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  1. I've been using Frankford Arsenal for years. Absolutely love it.
  2. I'll throw in another vote for laser checkering/engraving. Laser is deeper so gives you a better grip.
  3. First I'm going to give you my opinion. Don't use weighted hulls for practice. You can get away with poor shucking technique with weighted hulls and that's NOT how you want to practice. Empties force you to use good technique which is what you're practicing for. Second I'm going to give you another opinion, just bite the bullet and buy them from Palo Verde Gun Works. They're fantastic practice rounds which will outlast any you make yourself.
  4. I've recently upped my load to 4.0 grains of Trailboss under the 125 grain bullet. I don't notice any change in recoil and haven't had problems with any knock down targets I've come across with either pistols or rifle.
  5. Just to be clear, I have never carried handloads in my self defense guns. Most logical advice I've ever heard is to carry what your local PD carries. This makes sense to me for a number of reasons so this is what I do. (Although I stand by my statement that I would "if I needed to". ) As to Mr Ayoob's story. I haven't followed him in a very long time. Back when I did his advice seemed logical but I didn't hear him give any examples of this being used by prosecutors. It was him saying it COULD happen. Has it ever happened? Seems pretty likely. Will it happen in the future?
  6. Yeah, he was the one who started the RUMOR that you should never use reloaded ammo in a self defense situation. His reasoning being that an unscrupulous prosecutor could use that as proof of a less than stable mental state. Problem is he's never once been able to show that having been done in real life. I don't carry handloads myself, but I wouldn't let Mr Ayoob's advice deter me if I needed to.
  7. I sure hope not since I've been doing it for a decade.
  8. Not 100% what you're looking for but Taylor's has a '73 pistol grip where the back half of the barrel is octagonal and the front half is round.
  9. I believe the highlighted text above shows you're missing the point. Creeker and I feel the same way about matches so I'm going to include him in this opinion. Neither one of us are chasing numbers, we're chasing fun. And more important than US chasing fun is our customers chasing fun. When we put on matches we want the maximum number of people to have the maximum amount of fun. Yes, top shooters will always win. That was established years ago. That's also not the point. Targets don't get set up to cater to top shooters. Or at least they shouldn't be. I'll repeat myself
  10. Meaningless to whom? I believe this is one of the most family friendly shooting sports in existence. Why? Far and away the number one reason has to be the people in SASS. But I believe 2nd place goes to the matches themselves. The entire family, no matter how skilled, can have fun at our matches. My last belief is this is Creeker's point. He's not saying HE feels like John Force etc. He's saying shooters of lower abilities get to have more fun because the match itself is fun instead of being punishing. Look at Still Hand Bill's post. Not one single clean shooter for an entire match?
  11. What you described is exactly why I'm a member of SASS. I won't name names so as not to steal Oklahoma Dee's spotlight but I've seen this a number of times. My second match ever was relatively big, it was the club's annual. Early on I watch someone moving from one shooting position to another carrying a loaded gun. Along the way his shoulder his a post and caused him to turn and sweep the folks at the loading table. MDQ. He did exactly as you described. Went to the unloading table and followed proper protocol. Put his things away in his gun cart and continued to perform posse duties for
  12. And THAT is one of the many reasons SASS is so popular with families. When everybody is having fun then everybody is having fun.
  13. I've since changed my recipe. I now use a combination car wash/wax instead of Dawn. The wax adds lubrication which greatly helps the brass run through the dies easier. It also helps preserve the shine. I also got rid of the Scrubbing Bubbles and the stainless steel pins from my tumbler. I now use Strat O Sheen. It's a burnishing compound that gets the brass just as clean and shiny but without the bother of having to separate pins afterwards. Using about a teaspoon per batch this 5 lb box will last years. Strat O Sheen
  14. Don't know for sure but this^ is what I'm figuring.
  15. If I don't close the left eye it takes over and I can't see the sights.
  16. 100% agree but I don't have a problem with my pistols. This issue only comes up with long guns.
  17. Outstanding news that you're on the mend. Now get out there and have fun any way you can.
  18. You nailed something I've long been guilty of, not squaring up to the target array. I have no idea when or why it started but I shoot with my left foot way out front. I think it's because I lean so far forward while I'm shooting. That's one of the things I'm going to need to work on if I'm ever going to be equally comfortable shooting sweeps in either direction. (I can't believe I'm asking people to help me learn how to go both ways. )
  19. Wow! That's incredibly insightful. I stand VERY left foot forward so moving from right to left would be winding me up even more. That could easily be one reason I don't find it comfortable. Thanks!
  20. It's very well documented that I already have enough trouble walking.
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