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  1. Spring is just around the corner. Almost time for my annual bath. Creeker you're wrong. It's not your ideas we don't like, it's YOU.
  2. Hmmmmmmmmm Not a lot of folks use that term. Wondering what you did in a previous life. Shooting Bull, MSgt, USAF (Ret.)
  3. I love the idea. Unfortunately I don't think it would work in a match for a few reasons. #1 The TO/Counter issue has already been mentioned. Would be a nightmare trying to keep track of all the variables. #2 There's absolutely no way in the world to accurately calculate the average speed of the three different reloads. For that reason there's no way in the world to accurately handicap the number of shotgun rounds equitably. (We can't make everything fair for everybody, but we should still do our best.) #2 1/2 The three different types of reloads aren't the only varia
  4. Bringing in the big guns right off the bat.
  5. My reload practices comes primarily from jacking live rounds out of my rifle. In those instances I believe my reloads cost me about three seconds. I'm working on brining that time down. If allowed to load anytime after the beep it doesn't take me much more than one second to stuff an 11th round into the rifle before shouldering it. I have no clue about pistols.
  6. That's why I think Rancho Roy's idea of making it a separate even is a good one.
  7. Look at Creeker's original post. He was watching people chop wood. (No dig at Creeker. I love watching those lumberjack competitions.) People watch golf. People watch bowling. People watch curling. People watch poker. My point is people will watch almost anything. Even more people will watch if it's presented in an entertaining manner.
  8. LOVED that show..................except for the B.S. drama.
  9. How do you decide who gets invited? Instead of invitation I'd suggest qualify. As things are now, anyone who has the $$$ can participate in any SASS match around the world. For this event we would set up some qualifying criteria.
  10. I discovered SASS and came over from the 1911 world all because of one episode of Shooting USA. So anything to get more exposure sound like a great idea to me. Sure some logistics would need to ironed out but we can do anything we put our minds to.
  11. I don't bother de-priming before tumbling so I can't speak to the primer pocket condition. I do notice the inside of the cases at the very bottom down by the head doesn't seem to be quite as shiny as with the pins but it's most definitely clean and shiny.
  12. Prayers up for Lobo Joe and his family
  13. I'll second two of the above suggestions. Car wash/wax instead of Dawn leaves a thin film of wax on the brass and it seems to run smoother through the dies. Also, ditch the pins and use Strat-O-Sheen. Brass comes out every bit as clean and shiny without having to separate pins afterwards. Last extra note: Do you have hard water that leaves spots on your dishes after they're washed? If yes then by all means use the Lemi-Shine. If your water is already soft the Lemi-Shine isn't providing you any extra benefit.
  14. Need? When on Earth has NEED ever been a factor in this decision???
  15. I don't disagree but we're wandering too far from the OP. The stage instructions specifically said to make the rifle safe in the vertical rack. I agree with everyone who said the shooter chose the safer option of carrying to the next table but that wasn't the question.
  16. That's all well and good until you have downrange movement.
  17. I see what you're saying but don't see how that matters. One was carried downrange (In violation of the stage instructions) while the other wasn't. I don't see how the operability of the two makes any difference.
  18. It would be worth more to me while the other would be worth more to someone who likes the splinter forend. That's a smart aleck way of saying they're worth whatever someone will pay for them. As far as book value? I've never found book value to be of much value.
  19. By the letter of the law he violated the stage instructions. But in this case I wholeheartedly agree with Santa Fe River Stan. What he did was safe and offered no competitive advantage. Where this would become a problem is later in the match if a shooter carried their NON-malfunctioning rifle downranged and safed it there and was then assessed a P. They'd have an entirely valid argument that you allowed another shooter to do it. How would you justify giving one a P and not the other?
  20. Fast rifle shooters have been around a lot longer than straight triggers.
  21. First and foremost is that you do realize you're asking a Ford vs Chevy question, right? All the answers you're going to get will be 100% correct because it's nothing more than personal opinion. In my case I can't see having a progressive press that doesn't automatically advance the shell plate. Also, the big knock against the 650 was always the difficulty of caliber changes due to the priming system. That got fixed with the 750. For those reasons I like the 750 over the 550.
  22. Send me a check. (I don't have one of those to sell. Just want you to send me a check. )
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