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  1. Sorry Cobra I just saw this message. Payment sent. Should be in your PayPal account.  Thanks



    Rob Lamorte

    301 Highgate Dr.

    Slingerlands, NY  12159



    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      grips on stage tracking #   9505 5134 8422 1169 4200 72



  2. wanting to know if you still want the 1911 grips


    I can do paypal where you will get them faster       send $50 paypal to rlluehr@yahoo.com




    send check to  



                                   12141 7th st


                                   Houston,Tx 77072


    got them boxed and ready to go


    also send me your shipping inform



    thanks ,cobra kid

  3. send $50 on paypal to    rlluehr@yahoo.com


    also send me your shipping inform



  4. set of cobra 1911 full size grips paypal $50 SOLD thanks for looking cobrakid
  5. if you don't sell the black leather vest before Trailhead bring it and i'll take it

    1. Hellbender


      Will do pal!

  6. i'll take your reloading stuff for $25 shipped


    you do paypal? if so send me your inform


    how do you want to get paid

  7. send paypal $100 to





    send me your shipping inform and thanks

    1. Ace Holliday

      Ace Holliday

      PayPal payment was sent. It has been a while since I used PayPal. We used to use the "Friend and Family" option so the seller would not have to pay fees. I did not see that option so if I need to cover the fees please let me know.

      My address is:

      Scott Kelly

      881 N Lake St, Spc 366

      Hemet, CA 92544


      Thank you and have a great day,

      Ace Holliday

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      got it will ship tuesday and send tracking #



  8. have you found the boxes for ruger 7 1/2 ?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      boxes on the stage


      tracking # 9505 5134 8421 0272 3466 45



    3. Texas Ranger McMinn

      Texas Ranger McMinn

      A big thanks to you Cobra Kid.  I'll give you a shout when they get here.


      TR McMinn

    4. Texas Ranger McMinn

      Texas Ranger McMinn

      Boxes came in the mail yesterday.  Thanks again Cobra.


      Best regards

      TR McMinn

  9. got 1100pcs all winchester brass $60 shipped

  10. need 3 ruger vaquero grey boxes for 7 1/2" barrels


    if you have these


    send to




    12141 7th st




    how much shipping about can do paypal or check

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      need your mailing address for postage.


      boxes got here today thanks



    3. Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Just pay this act of kindness forward.

    4. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      will do thanks

  11. If your 45acp are large primer would you consider trade for 1100 pcs all winchester once fired 9mm ?

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      Thanks for the offer but I already have 2000 pcs of starline 9mm.

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      no problem thanks for getting back

  12. your 45acp large primer?

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      Yes, all large primer.

  13. if they are for a 7 1/2" barrel ruger Vaquero


    how much

    1. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Just send me an address and I'll get them off to you sometime this week


    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid



      12141 7th st


      Houston,Tx 77072


      thank you pard

  14. not gold as of 4pm  wednesday3/25/2020

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    2. Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      I truly hope you recieve your money promptly.   I added $5.00 to the transaction to help pay for the shipping to make up for my errors.   Please accept my apology.



      SantaFe Steve (AKA Steve Sivard)

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      got will mail thurs and send you tracking #



    4. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      package on stage


      tracking # 9505 5134 8422 0086 3001 84

  15. I believe the funds have been sent correctly at this time.   Shipping address is:

    Stephen Sivard

    112 Grove Street

    Lodi, Ohio 44254

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      nothing yet


      paypal   rlluehr@yahoo.com


         name   Robert Luehr

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