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  1. Saturday night fellowship gathering at a friends house is where I met the guy that introduced me and invited me to CAS. Some of us had gathered early and were shooting most any gun except lever actions and revolvers. Multiple AR’s were among the mix, some bolt actions, as well as multiple flavors of semi autos from pocket sized to full sized. Later in the evening we were all sitting around the fire and conversing over the guns we all had been shooting when a CAS shooter showed up with a 1911 on his hip and chimed in about CAS. I was instantly intrigued and after a question or two the “all you need is a hat, long sleeves, jeans, and boots and I’ll supply all the rest if you wanna try it out” offer was made. I was hooked before I fired the first shot back in 2017. I don’t get to shoot quite as much as I’d like yet, but I have my guns and working on my attire. Unexpected BONUS, the friendship I have with the guy that was bold enough to stand out different in a crowd of semi auto enthusiasts and talk CAS.
  2. Another recommendation for Slater. Bought a new Silver Eagle from him and had it slicked up before I ever touched it. Loved it so much that I took my basic blues model to him and had him work that one over as well. Flat out fantastic! As a bonus, he’s a great cowboy to chat with!
  3. Dillion 900 (the shell feeder is awesome addition) Ponsness Warren. AWESOME machine RCBS The Garand, excellent machine Those are my choices over the 366 your using, and I’ve used them all with multiple thousands of rounds through them including a 366. The Dillion ( bought used) has the fewest through it but it’s a KEEPER! Even Dad has upgraded from my PW to my Dillion now, because of the shell feeder. Lol. He shoots a lot more trap than me now, but yea as a family we have shot a lot of trap over the years.
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