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  1. It's marketing and money. The kids who never saw the muppet show won't miss it. The adults like us, who loved it, will either pay for another channel to watch it, gripe about disney, or both. The show originally aired just before prime time. It was never really a kids show to begin with. They walked a line to appeal to the whole family.
  2. That's it. It was one of those I would know when I heard it.
  3. While somebody else works on the title to that Doors song try this: 400 hogs comes to 800 hams And that's allot of money for a hog raisin' man 400 hogs comes to 1600 feet The market's up and there are people waitin' on that meat
  4. That's The Doors but the song title escapes me
  5. Thanks for all the info and advice I went to work this morning and drilled a hole in an old piece of pvc pipe. I put a piece of tape across so it won't fly out. Worked like a charm.
  6. Looks like the direct route to South River Shootists is a 5 hour drive from my house. Maybe you should just hold on to that puller for me.
  7. How does this Saturday at Tennessee Mountain Marauders work for you? (Can we share rifles with you again?)
  8. I am brand new to reloading (like this evening new). Hypothetically, not that this actually happened, but just suppose I managed to place and crimp 5 bullets in cases with no primers or powder. How should I go about reclaiming that brass? You know, if I had actually done that.
  9. Nope. I could hear it in my head, so I looked it up. Agree. Great band.
  10. I want to say it's the Allman Brothers, but I can't come up with the title. Am I close?
  11. This song just popped in my head. Do you know it? Wake up, got another day to get through now Got another man to see Got to call him on the telephone Got to find a piece of paper Sit down, got another letter to write Think hard got to get the letter just right There's a ringing on the telephone Oh no, got to write a little later No such day as tomorrow, only one two three go!
  12. Leave it for somebody else then. Thank you anyway
  13. If you take payment electronically, I'll take the micrometer lucky 13 please
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