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  1. Thanks Deuce and Doc-Be interested to test 125 grain bullets at 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 against the 2.9 105s and 3.1 100s. They are all lubed bullets. All loaded up for EOT. Shooting the same loads we have shot for the last 6 years. We have done fine as a family but there is always a desire to do better. Any edge is better, just don't cross it. I am taking the RO 2 course at EOT or I would be attending your shotgun school Deuce. Missed it again.
  2. When I was coach in the sport of wrestling I always watched the technique of the top wrestlers and based my practices on what wins the state championship and not the technique that gets them there. I appreciate everyone's responses and hope there is more. While I will not be changing loads prior to EOT I will always look in areas for improvement. Doc, thanks for the tip and I will be loading up some 125s in the future. Was the thread of favorite recipes taken off the wire? I tried to search for it but with no luck.
  3. I tried some 125s gr at 2.9 of clays and compared them to my 105tc with 2.9 grains of clays and I have to admit the 125 felt better and I shot better. I will try 2.4 grains of clay's with the 125 and 3.1 grains of clays with the 100 grain and see how it feels. They should have similiar power factors. There are some very top shooters shooting 125's. We will see if the hits are easier to hear. I did a comparison test with Ray Heartless. He was using 125s and I was using 105s. I really enjoyed his load and thought the sound was more noticeable. Thanks Doc
  4. I could not find the thread regarding favorite loads for the 38 special. I noticed some shooters really liked 125 grain bullets with 2.4 grains of clays vs 105 grain bullets with 2.9 grains of clays. I am giving approximate loads since I could not find the thread. Was wondering if it was personal preference or it had to do with how long the sight was off the target. At close targets I have never noticed the difference. When shooting at further away targets I have noticed the sights leaving the target on multiple shots with heavier loads. Just wondering if the power factor was the same with a 125 vs 105 would you see the same lift or rise of the sights from one shot to the other. I hope this better explains my point in the thread. Any further ideas?
  5. If two different loads produce the same power factor, is there a difference in the amount of sight lift? 96 grain vs 125 grain Is there a difference in the noise hitting a target?
  6. Kirk James


    I am so sorry to hear of this loss. My family has had the pleasure of shooting with Wild Bodie Tom for the last eight years. He will be missed by all of us!!! Our prayers go out to him.
  7. Thank you everyone. My father in law collected some very nice firearms within his means. A friend of the family was an a Winchester collector and collected very nice originals between 1866 and 1895. When he could not find a nice representation of a 1876 carbine, he bought one for a restoration and had Roger's Restoration complete the work. My father in law, John, had purchased a 1873 from a friend and had Roger's restore it . Rogers put on a new barrel, stock, magazine tube and it came back looking like a pristine 100 year old firearm in 38-40. It has a serial no, in the 31427_. and we shoot it as it was test fired. John went to the Las Vegas antique show where he purchased another 1873 serial no 68_ but bad shape. It is a 44-40 with a 24 1/4 in octagon barrel with a set trigger. The front sight had been replaced with 1/2 of a coin. Rogers replaced the stock, links and lever tube which had been damaged. They decided to keep the original barrel and rear sight. From what I understand Roger restored both firearms to the original Winchester letter and on some of the machinery he had purchased from Winchester. Not 100 percent sure of the last statement. I will follow up on the information you gave. When I pick up the 1873 with a three digit serial no. I do understand the investment John made and why he did what he did. Incredible piece of art and history. I appreciate the information and will follow through. I did find some documentation that the mentions the 2 1/2 in Target on the letter was how Winchester later established the 1 of 1000 series.
  8. Need help in getting information on a 1873 Winchester with a three digit 68_ serial no. I have copies of two letters from Winchester, Cody Firearms Museum. In the 1st letter it states 2 1/2" Target. This is absent from a later letter. Both are signed by Waddy Colvert and are two years apart. This firearm was restored by Roger Kurtz of Rogers Restoration. What does the 2 1/2 " target tell us? Does it have anything to do with the One in One Thousand standard? Who would you trust appraising such a firearm if you did want to sell it? Also the order number was different on both letters although very close. The serial no.s are the same on both letters and all other information is the same. Have little knowledge although I have heard Roger Kurtz, now retired, was excellent.
  9. Thank you for taking this on. It means so much to families trying to get started. See you at EOT!!!!!
  10. Wish I could get the lead out of my pants so my transitions would be faster!!!
  11. Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. A special thanks to the SASS Scholarship committee for their support also. It has really helped pay the bills and make this possible. In reading through the remarks it lets you know just how incredible the SASS family is. I will share them with SASS Kicker this weekend.
  12. Thank JM. Must be a good one.
  13. For those of you interested on a update on SASS Kicker: she got the results from her MCAT test and scored a 511 which is in the 83 percentile of all medical students taking the test. This will allow her to apply for the medical schools she is interested in. SASS Kicker is engaged and will be married in June 2020. And yes she is still interested in Cowboy Action Shooting and has a very supportive fiance. I got to shoot with her several months ago at a local match and she still has it. Unfortunately we got rained out after 2 stages. Cody just graduated from the Fire Academy and is pursing his degree in fire science. He graduates from high school in the next three weeks. Thank you for helping me raise two kids. SASS is an incredible family experience.
  14. Cody James shoots 5 1/2 inch Rugers and SASS Kicker and I shoot 4.62. I am also thinking of going to 5 1/2 for the same reason as Boggus Deal. The only thing I have to get use to is the weak side draw for some reason.
  15. Like the rule as it stands. If you can correct an empty hull/case or live round on the carrier before the next round is fired you are ok.
  16. Creeker-It probably was shock have a shooter go back to pick up his rifle before finishing the stage. In 8 years I don't think I have seen that one. Didn't mean to be so critical. Last week our club had a vertical stage and I set my rifle down on my foot after shooting it. Never had that happen.
  17. If the shotgun was the second firearm fired and a shooter took his hand off the shotgun/ or rifle with a hull/case and he was ready to draw a pistol as was told by the TO that he had hull/case, wouldn't he be able to correct it as as it was before a pistol was cocked? I do not see where a empty is so unsafe. I know this is not a popular topic but there are other penalties such as a rifle on half cock or a pistol holstered on half cock where penalties are harsh. I understand there are those who do not agree and the topic has been covered, but I see the penalty as a no call. The TO should have told the shooter to finish the stage and move to the unloading table.
  18. Deuce won Winter Range with 7 1/2 Rugers. He would have won it with 12 inch Rugers also, if they made them. Practice what you have. He worked for his championship. You are going to shoot best what you believe in and works for you.
  19. Congratulations Robyn on an outstanding match!!!!
  20. It was my understanding that the spotters are looking for misses and making sure the targets are hit in proper order. The TO is safely assisting the shooter through the course of fire. A TO cannot overrule the spotters on misses but can overrule the spotters on a procedural and/or a safety.
  21. Thanks for sharing the videos Colt! That is impressive. Say hello to Matt for us.
  22. Save your 158 for knockdowns. 2.6 grains of clays will do. Save overall length as above.
  23. I use 38 cases, but at a length of 1.510-1.515 with a 105 gr. bullet. Use 125 for knockdowns at the same length. Try different loads and find out how the work in your rifle.
  24. Get started and rest will work itself out. Good luck and let us know how it works out. You should not have any problem. I a have seen shooters with different barrel lengths that shoot fine. If you just want to have fun, have fun with what you have.
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