, at the price point you mention, you'll get a good one. (That said, I have a couple of Martins for sale...) You don't find the guitar; the guitar finds you Cheers, FJT
  8. Title says it all: we will have Michael Bane, host of The Best Defense on Amazon, and Shooting Gallery, and the show I hosted, "Duel In The Sun," which pitted top cowboys against shooters from other disciplines. Smart guy, and a lot of fun. 7:00-8:00 a.m., PST, or catch it on the podcast, later. https://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/
  9. Interesting batch of responses! (I'll get back to you on the 30-40 Krag in an 1895 Winchester, later, 40-Rod!) Lotsa love for the hard hitting, flat shooting .270; and I agree that the .30s are tough to beat for an All Around Rifle. I'm intrigued about the 6.5, with which I have little experience. We should do a radio show segment on this; you all are a mountain of information! Cheers, FJT
  10. If you had to choose one rifle for your hunting needs, and could be tasked with stalking anything from coyote, to boar, deer, and maybe even black bear... what platform would you use? Caliber would enter into the discussion, as well. Cheers, FJT
  11. That's a sad loss. He was a fine cowboy... FJT
  12. This week's show is going to feature interviews with Damascus Jon, the SASS US National Champ 2020 - who did it with Black Powder! and multiple winner Holy Terror, who is an unstoppable force with more National and World Championships than you can shake a stick at. Tune in, call in with your questions, or listen to the podcast, after! Great way to up your game! https://www.kabc.com/the-gunslinger-hour/ Cheers, FJT
  13. Class move, Zak, and the rest of the Winter Range crew! Will shot one heckuva match! Cheers, FJT
  14. Ollie is one helluva shooter, and a great guy, as well. The same is true of RePhil. And they each won their category. Both are great representatives of Germany and Cowboy Action Shooting. Cheers, FJT
  15. Un-freaking-BELIEVABLE!!!! Whistlin’ Will is an incredible shooter, no doubt. But to take a stick to the Best shooters in the US and the World shooting BLACK POWDER…. Just amazing!!!! Well earned, one of the most signal achievements in SASS history, and you couldn’t imagine a nicer young man, or a better ambassador for the sport of cowboy action shooting. FJT
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