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  1. Welcome! I have had great success with El Paso saddlery. Easy to work with, nice product and historically accurate. I prefer that to more modern speed rigs. Good luck!
  2. Thanks Rooster, its a long shot but figured I would check.
  3. Anyone have a 32 conversion cylinder for an 1849 repro? Not sure if Howells or Krist still make them?
  4. Thanks Cyrus, that is very generous of you!
  5. Thanks for the tips. Recently did a full strip and clean.
  6. Thanks! The rifle is a winchester 94, born around 1906. Solid old girl but i am never going to use it for hunting, so just the occasional fun shoot. As for powder I need to get some, but have a bit of bullseye right now.
  7. So a friend gave me a bunch of 30-30 components he found in his shop. Lots of brass and 3 different grained coated bullets, 135 gr, 155gr, 165 gr. Which would be best for a lighter target load? Thank ya kindly
  8. Pair of lightly used Chinook Rancher insulated pull on boots. Men's size 8. Comfortable and durable. $45 shipoed
  9. Howdy Warden! That is quite the endorsement! I have never shot one but I tend to like the weird and obscure. I do love my SAA, but also like to mix it up. I frequently shoot both 1858 and 1875 Remingtons as well as an 1860 army with Navy grips. I would love a Merwin Hubert, but this might be a fun one and more attainable. I would get the cylinder and shoot cartridges with it.
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