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  1. My son Lando Hawk has acquired an 8 MM Mauser. But he is leary of shooting it with out it being inspected by a good gunsmith. Any suggestions for this type of gun? Willing to ship. Ty.
  2. Big match little match. But when u have world champions at your small monthly match. Not only do u get to watch close up. You get to ask questions. And I am a no body. Maybe he thinks he is to. What I do know is he put in the time, effort and money to stand on that stage. Maybe one day I will to. But for now I like being with people that mostly can pass a background check off a 4473. I know they will not shoot back at me. And will shoot back with me.
  3. I’m not sure where it is going in the safe. Sold. PM follows. It appears you can not receive messages. My email is bob121bcso@aol.com. Ty
  4. I think we all understand that. Could u share your distributor contact info? Ty!!
  5. Spenser;

    Haven't heard back from you did you get my message?


  6. u stilllooking for 12g brass shells. finally found them. I think we met at last stand 2 years ago. will ship them, cop to cop...let me know..email me at ..bob121bcso@aol.com Deputy Spenser Hawk

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