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  1. Black Angus, while I can understand your remarks to a point, I can't say as I quite get the level of frustration. I am not sure how familiar you are with Wild Bunch shooting at a large match, but look at CN Doubles post above. It is not a common thing. We only said fastest to make sure we don't have a pile of people crawling through the match to be clean. A clean state Wild Bunch match is an exception, so this should be a fairly special thing.
  2. Witty or not, it's fact in these parts. I used to work in Kansas for a while and I had the distinct "You gotta show him" reputation. We have a had a couple of dag nabits over the last couple of years at MO state, but this may be just enough to encourage a few to get their front site out of the back of the closet.
  3. This would only be a plan if you had no intent to use this in any kind of long range side match. This is my go-to for BP single shot, and maybe even just for single shot long range.
  4. I shoot an 1884, and my solution is aim at the bottom of the target with the battle sights. It has served me for plainsman and the like. If you haven't checked it out, I would highly encourage to get a copy of the 45-70 book. https://the4570book.com/
  5. That is an interesting thought. I would have to look back to be sure, but in Wild Bunch the few clean shooters I have seen are typically middle-of-the-pack and below the top 10.
  6. Well to be fair a clean match in Wild Bunch is not exactly common, and closer to the exception. Yes, it would go to the clean shooter, and if there is more than one it would go to the fastest of the clean shooters to discourage someone just crawling through the match to be clean.
  7. Would you shoot clean for an Engraved '97? We are under 8 weeks away from the start of the Missouri State Wild Bunch Championship, and we will be awarding one engraved '97 for the top clean shooter! Join us Sept 17-19th, Friday starts with sidematches, including a new 3 stage Doughboy/Teddy Roosevelt match, then 10 wild main match stages across Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will feature a banquet with costume and side match awards. Doughboy replaces your main match rifle with a BAMM rifle, and Teddy Roosevelt replaces the main rifle with a Rifle Cal lever action rifle. For more de
  8. PaleWolf, I was aware they award pins instead of buckles, but I was not aware this was a component of why. Genuinely curious, why is that a factor? Is it just because Plainsman is not a standard main match category? Thanks for the information.
  9. Great to hear, MO is offering it as well for main match. In looking around at our neighbors, I wasn't seeing much else and was curious which direction was the norm, or if there was some reason to not offer it in the main match.
  10. Is there any consensus in offering plainsman category at BP/State BP matches? It seems like a great time for it. Do many clubs/matches offer this? If you're going to shoot black powder, might as well go all out and let people shoot Plainsman. Is having some targets further back the hold up?
  11. Oklahoma Territorial Marshalls have some nifty ones. You might reach out to Elwood James "EJ"
  12. Depending on how you want to jump into it, and since you never reholster your pistol on the clock, there are a variety of options. For the first few years I just used a Galco leather OWB 1911 holster and some cheap leather double mag pouches. Wild Bunch is a great time!
  13. If only I were a little closer and that wasn't our state Cowboy shoot. I would highly encourage you to also post this on the Wild Bunch Wire.
  14. I use the universal laser trainer, at least in my revolvers. fits my wife's 38s and my 45 Colt. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016599029?pid=916810
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