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  1. OK. Step aside so I can beat this dead horse. First, I may be misunderstanding the original question, so here is my scenario: first sixgun has been emptied and holstered. Second sixgun has been drawn and aimed down range. Third, the shooter has one of those Rugers (I don't have one of those) that frees the cylinder when the loading gate is opened and rotates the cylinder to the empty chamber. Forth, he/she closes the loading gate and finishes the sixgun part of the stage. Any thoughts?
  2. Come on guys. We've all been locked down for too long. Let's have a little fun and at the same time acknowledge that we do have some basic rules to the game (and it is a game). Further, I agree that we don't need any additional categories. we have more than enough now. And let's now for get the primary rule that comes right after "Safety". Thats "have fun".
  3. Come on, man. I was making a joke as I have no idea what category that would fall into. Maybe if they create a steampunk category. I also doubt that one can safely set the hammer between the cones on a LeMat. By the way Coffinmaker, a broomhandle with stripper clips would be fun for wild bunch ( I know, but it would be fun.) I do think that it's a good idea for locals to provide a little wiggle room for new comers. My club has a category for a single sixgun for newbies starting to build their arsenal.
  4. How about loading all 9 (hammer between cones) and the SG barrel and shooting all 10 pistol targets? A local club might allow that for fun.
  5. I have no idea what that is, but I'd bet along the lines of Phantom's idea. In any event, I think it is very cool. Any idea what it is chambered for?
  6. Howdy Dutch, Does the carbine have the tang safety? Reverend Chase
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