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  1. Howdy Peepers, No windage on the Lyman. For my 73, my mid sight on the barrel was on, so I put on the Lyman sight and screwed down the staff until I was looking through the aperture at the rear and front sight. Then I shimmed under one side of the sight until the peep, mid sight and front sight were aligned. then ran the peep up for 100 yds. It's dead on (won a number of cowboy long range matches with it}. That's all I understand about what I know about it. Reverend Chase
  2. I seem to remember that some fancy shotgun site listed a rubber gizmo that attached to the rear of the trigger guard. The sight also sold fancy stuff like those hand guards that slip over the forend of an sxs and other expensive English stuff. I don't remember where I saw all this stuff as I either didn't need or couldn't afford any of it. Rev. Chase
  3. While I hate to disagree with anyone here (Rye), I can't agree that one should not go to a shoot or two to watch. I and the clubs I shoot at always recommend at least one visit before participating. Understanding the safety procedures, load and unload tables, etc. is probably best learned before trying one's hand at the sport. It's also good to see what guns people are using.
  4. Howdy Doc, I'd like the 40 bag. I PMed you. Thanx Rev. Chase
  5. Howdy Dawg, Why don't you shoot it for a while with the long barrels. You might like is. I'll bet long barreled shotguns were a lot more common in the old west than the stubby coach guns. As a bonus, that long barrel gets you that much closer to the knock downs. Reverend Chase
  6. I'd shoot the gun as made for a while. You might like it as is. Photos from the old west that show shotguns invariably show long barrels. The extra weight and length might make you a nanosecond slower, but you can worry about that later when you have a better idea of exactly what you want. Reverend Chase
  7. You will be the envy of everyone at the next barbecue. Great job
  8. Howdy, What Jenny said. I have a 58 conversion and the prior owner had small slots to show the rims of each chamber. Just the rims. easy to see the brass on 5 and a black slot. Show that it sits to the left of the top strap. Cock the hammer and it rolls under the hammer. Lower the hammer on the empty chamber. Rev. Chase
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