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  1. I'll be sure to find you, I'm just getting into BP and my wife is just getting started in SASS. I need to find her some 1873 pistols in .38
  2. It's been a long month waiting to get to Land Run! Always meeting new folks there, but never a stranger. Posse 1, I hear they will let anyone be in charge of a posse there....
  3. Alright, as the target demographic of this discussion, here are my insights. I started about 3.5 years ago, and I am 32 now. Sure the cost was not awesome, but I found deals, and borrowed. I found the money. Two biggest factors in all this, first off I had not even heard of SASS until my Father-in-Law informed me. I live near Branson, MO and there are 5 clubs in an hour drive. This sport has been very word of mouth, but I don't know how to fix that. Now once I got started, the hinderance to being more active came from schedule. A lot of annual and state matches around
  4. Bear Creek's 4th Annual Battle for Baldknobber's Ridge will be a SASS sponsored 6 stage cowboy match. Join us in scenic Branson this memorial day weekend for the main match and lunch on Saturday, and stick around for even more fun on Sunday. The six stages will be shot on Saturday May 29th. Opening and Mandatory Safety meeting at 9am, shooting to follow. A delicious lunch will follow with awards to fill your bellies and your wagons before you hit the trail. On Sunday we will have a 3 stage Wild Bunch mini-match and a couple of fun side matches. One of which I can't imagine you ha
  5. October is the plan, as I heard it last when I was down there shooting with them. I imagine they will announce dates at Land Run later this month.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it all.
  7. Yeah, that would be my intent if I knew of someone in my neck of the woods. If anyone is in the SW MO area I'm all ears.
  8. I think I would like to get into the Plainsman sidematches, truthfully as an excuse to use my Springfield Trapdoor more. I have no experience with percussion revolvers. If someone can point me to a good start guide, recommendations for revolvers, etc would be most appreciated.
  9. I had a Lee LoadAll 2 in 12 Ga, and loved it. Had a chance to pick up a MEC Grabber used for $50. It took so much work to setup and I had a lot of issues with the charge bar not throwing powder consistently. About 10 gr less sometimes. I still weigh every completed shell off the MEC. Converted the LoadAll to load 20 ga for the wife. The Load All was great and just always worked. I trusted it, I still weigh the MEC loads because I don't trust it. It makes nice shells and the crimp is easier.
  10. You can't go wrong with Kirkpatrick leather. It is some fine craftsmanship. I don't care for some of those out there than cheap out and use elastic that will wear out instead of good ol' leather. Kirkpatrick made my Cowboy and now my Wild Bunch Rig. https://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/
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