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  1. Mark the Trapdoor SOLD, please- I'll Take it - Let me know how you want to proceed- Thanks Riverdog
  2. Howdy Creek, I'm Riverdog, sass#88745, in Oregon. I'm very interested in your Trapdoor- could you send me some pictures and tell me a little more about the condition? thank you and Happy New year
  3. Like new , used in 1 match, nice lined gunbelt with 45 loops- Two holsters -one left,-one right, holsters and belt are lined-vey soft and comfortable- Belt is 50 inches and the holes start at 42 and go to 48, I wear a 40 pant and these fit on the firs hole- lots of room to spare= I got these to wear with chaps but didn't use them- good starter rig- made in New Mexico, I believe-more pictures upon request-Thanks for looking!
  4. I will take 5- and you can pm me about the way to pay--thanks!
  5. Let me know if you are taking #5.  I sent PM but not heard back.

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    2. Riverdog


      I will take # 5 thank you, let me know how you would like paid-thanks Riverdog

    3. Sasshay


      Will send PM payment info to you directly.

    4. Riverdog


      Thank you for the great deal on the pants! they got here night before last- your great contact and shipping info is greatly appreciated!

      Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!


  6. What is the maker of the trousers?- what is the length?
  7. I'll take 15 & 17 -let me know where to send -Riverdog-thanx
  8. I have a pair of 4 5/8 stainless barrels off of my sass vaqueros, one has a bad hole for where the ejector housing screw broke-off- needs re-threaded- both are in good shape and were removed by a gunsmith- they are just laying around my loading room taking up space- I'll take 100.00 for both- shipped- or make me an offer- pictures if you are interested-thanks - Riverdog
  9. I'll take it , let me know where to send the gold- I'll go to the post office tomorrow and put a pmo in the mail -Priority-ok? thanks Mr Prairie DAWG! Riverdog
  10. As a matter of fact I am, my pard, has one, and it is a brass frame - that would be great- how much? thanks for the reply, Riverdog
  11. Like it says I'm looking for a Uberti-pietta 1851 navy sheriff model -44 if anyone has one for sale please let me know- we have a new shooter that needs one-- thanks for your time-Riverdog
  12. what is the LOP please - thank you for your time- Beautiful firearm! How does it shoot?
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