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  1. Lee 405HB is the way to go. I have only found one company that sells them, Montana Precision. I would steer you away, the casting is very poor. Cast your own, its pretty easy, and then pan lube the bullets. Don't size them. If you haven't already check out Pat Wolfe's the 45-70 book. Everything you wanted to know and more.
  2. Get the practice in and then come shoot the SouthWest Territorial Champions ship Sept 9-11 at Bear Creek in Branson, MO. https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/StateWB.html
  3. Just under a month until the application deadline! Get those apps in!
  4. Bear Creek Volunteers are proud to be hosting the 2022 SouthWest Territorial and MO State WB Championship September 9-11, in beautiful Branson, MO. This will be a match you won't want to miss! Applications are attached, match details and accommodation information are below. Friday will host Side Matches, including favorites Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy. Ten Wild stages of main match action will be shot across Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening will hold our social banquet and sidematch awards at the Stone Castle hotel. If you are needing a place to stay, we have a new partner with Stone Castle Hotel. They are offering a special room rate for those with the "Bear Creek Volunteers" at $97/night. The rooms are very recently updated and this rate will extend for 3 days before and after should you desire to spend a little extra time in Branson. This seems like a hard deal to beat! https://bransonstonecastle.com/ or (417) 335-4700 You have another chance for the ultimate clean match pin! Last year we missed having a clean match by only a "P" and several single digit miss totals. We are awarding the beautifully engraved '97 shotgun in the pictures down the email. This will be awarded to the fastest clean match in the event multiple clean matches are achieved. All of the most up to date information will be on the website at https://bearcreekvolunteers.com/StateWB.html including round counts (coming soon), and RV camp grounds. Otherwise feel free to reach out to this email or Scratch, his contact info is on the application. SouthWest Territorial Wild Bunch 22 App.pdf
  5. I use that breech lock style for all of my 45/70, 30-06, 308, etc loads and it works great. I shoot 500+ of 30-06 and 45/70 just for CAS/WB alone. Makes very consistent ammo, and lots of flexibility. Get one of the lee hand prime setups and you'll be off to the races.
  6. Hoss, you're not wrong. If they would let me shoot it main match or plainsman main match I would. That trapdoor is just fun
  7. Another source if you want something more custom. https://www.callalilycustoms.com/cowboy-accessories/cowboy-wild-bunch-stickers
  8. Find the Lee 405 Hollow Base mold if you want to recreate army loads, or make a great load in general. I use the 405HB with 70 gr of FFg in my rifle length trapdoor. Works for Plainsman and long range alike. It helped me win the single shot military match at EOT this year shooting 100-300 yeards. highly recommend the 45-70 book, it is a great resource if you are playing with Trapdoors. https://the4570book.com/
  9. I was disappointed to miss the KS state cowboy championship, I'll have to work this into the schedule. Will Plainsman be part of the sidematches?
  10. As Sedalia said, keep your expectations real low. We might see these in 2024.....
  11. Found some purty buckles on my doorstep for Battle for Baldknobber's Ridge.........
  12. Be sure to get your applications in by Friday! This will be a great cowboy shoot, we even have some brand new targets to kick it off!
  13. Man this looks like fun. If I can sort out the ten hour drive with the Mrs.
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