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  1. Got a note from my foot doctor that I needed to wear a tennis shoe and turned it into SASS at EOT. Did not receive one negative comment from anyone. I've had some procedures and will see if I can get back to boots. It was nice to shoot without so much foot pain.
  2. Congratulations everyone!!!!!! You earned them.
  3. Sent you a pm with my email. Look forward to receiving the Colt. Kirk
  4. Here are the picturesimage.thumb.jpeg.ca9ca9cd3992bb7f1f917835ef07b08f.jpeg

    Holster 3.jpg

  5. Back up offer. I will take it. PM Sent.
  6. Please send me a PM with your email if ok. It will be easier to send you pictures. Sorry I have been working outside all day and most of the night. Kirk
  7. I have a Mernicle high performance rig with shotgun belt for $400 plus. brown rig with screw knife leather. The center punch hole is 38. Will send pictures tomorrow if interested.
  8. I also use ship my guns.
  9. The beauty of what we do is we can almost do anything. Dress or little dress up. Two handed or one handed. Classic or B Western. I bet if there was a gunfight in the old days they did whatever they had to do to stay alive including modifying their firearms. Always remember that God made man (and women) but Boogie made them equal. As my math teacher use to say, "it is not to reason why, just invert and multiply. Just shoot and have fun!!!!!
  10. Shotgun/ Bowling ball stage in Utah. Would love to do it again. Great fundraiser for their club.
  11. First class company!!!!!
  12. 22 grains of XMP 5744 with a 405 gr bullet
  13. Bordertown is a drag race. Find your edge and do not break it. They are big and close and every year I cannot wait for the next year!!!! Last year I had two misses and could not believe it. I thought I had two accidental discharges and then my son Cody told me I was pulling the trigger while holstering. Ouch! Big and close is a blast and I never hear complaints. That is why it sells out so fast and draws so many outstanding shooters. Big and close gets my votes.
  14. We have used 147 grain 9mm rd nose flat pt for knock down loads for over 9 years. I just recently loaded 1000 9mm 115 grain .356 bullets and shot them in the rifle and pistol until my regular .38 rds came in. No problem. They only have to go ding!
  15. Do not agree with adding anymore categories. Maybe we could start combining shooting styles with age based categories. Shoot whatever style you want in your age based category. Plainsmen would be the exception. We are seeing more and more gunfighters kicking ass, there is a B Western shooter that is always at the top, I remember a young duelist who could run with the best, and black powder shooters have shown they can kill it. I know this is not a popular view. I understand the logic in this thread but we are teaching our young folks what entitled really is.
  16. Congratulations on an outstanding match. Always enjoy shooting with you and your family!!!!
  17. Congratulations on your championship!!!
  18. What a match!!!! Congratulations on your championship!
  19. Incredible match! Congrats and say hello to the kids.
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