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  1. I'll take the Trapdoor- let me know where to send the money and copy of ffl-Riverdog
  2. Riverdog


    willhave to check tomorrow about the shipping charge for the wheels. And will get back with you about the$. Thanks for your interest. My email address is dek537@gmail. Com Last Gun

    1. Riverdog


      I checked on amazon and found a pair for 40.00 free shipping, the shipping would probably be alot for yours- thank you for your time

    2. Last Gun

      Last Gun

      No problem you’re right there quoted a price over $60. Can’t blame you. I’d just like to get them to a cart builder.

  3. I'll Take them wheels- mine keep goin' flat! let me know where to send the gold!
  4. Hey Bob - could I see a couple of pics?-- do you have any 38- 40 brass for sale/?- I could use this for FC Gunfighter
  5. I'd like to buy a pair of 1860 8" or sherriff model Piettas, Let me know what you have- thank you for your time!
  6. yes, ihave a bunch, let me know how much-??
  7. Are the 45 acp all large pistol primer? f they are I'd take 1000 0f the 45s- tell me where to send the money, thank you, Riverdog
  8. Hi Purley, I sent you some pictures let me know if you got them thanks Riverdog
  9. Ive got a pair of Ruger barrels , they are the 4 3/4 stainless off of my new vaqueros- I had them replaced with octagonal 5 1/2. one of them needs to have the ejector housing screw hole re-threaded- ,if interested I can send you pics,I'd let them both go for 50.00 plus shipping-new ones from Ruger are 85, Riverdog
  10. Mine was 17 a couple of years ago- the CDC sent me a letter0 bunch of questions about what I'd been doing- a friend told me to start taking more vitamin c- I now take 2000 mg of vitamin c- every day-my lead was down to 7 6 months ago, I moved the brass polisher out to the garage and only run it with the door open- gloves, facemask, when cleaning brass- I wear a bandana over my face while operating the timer-poly coated bullets, well ventilated loading room. I think the vitamin c is working- good luck!
  11. What size waist, and how long?- Thanks-
  12. I have a very nice Charles Daly 12 Guage side by side, it has 26 inch barrels with screw in chokes, full and modified, single selective trigger, beautiful case color hardening on the breach ,blueing on the barrels is deep blue, bores are perfect 3" chambers have been honed,a great side by side but I don't use it, I think someone might be able to make a good cowboy gun out of it but I don't have the wherewithal or the time- It's been taking up space in my safe for a long time- - It says Charles Daly Made in Spain on the Barrels
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