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  1. You tube has many videos comparing and loading cartridges and shot shells for you to browse. Dillion Precision has free videos on there site on setting up and running their reloaders. My opinion since your doing so many calibers is go with a Dillion because of the simple toolhead design and changeover between calibers. I have a 550 and simply love it. While yes it’s manually indexed, it’s just about foolproof and runs like 4 single stages. Learning to reload cartridges was a bit different for me coming from shotshells. The ease of the 550 has made that an easy to learn transition. Best thing that happened for me in cartridge reloading was the guy that introduced me to CAS had me over and showed me how to reload on his 550 first. Talk about shortening up a learning curve!
  2. Hot diggity! Keep us posted on shoot dates. That place is a flat out Amazing shooting sports complex!
  3. Absolutely fantastic day to shoot! Awesome to be back on the range! Great job to everyone on a fantastic shoot!
  4. Thank You Heck. Please package them as you see fit and let me know how many you get in the box, and the total and I’ll get payment on the way. Thank You.
  5. Good Morning Heck Know. I’m curious, how many cases can you get in that medium flat rate box, is it just 1,000 or can it fit a few more? Please let me know what fits, as I am interested in 1,000 cases at least. I’d prefer at least 80% brass, but some nickel is ok also. Thank You!
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