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  1. Please stick numbers 2 and 9 in a box and send them my way. Sending PM now
  2. Will that tang sight fit a Uberti 85 high wall?
  3. More solid advice right there. I definitely launched that little ball into the ceiling when I removed my dust cover.
  4. Thank you anyway Kid Death. Hopefully somebody else will see your comment and take you uip on that deal.
  5. While you're at it, stuff #14 100% cotton duster, in that same box
  6. I'm quite certain #17, Horsefly's Old West Clothing frock coat/town coat, needs to come live with me. 37658
  7. That's a nice press and a good setup with the board. Perhaps somebody else will see it and want to take it off your hands. Since my primary plan is for depriming, I'm going with a Lee APP plus their universal case feeder and collator, for around 150 shipped. That said, I guess I'm now going to start biding my time for a good deal on a turret press for loading batches of 38-55. Thanks to everybody who commented (or sent PMs) for all of the thoughts, advice, and offers. You are appreciated.
  8. Depending on cost, I am definitely keeping my options open. Stitcher is getting a high wall rifle so I'll be loading small batches of 38-55 in the not so distant future.
  9. I have not ruled it out. I worry about it hurting my hands, but maybe the mechanical advantage is good enough to avoid that
  10. I'm thinking about stepping up my brass cleaning game by depriming first. I don't want to use my progressive loader and get crud in that resizing die, not to mention whatever falls down into the rest of the moving parts. Seems to me like an inexpensive single stage press is the way to go, but I'm open to other suggestions.
  11. Sorry Smokedawg. You slept too late
  12. I would totally enjoy some eggos.
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