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  1. https://classicoldwestarms.com/product/winchester-1897-ejection-spring-screw/
  2. That chart came from the NAR website. My guess would be that it's a generic schedule which can be used every year, and just hasn't been decoded yet for this year. It has slots for up to 20 posses.
  3. If somebody can convert these posse numbers to the actual posse numbers, we would be able to understand this chart.
  4. I just looked at all the posses (squads on Practiscore). Who are all those people with all those strange names?
  5. If anybody wants to shop for these handy things, they are called Barrel Bolts
  6. Good point. Just like I tell my students when sorting used screws: "if you're not sure if it's garbage, it's garbage."
  7. My wife and I have been saving our empty shotgun shells with the expectation that we will start reloading them at some point. I'm starting to think I might have plenty. I don't know how many times they can be reloaded, or if reloading will actually save me money the way it does with 38 special. We both shoot 4 or more matches a month. We try to go to some big matches when we can. We have almost 10 gallons of federal top gun hulls, and 4 gallons of Winchester AA hulls. How much is enough?
  8. I work at a college, and have been talking with campus police about starting a CAS club on campus. They are all in, and have plans to support this effort with safety training, and storage of firearms. The college president is on board as well. This is exciting, but still in the dreaming/talking phase. When we actually get started, we will have the same purchasing hurdles outlined in the OP. That said, youth clubs could be good a way to plant this sport in the hearts of future generations.
  9. One thing that has not been mentioned. If you own the right timers, Practiscore can link to them using Bluetooth so the score keeper can import the time directly off the timer with the press of a button. It also saves all the split times. I shoot at clubs that use Practiscore, and clubs that use CAS Scoring. I hope that CAS adds this ability to a future version, because it is really nice.
  10. If that's the rifle I saw for sale at Black Gold, it is a thing of beauty. If I had the money I would have bought it in a heart beat.
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