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  1. Nice minimalist cart. I have the same wheels on my (homemade) cart. got them off a jogging baby carrier that I got for free on the street. great for off road work. Rev. Chase
  2. Thank You Charlie, Somebody finally acknowledged the importance of the "jingle, jangle, jingle". Ren. Chase
  3. Howdy GoWest, Didn't miss the comment. it prompted my second comment. I agree with you. You know what they say about guys with small rowels. Rev. Chase
  4. My thoughts on spur rowels were apparently at odds with some posters. That said, since my spurs are for cowboy shooting events, no horses were harmed in the usage of my spurs. For appearance (at cowboy shoots only), I like decent sized rowels, especially Mexican spurs. I have left the rowels that came with my spurs in place with a couple of exceptions. I didn't like the cheesy rowels on some spurs so I replaced them with good sized Mexican pesos. I refer to those as "safety spurs" as they have no points on them (some say: "there is no point to them".) I should point out that nobod
  5. Howdy Popcorn, When it comes to rowels, the bigger the better. And make sure that they "jingle, jangle, jingle" Rev. Chase
  6. Howdy Mancino, I've heard it said that it helps to have identical grips on the two six-guns, but I think that is a personal choice. If you want to be really fast that may be a good idea. If you like cowboy era guns you might have a bunch of different makes, shapes and sizes. Apparently, I am not grip sensitive. I regularly mix and match Colt 73's, an Opentop, a Dragoon conversion, a Rem. 58 conversion, Schofield and enjoy the variety. I should point out that I am glacially slow, but I'm in this game for the fun. I also regularly win Classic Cowboy at my club (when I'm the only shoo
  7. Howdy Shotgunners, I don't shoot BP anymore and I don't load shotshells, but I found this thread interesting. Am I missing something. I haven't seen any mention of cleaning/washing fired brass shotshell. My limited understanding of BP cartridges is that they need to have the fouling washed out after shooting. I have considered going to brass shotshells for my 87. Am I right? Rev. Chase
  8. Howdy Fellas, I have a Gary Barnes converted 3rd model Dragoon in .45 Colt. I just shoot regular cowboy loads in it and it is loaded with style points. It's HEAVY, and its hard to stop when shooting sweeps and it really weighs down the gunboat, but it is a hoot and I love it. That being said, I have never considered "magnumizing" it. Rev. Chase
  9. Sad News. Rush passed away this morning. I'm sure many of us here loved and respected him. Regardless of anyone's personal opinion, he leaves a huge legacy and will be blessed by millions. We will never see his equal again. Reverend Chase
  10. If you remove the trigger guard, you may find another screw going up through the trigger plate (in addition to the one under to opening lever.)
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