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  1. Miss shooting with you Jackrabbit Joe!
  2. I am so sorry to hear of this loss. He will be missed. Prayers to his family.
  3. Congratulations to Robyn DeVault for his overall championship!
  4. I own a 550 and a 650. Once I got used to the 650 I didn't want to go back to the 550. I use my 650 for small primers and my 550 for large primers. Cannot go wrong with either.
  5. Crutches appreciated! Applications for the kid and me are sent. Thanks
  6. Kid will be there. Somebody has to hold up Dad so he can shoot.
  7. How long is the waiting list. Did not get ours in.
  8. Here are the picturesimage.thumb.jpeg.ca9ca9cd3992bb7f1f917835ef07b08f.jpeg

    Holster 3.jpg

    1. Smiling Wolf

      Smiling Wolf

      Sorry I took so long, hard dealing with a 15 year old, he decided to do something else, thank you anyway


        Smiling wolf

  9. Ruger is still available.

  10. Congrats on another fine purchase.  The shipping and insurance came to $95.  Don't worry about the other purchase.     I will get everything ready.    I've had these firearms since they came out.  They are a great purchase.  I've had trouble sending you pictures.  I have not posted the 74 C Sharps yet.  Not sure how to get pictures to you.  Thanks again, Greg

  11. Check is in the mail.  Thanks Kirk

  12. Has not come through.  If you send me an address, I will get the bullets to you. 

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    2. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      Send money to paypal:   jkirkham@iccs-k8.org.   Thanks Kirk

    3. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      You can also send it to paypal @codyk77   if  the jkirkham@iccs-k8.org does not work.  

    4. Slowaz Molasses

      Slowaz Molasses

      so i just tried to pay you using the first paypal listed ( jkirkham@iccs-k8.or) it didn't even recognize the second one (paypal @codyk77) and this is the response i got.

      JKirkham needs a PayPal account to get your $95.00 USD

      They'll have 10 days to accept your money. We'll help remind them before it's transferred from your account.

  13. Received funds.  Bullets will be shipped tomorrow.  Thanks Kirk

    1. cowrustler


      Kirk, thank you, cowrustler

    2. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      Had good luck with 17 grains of XMP 5744.  Have fun and good shooting.  Kirk 

    3. cowrustler


      Got 'em. Thank you, Bill

  14. Hi Dallas-Sorry, they already sold.  I had to post them again since they were a separate sale.  Hope every thing is going well.  I

    1. Dallas McBoomboom

      Dallas McBoomboom

      No worries, Pard, thanks for following up.  I'm looking for 38-40 brass if you have any of that to sell. Hope you and yours are doing well and staying healthy! 

  15. Email is gkirkham@iccs-k8.org.  Will get you 1000 for $95. total.  They should fit in a medium flat rate box.  If not I will make up the difference.  My address is 65 Essex Ave.  Sedona AZ   86336.

    1. cowrustler



      Kirk, I will take these. Do you take Paypal? Bill

    2. cowrustler


      Never mind I see you don't take Paypal. will do the extra effort and get a check in the mail. Bill

    3. cowrustler


      Kirk, I will get a check off to you tomorrow, Bill

      Bill Curran

      Box 75

      Edgemont, SD


  16. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

    1. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      I haven't grabbed it cause I am pretty sure this is a 3rd gen.  Cannot tell for sure.

  17. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

  18. SASS Kicker and Cody Women's Overall Winter Range in 2016
  19. This is outstanding. The history of what we are so excited about. Wish my family could have meet China Camp.. Remarkable video. Didn't see pictures of to many young shooters. Hope more people contribute. Thanks to those who are sharing.
  20. Our competition rifles are by Palo Verde Gunworks. When you go to someone like Rich, he is fine tuning that rifle for world class shooters. He stands by his work and is completing the work himself. He puts in both 4th and 5th generation actions. You do need to shoot other rifles and feel the difference. Often it is the personal touch that makes a difference. I highly recommend you shoot various rifles before you spend the money.
  21. While I am in favor of total time, I want to congratulate all the champions of rank point matches. I believe rank pt matches are very strategic in knowing how to shoot them and can understand their challenge. Just to help those that are having a tough time understanding the problem shooters have with rank points, I want to share the difference between two stages and times at EOT. On stage 7 a score of 21.18 had 199 rank pts. On the same stage a 5+/- second faster score of 16.17 had 36 rank points. In the 5 second difference there were 163 shooters who shot between the 5 second difference equaling 163 rank pts. On stage 6 a score of 31.41 had 200 rank pts. while a 5 second faster score of 26.38 had 88 rank pts, there was a 112 pt difference. A miss, fumbled shotgun reload, rifle jam cost more on stage 7 than stage 6 costing the shooter 51 more rank pts. A championship won in the 1990's is just as hard to win as championship win in 2017. While I know there is more to it than this one illustration, I hope it helps understand the differences in opinions.
  22. Congratulations and continued success. Thank you for everything you do from the whole family. See you at Winter Range!!
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