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  1. The Square Deal B has carbide dies. It is my understanding that case lube is not needed for that reason.
  2. I think you nailed the technical term. What struck me was the odd burn pattern on the squib primer. My first thought was that it was defective (and I was told by other shooters that they have more problems with Remington primers than with other brands), but it seemed prudent to examine other possibilities that might be in my control.
  3. not a one. The squib was singular. I did have one primer from that same box fail to fire at all. ( I have not had any light strike issues outside of that Umbrage is far to strong a word...point taken though. The logic just didn't seem right given the number of loads without problem and the method of loading. It sounded like I was being told to disregard the issue and not try to fix something that could be in my control. (read as - something I am doing wrong) 38 special, 105 gr poly coated TCFP, 3.3 gr of CleanShot powder (smokeless). If I should not wet the
  4. Ok. Here are three more examples of the same type of primer as the squib. All of these were successfully fired
  5. I clean with dawn water and vinegar, followed by a hot rinse, and dried in a convection oven to make sure the primer pockets are dried out. The bullet never fully cleared the cylinder. A rod was used to push it back down in order to unload and inspect the pistol. As a result the powder was contained, and the rest of the gun was clean.
  6. Good point. The one on the right, the squib, was (or should have been) a remington primer. The one on the left I pulled out of my depriming cup expecting the same brand since I was near the end of the brick
  7. After my wife had a squib in her pistol some of the more experienced cowfolk told me that I didn't put powder in that one, and not to worry because it happens sometimes. That didn't sit right with me. I'm using a progressive loader (Dillon SDB). It's hard to miss a step on just one cartridge. Anyway, I took it apart and found two things of interest. First, there was indeed powder as I suspected. The pic below shows the second thing. On the left is the primer from a successful shot, and on the right is the primer from that squib. Any thoughts?
  8. If you don't take Deacon Doug's offer, I'll take the leather suspenders. PM headed your way.
  9. After reading this thread on Wednesday, I placed an order with Chey-cast Thursday morning. That ordered was shipped out the same day.
  10. From what I've read, the sleeves being long is period correct. That's the reason arm garters were prevelent
  11. Yes. The issue I was concerned with involved varying OALs while using only one type of bullet (prelubed lead truncated cone flat point). I did not have this issue with coated bullets of the same shape and weight.
  12. I should add that I truly appreciate all the advice I get here and at the range. Even when people tell me something I already know, it helps me get better. It is reinforcing, and helps me evaluate whether or not what I think I'm doing is what I am actually doing.
  13. You make a point, but seem to be making a few assumptions, I'm sure with good intentions of allaying my stress and guiding a new shooter. This is not exclusively pistol ammo, and the variance was causing nearly half the cartridges to be too short to risk in the rifle, not to mention adding the need for me to waste time measuring every cartridge. The focus on practicing transitions/shooting is spot on. That's exactly what my wife and I are doing. Only eight matches into this sport we drove home with a pair of clean match tokens, while our stage times continue to drop.
  14. Thanks for all the good info. Here's the follow-up: I switched back to poly coated bullets this evening. I made no adjustments whatsoever on the loader. The fluctuation from one catridge to the next is now less than 5 thousandths. Let me say that again. No changes in setup. No adjustments on the loader. With the lubed lead bullets cartridge lengths were fluctuating by as much as 4/100, and with the poly coated they are fluctuating less than 5/1000. Other than maybe the wax lube causing inconsistent grip/pressure between the bullet and the case, nothing else makes
  15. I have no idea. It was used, and already set up for 38 special. I have whatever was in it. That said, I haven't changed bullet shape, and the variations I'm getting in OAL are all using the same box of lead prelubed bullets.
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