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  1. Pulp just reminded me of a good one. Adjustable sights should be allowed/outlawed in all categories.
  2. But the above picture leads to the question, is it really a hit if it doesn't strike the face of the target? That's always good for a few laughs.
  3. Another thread just reminded me: Silly stuff on the clock vs off the clock
  4. You have to say it on the clock
  5. Henry Big Boy More difficult stages to slow down those gamers Is the term "gamer" a compliment or insult? What exactly does Phantom mean when he says "Oy"?
  6. Don't agree with him. Even if he's right, don't agree with him. He's already insufferable enough. Agreeing with him just makes it worse.
  7. If I have to agree with Phantom it pains me. If I have to agree with Creeker it also pains me. Having to agree with both of them on the same day in the same thread has me on the verge of Hari Kari. Dale, I absolutely 100% know what you’re trying to say, you just chose your words poorly. I quoted the offending section. I’ve only been in SASS for about 10 years but I’ve never EVER seen a match’s difficulty change the final rankings. I’ve shot with Creeker all of those 10 years and I can confidently say the same for him. I’ve never shot with Phantom but I’ve conversed with him enough that I’d bet my next paycheck he’d say the same. If you say you’ve seen it happen I’m certainly not going to call you a liar. But rest assured I’m going to take it with a grain of salt.
  8. Okay, we're on the same page. It's funny, I look back at some of the stages I wrote about 10 years ago. I was brand new to SASS having come over from the modern shooting disciplines like IDPA, IPSC and such. I wanted my stages to be challenging because that's what I liked. If I saw stages like that today my first thought would be to look for a rope to hang the stage writer.
  9. I'm not picking on you at all NNV, but this statement has always puzzled me. What exactly does it mean to give shooters a chance? Every single match that has ever taken place the shooters had the chance to shoot clean. But they made the decision as to whether or not that was their priority. Barring a firearm malfunction I could clean ever match I ever go to. It's my choice to speed things up and take the risk of eating a miss or three. The size and distance of the targets along with the complexity of the stage description will obviously change the ease of which a stage can be cleaned, That doesn't change the fact that all shooters have a chance to shoot clean.
  10. I don't want to hijack the other thread so here we go. I think judging a match's quality based on a random percentage of clean shooters is a fool's errand. In my ever so humble opinion the quality of a match is based on the amount of fun the shooters have. Why else are we out here other than to have fun? (Which includes being with friends.) Is that how you judge a match? If so, what constitutes fun for you? What brings you back to a particular match year after year?
  11. Gee, I always thought it was the shooter's responsibility to make that risk/reward decision. I never knew it was the job of a match director. I learn something new every day.
  12. Good luck. In a previous life I was stationed in CA. The ability to get a CCW depended entirely on the political leanings of the sheriff in your county. LA or San Francisco? Snowball's chance in Hell. But like I said, good luck. (Sincere. Not sarcasm) P.S. Publicly I can neither confirm nor deny that I legally carry 100% of the time.
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