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  1. Does that mean I get to stab somebody.....................................................again?
  2. Well it looks like the problem was self induced and has now been solved. When making minor adjustments I guess I had moved the seating/crimping die too far down. Too much crimp was causing cases to bulge ever so slightly. I backed the die off a quarter of a turn and rounds are dropping into and out of the case check gauge like butter. Thanks to one and all.
  3. I'm not 100% sure what you're describing? How do you use the other end of the case gauge to align the bullet? And if that turns out to be the problem, what on my press do I need to adjust/fix?
  4. My angel of a wife gifted me an entire bedroom for a weight room and another for a gun room. If I don't keep both of them clean she'll crack me upside the head with my own barbell and then shoot me with one of my own guns. I'm not sick, just scared.
  5. I should have mentioned in the OP that I gave up lubed bullets a LONG time ago. First I was using Bear Creek moly coated but have since switched to the Hi Tek coated. I'll still clean all dies but I doubt there's lube build up in them.
  6. I've loaded thousands upon thousands of rounds on this press with these dies and only experienced this problem recently. For that reason I have a feeling it's either dirt/gunk, one of the dies has come out of adjustment or maybe one is simply worn out. I'm going to try all of the above suggestions one by one until I isolate the problem. Thanks to one and all. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Yep. I plan on bringing out a friend on Saturday. Thanks.
  8. This SHOULD be a newby question but I find myself needing to start from scratch. For some reason my reloads are not fitting in my case checker. Some get hung up with about a 1/4' still sticking out and others I can't even get started. It's darn near 50% of my reloads. Rounds are 38 Special loaded to an overall length of 1.50". I'm using a Lee combo seating/crimp die in a Dillon 650. This is happening with bullets from two different well known and respected suppliers whom I've used for years. I can't see any abnormalities in the finished rounds but they won't fit in the case checker. It's getting VERY frustrating. Soooooo, how do you do an initial set up of seat/crimp and how do you troubleshoot if your rounds aren't coming out right?
  9. I REALLY need new glasses. I thought that said shoot the kids.
  10. We do have ourselves a blast, don't we
  11. Depends on who you ask. The Earps would probably say yes. Johnny Ringo? Maybe not so much.
  12. Cowboy. We're talking cowboy shooting here. None of that modern stuff.
  13. You and I both have a problem here. My problem: I can't argue with anything you said. Your problem: I don't need to hit you. I'm sure Desert Scorpion would LOVE to do that for me.
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