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  1. Hey Abilene Slim, I already said that. Just kidding, you're right. My recalcitrant 87 has forced me into trying roll crimping. Rev. Chase
  2. Howdy Lucky, Hey! You stole my idea. Just kidding. I also use the sheet pan, but just put a cork in the hole. By the way, why does someone name "Lucky" need the pan anyway? Rev. Chase
  3. Howdy Again, Things are simpler now. You can use any bathroom or SASS category based on the gender you "identify" as. Rev. Chase
  4. Howdy Scarlett, We've never met, so first let me thank you for your support of the CT Valley Bushwackers. I believe that you'ed be welcome to shoot any category you want. You should go ahead and do it if you enjoy that style of shooting. I shoot Classic Cowboy. I know that I'll always be well below the top shooters, but I grew up with Hoppy, Gene, Roy and a bunch of other movie cowboys and they always shot Classic style. That's how I want to shoot. Often I'm the only shooter in the category but I enjoy myself and if I get lumped into Duelist, that's OK, too. Shoot how you want and enjoy yourself, Rev. Chase
  5. Howdy Abilene, Regarding shucking shells from an SxS, I think you may be right. More significant to '87 shooters, my limited experimentation seems to indicate that the shorter shells without the extra length of the crimp "fingers" work much better given that the '87 was originally designed for shorter shells. I realize that new Chinese versions have longer chambers, but the action does not seem to have been modified for the longer shells. The above is based on a little experimentation and a lot of surmise by me. So, do your own homework and consult a real expert. Rev. Chase
  6. Howdy, FYI: I have used straight vinegar to remove blueing on guns in the past. It works very well if that's what you want to do. Never used the Windex/vinegar for cleaning (don't shoot BP anymore, but that's another story). Rev. Chase
  7. Just started shot shell reloading last ;year with Clays. I have not seen any shown as available anywhere. Any one heard anything. Maybe it's all going into Ukrainian ammo. Rev. Chase
  8. Hey Nickel City, Are you calling traditional hammer side locks "musket style" locks? In my (questionable) experience, most hammer doubles have side locks. A few (older Remingtons and very few others) have the hammers in the receiver. I have 3 hammer guns of different makes and vintages and all have side locks. Feel free to chime in and educate me.
  9. Hwdy , My first thought was like Largo's, but then I remembered that this was about revolvers. If the case rim is in spec and the space between the cylinder face and the frame around the firing pin hole is within tolerance the shoulder shouldn't make a difference (except if the shoulder is too far forward to allow fully chambering). To be honest, I don't shoot or know much about the "/40" cartridges, so feel free to show that my thinking is all wet. For what it's worth, Rev. Chase
  10. Howdy Col. I recently started reloading 12 ga. I got a good used MEC Jr. It works great when set up right and can make plenty of shells for a cowboy shoot. Forget interchangeability, get one for each gauge. Rev. Chase
  11. A great looking example. I use a battered example as my "illegal" Wild Bunch shotgun. I know, but made before 1912, I also use a Luger. I never shoot near the top of the posse, but I have fun and don't even care if I'm disqualified. My club is a great bunch and are very inclusive as regards interesting firearms. Rev. Chase
  12. Thanx All, Especially Warden for the tutorial. I will have to try your trimming method. Rev. Chase
  13. Howdy H.K., Above you said that you run the 2 1/2 inch shells through your MEC and get a good roll crimp. Do you get roll crimp from the final crimp station on the press or do you add the roll crimp as a separate step off the press? I already have the separate roll crimp die, shell clamp and drill press. Although it would be good to know I can do it all on the press. Rev. Chase
  14. Howdy YC, What Randy said. Plus, for the reasons he said, Starting with a 12 will probably make finding a reasonably priced gun a bit easier. If you find down the road that you still want a 20, trading or selling the the 12 to another cowboy will likely be easier than a 20. Just my opinion and worth every penny you paid for it. Rev. Chase
  15. I am in serious need of adult supervision. I currently have a good load that runs through my MEC and most of my shotguns. Here's the problem, I have discovered that my '87 much prefers shorter, roll crimped shells. The Question: Can I use my regular load (Clays, plastic wad etc.) but roll crimp (with over shot wad) in shells that have had the fold crimp section trimmed? It would make life real easy if I can load without changing my MEC setup then crimp on the drill press. Help, Rev. Chase
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