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  1. There was a discussion on WTC on facebook with a video of Ray Heartless sent in by his wife, Mad Dog with a Gun. It was on continuous movement while shooting.
  2. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, (don't get ahead of me PV), Ten. Your good!!!! No offense taken.
  3. Kirk James


    Thanks Garrison Joe. Next time my topic will be the value of open bar at Winter Range!!
  4. Kirk James


    Is your focus on the targets or the area behind target? I wished they had covered the topic in more detail at the RO1 course. Whether we call CAS a sport or a fantasy sport, we owe the shooter the best we can be as an organization. I have been to 18 national and world competitions and know first hand that anyone can spot. Some how we have to do better than that. Keep the ideas coming.
  5. Kirk James


    If you were going to instruct a spotting school, what would you consider the most important information for the spotter? Should we have a training manual or video for spotters? How can we assure that our spotters for big matches have positive spotting experience? If this is important to you please respond!!!!
  6. Kirk James


    How do you as a TO handle an edger? One of the 3 spotters says they saw an edger and can point it out and two call a miss. Should the TO call a meeting of the three spotters each time this condition occurs for a meeting? Do you go down and examine the target? As one of the three spotter do you change your call if the information given causes you to question your call?
  7. Did you stop to shoot or was continuous? Very fine line with good shooters. If the shooter has a pause while they shoot, it seems to me they are good. When it comes to whether or not a shooter was continuous or stopped, I would think the TO is going to gather information to make a decision if one person makes the statement from the gallery or one spotter.
  8. Try Eastern Insurance: Coverage Blanket Limit $45,000. $100 Deductible per firearm. $10,000 Maximum Single Item Limit. Cost me $150 annually. Hope this helps.
  9. Kirk James


    Could he have picked it back up and loaded another round and fired it as long as he did not fire the next firearm? Would this be treated the same as jacking a round out.
  10. The thread wasn't to evaluate my loading data. The example was given to me for a discussion pt. Please stay on the discussion or find your own thread. This is why people are going to other sources of media.
  11. Need help in understanding. A 105 grain bullet at 600 fps has a power factor of 63 and produces 83.2 ft pounds of energy. A 125 grain bullet at 504 fps has the same power factor of 63 and produces 70.49 ft pounds of energy. What would be the difference in muzzle flip and felt recoil with the same weight firearm and the same powder? By the way, my 2020 goal is to quit posting late at night!!!!!!!!
  12. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I agree you need to work with your surgeon. It would be a shame to rush and take a risk. I had a spinal fusion of L3 and L4 and pushed the recovery in 1988. I have paid for it. Recovery would be much faster today, but I still would follow the advise of your pt or surgeon.
  13. I am sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  14. One of my favorite matches in the last nine years was 2019 Bordertown. They took many of the best stages from previous Bordertown matches and even posted the fastest time that stage was shot. Don't know how they are going to top it, but I am sure they will come up with something.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Got them in the mailbox today!!!
  16. I have many of the same concerns as SB. I a live around two very fast shooters. When I ask them for help they tell me to move my a-- and shoot faster! In many ways what they are saying is true. Over the last several years I have watched as some shooters have left me behind. I know they are working harder than I am and if I expect to improve I have to put in the work. I am trying to lose weight, get fit and get out to our shooting pits to live fire more often. One of the areas I am working at is speed, shot to shot. So one day a week I stand and deliver on one target with the timer as fast as I can go and staying as relaxed as I can. That is my sole objective for that practice. I know I can shoot faster, I just have to give myself permission. I am still dry firing to work more on transitions. As the speed improves the eyes will learn to stay up with it, sometimes at least. I would not worry about going over the edge, especially at monthly matches. If we don't ever move the edge we get stuck where we are.
  17. I Practice? Who practices. Make use of the space you have. There is 3 bays for transition. The tether ball on the rope is used for moving targets. I can add a table through the walk way for a down range bay. This area is where it all began.
  18. Have a blast. Nice to get the 1st one out of the way. Welcome, hope to see you on the range.
  19. Our prayers are with him and his family!!
  20. Meet Howling Wolfe and family at Bordertown. They understand the needs of the Cowboy Action Shooter. Howling Wolfe spent some time working on my rig to get the cant I was looking for. I never would have known the metal in the high performance rig could be adjusted so much. Really enjoy the results. Thank you.
  21. Topic was: if I were King and there is a declining population what would I do? First of all I really enjoy SASS just the way it is. My kids have grown up in SASS and we are having a blast when we shoot. I would not change too much, accept those skinny cowboys at longer distances and so many categories. I do not disagree that SASS has not made significant changes since 1995. I have only been with SASS since 2011 and have not seen much change other than more categories, and more categories. If that is a strong marketing move, stay with it. If I were King I would behead anyone on the SASS wire that does not see the world the way I do, starting with you, and Shooting Bull, double tap!!!
  22. Many members of SASS is ageing; and yet holds onto the reasons why they got involved in SASS. Members have brought up shooting while moving, not emphasizing the shooting first, advertising a new SASS, rule changes etc... but are meet with opposition. While members of SASS certainly have the right to hold onto these reasons, they maybe keeping away new membership. If you keep going down the same path, you get to the same place. How about allowing shooters to shoot a 7th stage with shooting on the move allowed but only keeping a time for those who wish to participate. Clubs can share on shooter interest. Advertise our champions in high volume marketing areas. Clubs offer free clinics to new shooters emphasizing rules, firearm selection with advertisement and loaner firearms to try. ACSA does this once a year at the AZ expo. I like the idea of new shooters shooting a 22 category or one pistol and rifle category at the club level to get interest. They do not have to compete against those following the current SASS rules. How many of our shooters come into SASS with the idea that time doesn't matter only to find themselves short stroking and smoothing actions. I will stay with SASS as it is presented today, but am not afraid of change. I am afraid of losing it.
  23. I appreciate that we were asked. Most of the shooters at my club voted to change the rule. I agree with the change.
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