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  1. PM sent. And you boys are just jealous of the not breaking down steel or no steel;)
  2. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more interest. Musket length 1873’s are pretty rare. I wish I could step up. Anyway BTT
  3. You are not off on your price. Correct is valuable and a Winchester is rare these days, put them together and you’ve got a super collectible. I have an all correct SA M1 and an all correct Saginaw Steering Gear both correct and I would sell either for what you’re asking. I wish I could afford another. I’d wish you good luck but you won’t need it.
  4. Thank you. I actually found the 44-40 I needed. BCH 4-5/8 barrel w ivory and stock wood grips. I should edit the ad.
  5. It has a can, not a suppressor. It looks like a suppressor and I’m sure that’s intended but it’s only designed to push sound away and possibly reduce/hide flash from shooter. So no need to ship separate.
  6. I am looking for a vaquero in 44-40 4-5/8 barrel to match one I have. I realize it’s a needle in a haystack and May requires some cash with it but really any SASS firearm would be of interest. PM sent.
  7. Finest most balanced shotgun ever. I have left hand from the seventies bought new. Shot a ton through them and about 1990 I sent the 12 back to Remington for a rebuild so tight as new again. Good luck to you sir. Also I believe I saw a stock on GunBroker that, and this from memory so no guarantees, wasn’t too expensive and the wood was in great shape.
  8. I have a New never shot P2A "Patriot" 7.5 inch AR-15/AR-45 45 ACP M-LOK Complete Pistol w/Can and SB1 brace that I received for Christmas. It’s not for me so I’m selling it with the Glock magazine and one ETS clear 30 rd magazine. About $960 in it and I’m asking $700 or trade. No box unfortunately, that got lost with all the boxes and paper on Christmas. I would consider: semi auto hand guns revolvers shotguns rifles SASS OR NON SASS
  9. This pic didn’t turn out. I’ll post new pics later.
  10. I’m trying to get a feel for the value of a pair of Ruger “One in a Thousand” hand engraved by Ruger Institute of Art, sequentially numbered, 45 LC with 5.5 inch barrels and faux ivory grips. Shot very little if any in a glass topped presentation case. I know guns are worth what someone is willing to pay but I’m looking for opinions to see if there’s a high average or should I keep, shoot regularly and basically forget the investment angle. I shoot the guns I own. No safe queens but if I can buy other lovely guns like a 1st Gen colt or a 19th century Winchester then selling is a good idea. Love to hear what you might have to say.
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