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  1. I recognize that this post indicates that I've been at this game for a good long time... But check how the categories have blossomed into near-unmanageability, in 20 years... :-o. Cheers, FJT
  2. WHY CAN HE DO THAT, WHEN I CAN'T??? You can't do it because there physically is not enough room. A motorcycle can fit, and so, in California, it does. Which means there is one less car in the queue, you'll get home one car faster, and you might consider being grateful for that. ;-) Cheers, FJT
  3. As already established, in California it is legal when done safely, with leeway as to what exactly that means. Here's a breakdown of how other states feel about it. https://www.rideapart.com/news/347464/motorcycle-lane-splitting-state-nation/ I do think its safe - when done safely. I have been doing it for over 50 years, and have one nicked mirror on my scorecard. And he swerved. It does save mucho time on the freeway. I suspect in some small part due to outreach, I have noticed more drivers exhibiting courteous behavior in the last few years. There are still occasional jerks who swerve to pinch the lane shut, but they seem to be fewer with the passage of time. I don't understand the angst on their part. I am one less car gumming up the flow of traffic. And, at a stop, it adds a level of protection from being rear ended. Cheers, FJT
  4. Howdy, and welcome aboard, Stefan! This game is so much fun it's ridiculous. The matches put on by Refil and Dammit Olli (and Shotgun Boogie, when he lived there!) were some of the best matches I have ever attended. If you're going to be at Days of Truth this year, be sure to look me up, and say hi! Very Best Wishes, Frederick Jackson Turner
  5. Damn. Once a prison colony, always a prison colony. Cheers, FJT
  6. I handled these at SHOT Show, and had a chance to talk to the staff. This is a very good looking pistol, well made and fitted, with quality parts. I did NOT shoot it, however. I'd give it a try. Cheers, FJT
  7. Thank you all for the kind words; I do really enjoy this sport, but more importantly, feel that it presents a uniquely friendly face of firearms usage, especially to non-shooters. And that really matters, especially in these turbulent and challenging times. Cheers! FJT
  8. The Adventurer's Club are just that, and they are the Real Deal. They were much interested in our game. It's a bit lengthy, but there was a willing host, and a spellbound audience. (And Wild Bunch starts at 51 minutes.) Cheers, FJT
  9. I have two premiere gunsmiths who work on my '97s. One of them hates to work on Winchesters, partly because of the many variations in quality and construction they went through in their decades of production. as well as the fact that, as G-Jo pointed out above, many of them have been worn into near unusability. The other dislikes the Chinchesters because of the many variations of construction and quality control. The long and short of it is - stay away from the TTNs, but anything else you get is still an ongoing project. Those guns were never meant to be shot as hard or as often as we tend to use them. Ya pays your money, and takes your chances, Currahee. Good luck! FJT
  10. Ahhh, yes; the Pax Romana... "They destroy everything, and they call it peace..." ~Tacitus
  11. Prayers and best wishes for a renewed Forty in 2023! Cheers, FJT
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