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  1. That makes as much sense as anything.
  2. I have a few plaques and such I would like to hang up and rotate through in my office at home. However with all the sizes and such I am tired of putting holes in the wall. Does anyone have a good adjustable/flexible system for hanging awards?
  3. I have always been surprised and never understood the clubs that shut down for half the year. Any particular reason why? I shoot in Branson with the Bear Creek Volunteers and we shoot year round. I guess part of it is that we are set up for it with decks and covered stages. When it gets cool we pull out propane heaters. I have to agree about the clean up, Capt Baylor's Windex with Vinegar makes it a snap. I think my wife would beat me if I put them in the dishrack.
  4. My club adopted it a couple of years ago at least. It has been great. We do have a club setup in practiscore so all of our matches are associated to our club. It has gotten major improvements in the last couple of years to refine the two SASS divisions to be very well catered to our sport. I guess I don't understand some of the earlier comments, because as opposed to what other clubs around here are using, I can actually see what the misses were per stage and not just have the total time per stage. I have not used in on Apple, but my understanding is the app is much better and gets more regular updates on Android. We just updated our tables, picked up 6 @ $75 each at Walmart. Onn Brand tablets.
  5. Used to live in Salina before I got into SASS, guess I may have to make a visit. Start mentioning Plainsman as a BP category or sidematch and you really have my interest!
  6. Heard that podcast and I thought it went well. I listened to it and oddly enough someone else brought up those big targets as well. This is the 2nd "intro to SASS" podcast I have seen in a few weeks, it is a nifty trend. I did one for the "The Gun Shop Show" Podcast produced by a local gun shop. The exposure is great for the sport.
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