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  1. Dawg, you're right, I missed taking those off the list! I counted your box twice, I should have gotten everything in there.
  2. Post updated, still have some movies left.
  3. Thanks guys! I will be PMing you for details.
  4. Selling off a bunch of Blu-Rays, and I thought some of them might interest the folks around here. Mostly Westerns and WWII, with some gangster movies and Clint Eastwood movies thrown in. None of the movies include the digital copies, FYI, just the Blu-Ray and DVD discs, where stated on the cover. Buy 2 or more and I'll pay for shipping! Otherwise, $2 shipping if you're only buying one. Westerns: In a Valley of Violence - $5 Hatfields & McCoys - unopened - $10 Clint Eastwood Westerns/War Movies: American Sniper - $5 Gran Torino - $5
  5. Beautiful! I think it would be too big for me (6', 200 lb, probably 42" chest).
  6. I'll take Blackthorn, Tom Selleck Western Collection, Three Amigos just pm for payment

  7. do you still have these?

  8. I've got more brass than I know what to do with, so I figured I'd see if anyone was interested here. This has been tumbled and deprimed (but not re-sized) and sorted by headstamp. I left out any really tarnished brass; this is shiny stuff. 1.) 200 pcs of 9mm, Winchester headstamp - $12 + shipping 2.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Remington headstamp - $8 + shipping 3.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Federal headstamp - $8 + shipping OR all 400 pcs of 9mm, $28 and I'll pay shipping. 4.) 250 pcs of .40 S&W, Winchester headstamp - $33 + shipping 5.) 150 pcs of .40 S&W, Federal headstamp - $20 +
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