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  1. I will look around and see if I still have the info - I think he's in Oklahoma-His Phone-918-321-5128- His work is Phenominal! 700 for 2- barrels from 41/2 to 71/2"- I went through Slick Mcclade-
  2. I've got a set of 4.65 that you could have- 1 needs some work- or- call Snake Oil George and get some like this-
  3. Dillon replaced mine free of charge- about 2 years ago- for 185.00 they will completely rebuild the machine - It cost me 76.00 to send a SL900 to them ups- they sent it back NO CHARGE - Completely refurbished everything new- 0.00 no charge- It doesn't get any better than that- And that's a good deal on a great Machine-
  4. Howdy, most used lifters have been filed / adjusted to fit a certain rifle- best to call pioneer and buy a new one and fit it to the rifle =-I've got a stock uberti lifter ??? you pay the shipping-you can have it Riverdog
  5. More Brass from the loading room- I think this must be once fired-Looks good- all Winchester. Thanks for looking
  6. With smokeless powder you don't need any lube with polymer coated bullets- with REAL black powder you need some sort of lube with a poly coated bullet- I use a over powder wad- then a Wonder wad soaked in SPG or your favorite BP lube - make sure you don't have any space between the wad and bullet, a slight compression 1/16 for goex - some people use fillers to make up the space- ie-grits- corn meal- granulated charcoal- It is alot easier to use a Black powder lubed bullet. Buffalo Bore, Cheycast- I just got some from Cheycast - 400 grain lubed with SPG- 23.00 for 50, I can't make the
  7. Acme Bullets make a 300 grain 45-70 bullet that really works great for me- they are a coated 305, I use them with 50 grains of 2f goex in my trapdoor , for plainsman- very accurate-
  8. 550+ mostly Winchester some pmc 44 magnum brass- I checked every case and found no cracked ones- all in very good condition. These came from a Lady shooter whose husband passed- just trying to help her clean out the loading room- thanks for looking- Riverdog
  9. Starline - took a couple of weeks- but they just got here- they are the best!
  10. these are sold to Deputy Spenser Hawk
  11. The bullets are still for sale
  12. Back up for sale- Selling these for a Lady shooter whose husband passed- also have several hundred 44 mag brass that I'm cleaning up - if interested in the brass you can send me a pm- more stuff to come as we dig it out of the loading room- thank you- These are 150 grain 2nd Chance bullets -
  13. I used to load 14 1/2 grains of WST and 7/8 oz. shot- It worked great for what we do- no problem with Knockdowns - little felt recoil, I liked it because it was very clean burning-
  14. I'll take # 39 - 113 45 schofield brass- 12.00---
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