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  1. I have a box of 250 brand new Starline 45 Cowboy Special Brass, I'd like 65.00 shipped - Its been under my bench for about a year and I don't think i'm going to use it-I think I paid 73 for it- thanks- if you want a pic- send me a pm also have a box of 500 Badman 160 grain RN 45 452 diameter bullets I'll add to the box 40.00- buy them both -100.00 shipped- Thanks, Riverdog
  2. Hi Heck, I'll take 1000 45 acp if you still have it -are they Large primers?? Riverdog
  3. I'll take #1 let me know where t send the Gold!
  4. Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 44 mag., fired very little, safe Queen- 550+ shipping. thank you for looking Riverdog
  5. I have 2 sets of 480 Ruger Dies, 1 set are Hornady the other set are RCBS carbide dies, both are like new in the boxes-also 100 new Hornady 480 Ruger Brass- new sealed box- all for 50.00 shipped- I'll post pictures as soon as I get them downloaded Thank you for looking- Hope somebody can use these=
  6. HOWDY,

    Did it get there??


    1. Rustler, SASS #33316

      Rustler, SASS #33316

      Yes I have it and have been playing with it. Off to the range on Saturday... :-)

    2. Riverdog


      good deal have fun!

  7. I've got a Uberti High Wall 45-70 with a Lee Shaver Soul sight and Hadley eyecup- shoot black, got 3rd place at the Bill Williams bison shoot at Winter Range. It took a couple of hundred rounds downrange to get the barrel broken in, but now I feel it will shoot as good as the high dollar guns, the barrels are made by Pedersoli which I am told are some of the best- I made a few changes to mine , cut the metal crescent butplate off and installed a recoil pad, now I can shoot it all day and not have a sore shoulder- they are really a lot of fun-
  8. nothing yet


    also need shipping inform


    send to   rlluehr@yahoo.com


    if they ask name   Robert Luehr

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Riverdog


      you should be seeing it show up any time- I forgot the u in your email address- SORRY!

      Mark Van Hook

      94315 Orchard lane

      Gold Beach, Oregon 97444

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      package on stage


      tracking # 9505 5103 5251 0083 2956 60

    4. Riverdog


      Thank you, 

      Sorry about the mixup !

      stay well,


  9. Money sent, hope u got it, let me know please,

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