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  1. Not yet, probably this afternoon or tomorrow. Check our website and our facebook page. one may get posted before the other. SPOILER ALERT: Missouri Lefty won first over all. Okaw was first and I was second in Outlaw. And that is about all my feeble brain could retain. Congratulations to all the category winners. And thanks again to everyone who attended. Smoke
  2. Rudy, Thank you for the kind words. You and Lady Cheyenne were great additions to a great posse. Thanks to all the workers and shooters that came together to make this match a success. Smoke
  3. In an earlier post I mentioned feeling like a snowflake tumbling down a hill. Well, I am loaded up and headed to the range in a few minutes and it feels like I am in an avalanche. Yee Haw, what a ride. See you all there. This is Sparta, Smoke
  4. Safecracker, Thanks for the link and the update. Mary, Looking forward to seeing you both there. Entries are really pouring in now, but we have plenty of space. Come on out and shoot with us. This is Sparta, Smoke
  5. Ok everyone we are less than a month away. I have a round count for the 8 stage main match. 80 pistol, 80 rifle, and 32+ shot gun should get you through the main match. Plan on 30 pistol, 30 rifle and 12 to 20 shotgun for the three stage warm up match. I have not seen the stages for the WB side match, but figure on 30 rifle and 18 to 30 shotgun. If past experience holds true bring bunches of pistol ammo, my guess would be 75 should do, but I am bringing more. Hope to see you all there. This is Sparta, Smoke
  6. If you are thinking about signing up but need a little nudge, your entry gets you a chance for a IAC M97 and a Ruger 10/22. Boxes of ammo and shot shells and several other items round out the door prizes. Did I mention every shooter gets a pair of Smith & Wesson shooting glasses by Radians. The match is just over a month away. Do not get left out, years from now you can tell friends you attended the first "SSS". Applications are available on our website kaskaskiacowboys.com This is Sparta! Smoke
  7. Blackwater, Absolutely, while advance notice helps with awards and meals and so forth. We want to accommodate as many shooters as best we can. Come on up and shoot with us. Smoke
  8. You got that right, Noz. It looks like a city all to itself when it is full. If it will help tempt you we are having side matches and a WB match on Friday before the main match. We felt having a one day main match would help minimize the shooter's hotel needs. But I sure understand not wanting to spend most of the day on the road. We sure enjoyed having you. You are welcome back anytime. Smoke
  9. Got some more info for everyone signed up or considering attending "SSS". The theme this year will be "The Magnificent Seven, Then and Now". Most any cowboy is familiar with the 1960 film and I am sure many have seen the recent remake. So sign up and give us your best Steve McQueen or Denzel Washington impersonation. We still have openings available. Information and entry forms are on our website: Kaskaskiacowboys.com This is Sparta, Smoke
  10. "If you are going to shoot....SHOOT, don't talk." Sorry ,just could not resist. That is a great looking rig. Welcome to the fun, Smoke
  11. Thank you gentlemen this is the info I was looking for. I will check them out. Smoke
  12. Griff, Tried google. Like you said lot's of choices came up. I thought asking here might help narrow the search some. Probably should have made that clearer in the first post. Thanks, Smoke
  13. Anyone know of a source for custom made conchos for a project I am contemplating. Thanks in advance, Smoke
  14. Duece did a video loading four from the right/trigger hand that works good for me, when I use a 97. Used method 1 and 3 from the OP before that. Smoke
  15. Thanks for all the kind words, gentlemen and lady! I did not want to respond until I had more info. Applications are available on our website kaskaskiacowboys.com. Thank you, Miss Weev and Shyanne and Mr. Russ. Click the tab for Sparta Summer Shootout for info and link to app. Camping can be reserved at reserveamerica.com. Just got a call with questions about the match. Why do I feel like a snow flake just starting to tumble down a big hill? Hope to see you all there. This is Sparta, Smoke
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