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  1. Hey Dawg, I’ll take them all. If you’ll be at Stoney Bottom next week I’ll hand ya cash there if that works. Thank You.
  2. I used to do a lot of trapshooting. Went through tens of thousands of Federal primers with no remembered hiccups with the 209a. Im still loading them in my cowboy 12ga with my lighter trap loads. My Stoeger hasn’t had any issues. However, I’m not shooting BP. However I do have federals for my BP muzzleloader. Fwiw, My trap loads we interchanged whatever primer we could buy cheapest. Federals and Winchester’s were the most reliable.
  3. Great shoot it was! Even with the one stage that was written differnt than I thought it shoulda been shot. @Badfinger & Sassythe cobweb award was sposed to before the shooter who slung the most cobwebs from his gun barrel and got them to stick to the targets.
  4. Yul, I understand the feeling. Be cautious that depression doesn’t set in on you. Seriously, the best remedy is to force yourself to be around some like minded friends. A Cowboy match would be a great place to be, ESPECIALLY the people! I’m not much for public crowded places either, but really do something to socialize with friends face to face! The change in your mood will get better.
  5. I’m planning on being there! Just curious, since some people appreciate accumulating the “ special” awards, will there be a ribbon for the shooter who plasters the first target with the most cobwebs? Oh yea, asking for a friend, lol.
  6. What’s the call, or how do you proceed, when the shooter picks up rifle and fires 9 rounds, grounds open rifle, takes hands off rifle, TO/gallery shouts 1 more, shooter picks up rifle, closes action fires round and hits target, grounds now empty rifle properly and finishes the stage properly with remaining guns?
  7. Renegade Plowboy


    Thanks for the reply’s and clarification folks.
  8. Renegade Plowboy


    My understanding is that if a loaded long gun, live round in chamber even if action is open, leaves the shooters hand(s) at that point it becomes a SDQ. I forgot to add the part of the long gun leaving the shooters hand(s) in my previous reply. If this is the case, than yes the location of the live round does make a difference even before the next gun is fired. SDQ situations are not correctable. If my understanding is incorrect, can someone please clarify? Thank You.
  9. Renegade Plowboy


    Y’all forgot one important detail about the round in the rifle, where was it? Was the rifle grounded open or closed? Did any part of the round make it into the chamber, even if the action was open? If any part of the round started to enter the chamber, than the round is considered chambered, even if it was left open. SDQ if any part of the unfired round made it into the chamber.
  10. Using a 550 is like running 4 single stages at the same time. The manual indexing isn’t a problem, actually I like that fact when it comes to fixing an oops. It’s simple. I don’t run a case feeder. I haven’t ran a 650 or 750 to compare yet, but I’m pleased to have my 550. Put the extra $ for the 750 twirls your second caliber conversion. You like that a lot feature more than the upgrade. If you you ever decide to upgrade from the 550 to a 750, the 550 will still be worth what you paid for it to another pard. Dillion presses hold their value.
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