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  1. I’m a great loser. Not much of a finder.
  2. Richmond absolutely reeks of history. One day wouldn’t be nearly enough for me. I wouldn’t know where to start.
  3. Doesn’t look good for the red birds. Not good at all.
  4. No cat. Only a fox and some assorted local ungulates.
  5. Nope. With this film you really need more cheese!
  6. Yeah, I just found my Swiss Army knife that fell out of my pocket last week. Good thing it’s red.
  7. I always keep my knives in a belt pouch. No doubt I took it out to use it and laid it down. I have 3 work benches. Searched them. Searched the equipment shed and vehicles. I was also in two deep backhoe dug holes. If it dropped there it’s buried forever. Hope I find it. It was about a hunnert bucks.
  8. Worked a couple of hours on Pac-Man the snow thrower. Thank goodness for YouTube. Sometimes you can find just the right repair video. Still a pita. Then II went to change the oil and found outI didn’t have the right weight. The switch on my light over the loading bench came apart. Had to order one from Amazon. Looked for my most best favorite Kershaw auto opener that’s been MIA for two weeks. Didn’t find it. Then I played phone and e-mail tag with the leak detector guy. Finally settled on him being here at 9 tomorrow, if he can find us. He thought we were in another town. Lost a 5/8” wrench 3 times. Found it twice. So I called it a day at happy hour. Took a shower and went to the class 6 cabinet and saw I had only a wee bit (about half a shot) of Basil Hayden and a wee bit o George Dickel. So I put em both in a class together. They got along very well indeed. So I got that goin for me. Which is good.
  9. There used to be a good hat guy over in the next town but he pulled up stakes and headed south a few years back.
  10. For ye who be unschooled in the bloody history of the Anglish. https://www.writework.com/essay/william-usurper-william-conqueror-used-immoral-and-manipul
  11. I have an old Resistol that somebody gave my dad a few years before he passed. it needs some TLC and a new sweatband but there's nobody aound here that can do it.
  12. Get some popcorn to go with it. I suggest cheese flavored.
  13. 600,000? Where are you looking? Phoenix? Try NM or CO. Place down the road from me has a house, huge metal barn, and 80 acres for 400,000. And it’s one of the more expensive in the area. Search around. There are plenty of Californians moving who sell their homes for a lot more than they would go for here. Of course if you’re going to a big metro area things are different. My sister moved from Florida to California to be close to the grandkids. She wishes now she hadn’t.
  14. The hat appears to be a size 6 7/8. 5” crown and 4” brim. Cattleman’s crease. No holes or stains. 10X. Don’t know what it’s worth. PM me an offer I can’t refuse.
  15. I actually have a hat stretcher. But I’m hat rich and don’t really need it.
  16. I have no idea what they go for. Make me an offer. I’ll measure it tomorrow for an exact size.
  17. Good company. They don’t kill you on the shipping costs. I use them a lot.
  18. Got thisn off eBay about 15 years ago. A bit too small for me. I think it’s a 6 7/8 and I take a 7.
  19. Possibly. Serial numbers look to be in the wrong place. India makes some Webley copies. Hard to get a good close look the video moves so fast.
  20. But Pinewood Derby cars aren’t allowed to have pistons. You could just given em a piece of pine. You’re welcome.
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