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  1. Somebody has to say it. From where you are now to crazy isn’t a drive, it’s a ridiculously short putt.
  2. That right there says 357/38 all day everyday.
  3. Johnny Meadows. He’s done four of them for me over the years. All ran flawlessly until I caused them not to. He then got them back up and running in the blink of an eye. All that that being said, he might have just retired.
  4. You do realize you’re going to have to come to Vegas twice a year to keep my shotguns running, right? Hope you’ll be wonderfully happy in your new digs.
  5. I do NOT agree with Creeker! ( I really do but can't bring myself to admit it in public)
  6. Check that part first. I can't remember who but somebody here makes a really neat little fixture your bolt fits on to make removal and reinstallation of the extractor pin quick and easy.
  7. If the “finger” wasn’t there the bullet would have hit the target. That’s a hit. If the part that protrudes above the target wasn’t there the bullet would have missed the target. That’s a miss.
  8. Hope to get it back this week. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for the incredibly generous offer. If things go South I may take you up on it.
  9. Been using them for 30 years in all my handguns, cowboy and modern, modified and bone stock. Never a problem.
  10. It would be a sacrifice but I'll give up my spot if you want it.
  11. I’ve never shot at a club’s monthly that was more than six. I guess if eight is all you’ve ever know then it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it sure seems to me that would start to feel like a marathon.
  12. Looks like 74’s the number to beat. Come on folks, we can do it.
  13. ^ What he said. And the accompanying video is awesome. Could have used a sexier model, but the one used obviously knows his stuff.
  14. The only shapes I object to are those with holes in them. The SASS Marshal with holes between his arms and body is an example. If it's a solid silhouette with no holes I'm happy regardless of the shape.
  15. They're afraid of us. That means we win by default.
  16. Please, please, PLEASE don’t posse me with Shooting Bull again. The PTSD therapy is killing me.
  17. The competition is what makes it fun. I try to push myself as hard as possible at monthlies. I put as much pressure on myself as I can. That provides practice for bigger matches. I’m lucky in that doing this also provides an extra measure of fun for me.
  18. "We have seen the enemy and he is us."
  19. You weren't supposed to remind folks I was wearing boots with no laces.
  20. First thing to do is remember it's not "lemon shine". The proper name is Lemi-Shine. It softens the water which makes the soap work better.
  21. Well maybe if I was allowed to use Velcro instead of those darn laces I keep tripping over.................
  22. Do they have to be of traditional design? Is fancy stitching mandatory? Are lug soles allowed? Do they have to be made of leather? Can they have Velcro closures?
  23. I don't know your finances and wouldn't ever presume to tell you how to spend your money....................BUT.............. I've been in various forms of firearms competition for over 30 years. One of the things I hate the absolute most is being held back by my equipment. For that reason I'd suggest you buy the best you can afford. This is obviously my opinion only but I think you'd be much better served cutting corners in places other than firearms. Guns are the very thing this game is built around. Don't skimp on them. Yes, this can be a very expensive game to get into. But in my ever so humble opinion it's well worth the price.
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