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  1. Skip everything else and get to Ben Avery as fast as you can. Everything you want to see and do is there.
  2. Shooting Bull


    I’d tell you but I don’t think we’re allowed to use that kind of language on The Wire.
  3. It didn’t start out that way but it’s what the thread is about now. I think I’m safe from ever being bit by this penalty. I’ve never been fluid in my life.
  4. Those top shooters aren’t looking for dramatic differences. They’re trying to shave off tenths and even hundredths of a second.
  5. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.
  6. So far people are focusing solely on the leaning part of the question, but that’s only part of my OP. What about the other part where I’m shooting while moving from one shooting positions? If both feet are planted but my upper body continues to move, is that a penalty?
  7. If you’re interested in the beginning of the conversation you can find it here: Shooting on the move - Definition Since I don’t want to hijack my own thread I’m starting this one to ask a follow on question. The other thread started off talking about foot movement. As the conversation progressed we sort of opened the can of worms with regard to upper body movement. It seems some folks believe you can have both feet firmly planted but if your upper body never stops moving you earn yourself a SDQ. Are they correct? I’ve seen and been guilty of leaning toward the next shooting position while I fire the last couple of shots out of pistols, rifle and shotgun. If both feet are planted does leaning alone earn a SDQ? Sometimes when doing this one foot comes off the ground. Is that a SDQ?
  8. First and foremost, Shooter’s Lube has two products, a solvent and a lubricant. I’ve never used the lubricant so can’t offer an opinion. The solvent? I LOVE it! Best parts cleaner I’ve ever used. Cuts through crud like crazy with no obnoxious smell. I know Hoppes #9 is supposed to be the nectar of the gods but I’ll never go back to it. Shooter’s Lube from here on out.
  9. This is is what I currently use
  10. That’s what I was taught also.
  11. That’s odd, I had always heard the exact opposite.
  12. I think there’s a major shoot going on down in Yuma. I’d bet he’s probably there.
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