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  1. I started like that. Both of my long guns were purchased in parking lots.
  2. It might be helpful to this thread if you can site, or at least copy and paste, the rules you are referencing. I am not able to find anything to support either of these prohibitions. What am I missing?
  3. Not a common sense approach to that rule. For our purposes Empty means no live or spent ammo present. A chamber flag is an extra step that allows the confirmation of an empty chamber to be made at a glance, or from a greater distance. To argue that it renders the chamber no longer empty is straying far afield of the spirit of the rule.....in my opinion.
  4. Nice engineering @Mister Badly. From what I can see, it looks like the bottom box would probably sit just fine without the zip ties, at least while it's in use. If the zip ties on top were replaced with Velcro straps you could take it apart for transport without cutting (wasting) zip ties. Great job.
  5. I shoot gunfighter now, but started this sport shooting a true double strong side. I had never shot a revolver before, and almost never shot any kind of pistol. When we checked out our first few matches it just made sense to me not to switch hands. Getting started the only real difficulty I recall was remembering which hand was doing what when I first drew a pistol. That "muscle memory" developed fairly quickly. Once I got past that, then I just had all the regular problems that new shooters have..... except for fumbling a hand to hand pistol transfer. I never had that problem. From my experience, I would recommend it.
  6. As has already been said, it sounds like the rule was correctly applied. Rubicon Ryder, whom I believe you shoot with, is an RO instructor, so ask him if you need explanation on the spot. As far as whether or not this is hypocritical, I wouldn't give that another thought. Here's why: During the actual shooting of the stage, down range, well within the 170 degree cone, is where the targets are. It just makes sense to keep the barrel as close to where you are going to need it as you can. Less movement away from where you need it, means less movement to get back on target. That means, you are smoother, and likely faster, than if you pointed the barrel up in the air. You will do yourself a favor by using this as an opportunity to develop good habits. At the same time, you will be avoiding a repeat of this easily avoided penalty.
  7. Yes. Each Unfired round is scored as a miss. Misses can be made up with shotgun. Clean
  8. I've been reloading federal top gun hulls for a couple years now. As @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 suggested, you're going to need federal 209A primers. Those are the hottest primers made, and they will generate pressure fast enough to ignite a lighter cowboy load before unseating the wad and shot. I will also echo Garrison Joe's suggestions on wad (CB6100), and payload (1oz). With those components, I am loading 14.7 to 15 grains of tightgroup. That's probably not the ideal powder for that hull, but it's working nicely, and allows me to use the same powder in shotgun and 38 special. Also, I have not had a single instance of the brass coating tearing loading on my Mec jr.
  9. Anybody who's seen me shoot might have noticed the chicken foot hanging from the barrel of my shotgun. That's one of TW's chicken feet. I hung it there to build up an immunity. It took a full year, but I think I'm immune to the chicken foot gris gris now
  10. Well, we shot a match today with great success in the shotshell department. Both my wife and I used shells I loaded with: 14.7 grains of Titegroup federal 209a primers 1 oz reclaimed shot CB 6100 wad (This is in a straight walled federal Topgun hull). Every shell went bang. Targets fell with relative authority, and it felt smooth on the shoulder. If I can keep a stock of these components, I'm back in business.
  11. DJ Herc, the person credited with the invention of beat mixing (that made it possible for a DJ to provide for literally non stop dancing), had a recording studio. As I understand it, he purchased that number for his studio.
  12. This seems to be a common misunderstanding in this thread. There have been no failures to fire. What has happened is that the primers did not develop enough pressure to fully ignite the powder before dislodging the payload. In your APP loads, like most shotgun loads, there is no empty space below the wad, so it is easy for the primer to build pressure. That is not the case with the load in question
  13. Yes. I got mine from @Bullets By Scarlett
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