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  1. btt with price drop
  2. got 1100pcs all winchester brass $60 shipped

  3. got 1100 pcs all winchster brass $60 shipped can do paypal
  4. need 3 ruger vaquero grey boxes for 7 1/2" barrels


    if you have these


    send to




    12141 7th st




    how much shipping about can do paypal or check

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      need your mailing address for postage.


      boxes got here today thanks



    3. Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Just pay this act of kindness forward.

    4. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      will do thanks

  5. If your 45acp are large primer would you consider trade for 1100 pcs all winchester once fired 9mm ?

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      Thanks for the offer but I already have 2000 pcs of starline 9mm.

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      no problem thanks for getting back

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