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  1. I was talking about the danger this situation can create, and therefore why it's a rule. You're inferring that a discarded rifle will never have another round fired through it, while at the same time explaining how the jammed rifle I described wouldn't be a penalty. Well, that's true. The shooter can declare a broke gun. The shooter could also be injured as a result of that jam.....a jam that wouldn't have happened if the "minor" safety hazard of the empty shell had been ejected. That's all I'm saying. The minor safety is, as Equanimous Phil pointed out, two steps away from the actual danger.
  2. I'm not convinced. It's a small step for an empty case in the action of a lever gun to find its way into the chamber. Once there it can, and we've all seen this, prevent the next round from chambering. Now you have a live round stuck in the action, ahead of the bolt, and a chance for an out of battery discharge. Remember, this rule doesn't only apply to the last round in the gun. A gun can be overloaded, or not all rounds fired, or a stage could require a rifle reload.
  3. Well..... I saw this happen once. Shooter with a gentle levering action ejects empty case which just goes up a few inches into the air and returns back down into the action causing a stove pipe. In fact, I saw the same shooter eject a shell from her 97 which bounced off the window frame she was shooting through and landed in the ejection port as she lowered it to put in the next shell.
  4. Fretless


    There's one more option, well a variant of option 1. Draw second pistol and load a 6th round before engaging P3, and completing the remainder of the sweep. (Do not decock after loading that round)
  5. Can you explain "rotate" for me?
  6. New plan. I like this answer better than what I posted.
  7. I think walking away with the guns in holsters is a stage DQ, obviously per the rules, but more importantly per the intent of the rule. I will elaborate. When you are carrying in hand a loaded revolver you are rather unlikely to forget that you are walking around with a loaded revolver. That being the case the revolver will get to a safe location. From there the revolver will be carried through the firing line and appropriately discharged. Contrast that with walking around carrying holstered revolvers. We do that all the time between stages. It would be very easy to forget that you are carrying loaded revolvers. At that point is when they become dangerous. To actually answer your question about how I would handle the situation. Ideally, the revolvers would never go to the unloading table. At the point where you became unable to shoot the stage. The revolvers, having not been touched, could be brought directly to the loading table to wait for your return. As a TO I would bring them there myself, or designate somebody else to do so. Thus leaving you free to concentrate on the gun that you need to concentrate on at the unloading table.
  8. Ok. This is my last bump. I'll have these at South East Regionals if they aren't claimed before then.
  9. Max, I'm curious, and would like to see it in person at the regional. That said, don't put off a sale for me. See you in Alabama, Fretless
  10. One full bag, plus a handful. $15 In person, or cowboy express if we can arrange it...otherwise the shipping would be almost as much as the wads. I'll be at the southeast regionals in a couple weeks, and Gunpowder Creek Regulators before that. You can pay me cash when I see you. Edit to add cowboy express delivery option
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