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  1. Posse 32 was instructed more than once in VERY clear terms all long guns had to be staged flat on the table. No part on the board. Side note: As a right handed SxS shooter I had no problem staging both in good positions to be easily picked up. Yes, there could have been more room. But what was there was perfectly acceptable.
  2. I'll be breathing down your neck. I'm on posse #32.
  3. What's it worth to you for us NOT to tell her you said that?
  4. I've heard the initial cost is very low, but the 18+ years of maintenance is outrageous.
  5. I haven't heard anything about it but I'd sure understand it. Imagine all the extra labor required having to do everything upside down.
  6. Here's a thought out of left field. Eliminate the Spirit of the Game penalty but bump the procedural penalty up to 20 seconds. By doing that you allow the shooter to dump any remaining rounds on a single target without having to be the Amazing Kreskin to figure out why they did it. But at the same time, there's no way they can outshoot the penalty.
  7. For my own education as a TO, how should the do it differently in the future?
  8. I've had the levers bent on both of my SKBs. In addition to reducing the distance your thumb has to travel to get to the lever, this mod also puts your thumb into a mechanically stronger position to open the lever.
  9. That seems backwards. Isn't most of the reason for cleaning the cases to prevent damage to your dies?
  10. Oh great. You gonna be like Lumpy with the prank calls at all hours of the night?
  11. Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? I nailed that landing. Got ripped off by the Russian judge though.
  12. You sure nailed that. As a Double Duelist I SHOULD be able to reholster the first pistol and be grabbing my next gun while shooting the second pistol. Far too often I mess up the first step, reholstering the first pistol. Oh yeah, more than once. Only two months late? Dang, I'm doing better than I thought.
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