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  1. The 38/357 cylinders are shorter than the bigger bores, one theory is that you would be unable to put 45/44 cylinder into 38/357 barreled frame.
  2. Thanks Lumpy, I know them as an option, but most of what I am doing, I'd like to retain the original hammers.
  3. Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
  4. Checked with Boomstick he removes the transfer bar, I am looking to retain that feature.
  5. Would like to have halfcock notches added to my Rugers existing hammers, yet retain the transfer bars. Who all is offering this service these days? Thank you, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Cimarron 1861 Navy Pair .36 Cal - Like the 1860s above, these have been fired, but not much. They are in excellent condition, with serials only one off. Asking 500 for the pair. Reduced to 275 Shipped in the US. I'll take these for $275
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