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  1. My M & P Xgrips arrived today in perfect, new condition. Thanks for the fast shipping.
  2. I will take the Xgrips for the M and Pc for 20 shipped Do you take paypal?
  3. I can agree wirh the positve reviews for the BX Trigger from Ruger. It takes about 10 min to drop it and it is a huge improvement over the heavier factory trigger. I have two 10-22 s that my son and I have used in Project Appleseed events. Our main upgrades to the rifles were the The BX triggers along with proper slings. They bring the weight down between 2.5 to 3.5 lbs, and make attaining the challenging Rifleman patch much easier. Other friends of mine have also upgraded with the BX trigger and all have been satisfied. I bought mine from Grabagun.com for under 55.00 each (2 years ago).
  4. I will take the Dark Brown holster rig if it will for a Vaquero. Please confirm. Email also sent about the zipcode.
  5. I will take the Texas Ranger slide and the black Leather slide for .38/.357 rounds. I bet we can combine shipping on these. My zip is 75081. Please PM or emailme with the PP details.
  6. I got the first set of size 12 Boots (Boots) from Winter Texan 2 days ago. They were in very nice condition and just as described. He did a great job packing them up and shipped quickly. I am very satisfied and fully recommend trading with WT anytime.
  7. Thanks everyone for the godd suggestions. I agree that you likely wont be happy with cheaply made holsters and rigs. I will certainly check the SASS classifieds often and also start researching the offerings of all the Leather makers you all listed. Thanks for all the help. When I find one I like, I will post some pictures.
  8. I will take the Black Wolf Boots, #14, if the soles are good. Please PM with a picture of the soles amd payment information. I will also email you at the address you listed on other replys.
  9. I am brand new to the SASS and this forum and am glad to finally have become registered. I have many different types of firearms, but for single action, I have five from the Ruger family including three Vaqueros. I often find excellent gear and accessories on other forums, but have not yet find a good source of western rigs, new or used for my Vaqueros. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  10. That cart is amazing and looks to be super functional as well. Of course you can never go wrong with Josey Wales riding along too.
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