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  1. Wow. That's just about as good as a match can be done. Great props, excellent stage scenarios, challenging but very hittable stage distances, a couple of great meals thrown in, and the best folks you will find, anywhere. Beartrap, Choctaw Gal, Clint Steel, Double AA, Highway Rider, and all the rest of the Cajon Cowboys crew did a superb job. Thanks for a great weekend! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Cheers, FJT
  2. Worked like a charm, and looks great. Easy to edit, too. Thanks, Misty! Cheers, FJT
  3. HIGHLY suspect, I agree! I look forward to seeing you on the "Group W" bench, then! Cheers, FJT
  4. Bump, for a match put on by one of the best clubs out there! Cheers, FJT
  5. Hendo; I believe that is the Savior guitar gun case. Hud uses one to transport all four guns. A warning - it's pretty danged heavy with all four aboard. I've had better luck using a Pelican, and just slapping a "Fender" sticker on the outside... ;-) Cheers, FJT
  6. I always liked that guy; have a couple of great stories about good times with him. We'll miss you, Chet. Best of luck in your new location. Sadly, FJT
  7. Don't know if I even merit mention in the conversation, but I'd say the same about you, Joe. -FJT
  8. Lassiter is as good as it gets. As a shooter, for sure, but more than that; as a person. Cheers, FJT
  9. Lassiter is a terrific gunsmith, a great shooter, and an even better guy. Pencils down. FJT
  10. ANOTHER amazing match by one of the best shooters (and nicest guys!) in the game. Congrats, Champ! FJT
  11. Agreed! Great posse, though, and, a good-looking wagon, that... Cheers, FJT
  12. We try to keep the cat squeezing and the kilt wearing confined to appropriate message boards, laddie. Chilluns may be reading this! :-0 Cheers, FJT
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