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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate hearing from those who have been there, done that. CS
  2. Do shotgun shells with a roll crimp shuck easier/more reliable than those with a folded crimp? Or does the rolled crimp swell out when fired and keep the shell from coming out of the chamber? Advise would be appreciated. Crusty Steve
  3. Photo Shooter, The 9mm brass is mixed once fired and previously reloaded. Also mixed head stamps. It has all been tumble polished. Crusty Steve
  4. 9mm brass for sale. All brass, not plated. 500 pieces for $26.00 shipped. 1, 000 pieces for $45.00 shipped. 5,000 pieces available.
  5. Yellowhouse, The run on 9mm is not hard to understand. Lots of first time gun owners, and 9mm is the most popular centerfire handgun caliber. Long time 9mm owners know that with the increase in gun sales and the current social tension, there would be a run on 9mm so they bought what they can when they can. The first time owners want something they can keep with them for personal protection and there were a lot of 9mms for sale before the pandemic and the riots. I agree that an AR or shotgun would be preferable to a 9mm if you had to defend yourself, but taking your AR or shotgun to Walmart to buy toilet paper might get you more attention than to want. If you have one gun, as a lot of people now do, you need one you can have with you. Yea, I know training and practice are needed, but when people are scared they don't always think things through. Crusty Steve
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