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  1. I don't think there's any way to put an exact number on this. "There needs to be a five inch separation between each target". Instead we TRY to use common sense and leave enough space between targets in all four directions to allow a miss on one to also pass by the others. This spacing should be maintained no matter what angle the shooter is looking from. As you correctly pointed out, we have a wide variety of sized shooters in this game. (No Grizz, I'm not poking fun at you. )
  2. That’ll be my first purchase after I hit the lottery
  3. That’s another reason I’m ditching the pins
  4. I like how clean and shiny stainless steel pins get my brass. I hate the process of separating the pins from the brass. I’m thinking of switching to ceramic media. Is it easier to separate? What’s the best way to do it?
  5. So terribly sorry for your loss my friend. I've never lost a pet in that manner but they all hurt terribly when they leave.
  6. Yeah! It's Shooting Bull's fault!!! Wait! What???
  7. Since we're talking about wasting time with the shotgun I noticed another thing I was doing (not doing) that's wasting time. Let's assume you have four shotgun targets, two on each side of the bay. After you engage the first set you need to move your barrels while you're shucking empty shells and loading fresh ones. Don't just stand there with your gun pointed at the targets that are already down. When you finish your reload and close the action you should already be pointing at the two new targets. Waiting to move to the new targets after you reload is wasting time.
  8. Talking to the TO between guns really helps speed up your time too.
  9. Had the exact same thing happen just a couple of weeks ago. Not only did Dillon send a couple of new clips, they also sent a bowed washer to go under the clip and act like a shock absorber.
  10. This past weekend I was blessed to be on a posse with Ole #4. Not only is he a hoot to shoot with and an all around nice person, he’s also a fantastic Cowboy Action shooter. He was kind enough to share some things he noticed I could improve. One of the things he noticed was on a stage with movement. When I finished shooting my rifle I put it down and started grabbing for the next gun while standing still. I knew better. If you’d asked me I would have sworn I was moving. Nope, standing there flat footed wasting time. If you truly want to improve, this illustrates the importance of having someone watch or video tape you. What you think you’re doing might not actually be what you’re doing. So, what are some of the transition improvements you concentrate on? And what are some of the common transition mistakes you see people make?
  11. I’ve read the whole thread more than once. Not one single time do I see anyone accusing you of doing anything unsafe. That’s why we’re not discussing major or minor safety penalties. We’re discussing a procedural penalty. You earned one. How you earned it has been explained more than enough times. You obviously don’t like the explanations so have decided to start throwing insults. There’s an unwritten rule you’re in the process of breaking, it’s called The Cowboy Way. You should consider doing some serious self reflection. This game is supposed to be fun. And this Wire is where we come to try to help others have fun. We darn sure don’t expect to be insulted when we try to help someone.
  12. You can call it anything you want. What a stage is called means nothing. The stage instructions are what matters. And as has been said, SASS conventions apply unless specifically stated otherwise.
  13. If I’m reading the OP correctly the “No Procedural” statement wasn’t a get out of jail free card for everything. It pertained only to gun order and shot placement. Unless specifically stated in the stage instructions all SASS conventions still apply. P for not reholstering pistols prior to next gun.
  14. Give me a poke if you're ever going to be up Vegas way. I'd LOVE to take one of those classes.
  15. Had a chance to visit with him at Winter Range. This is what I recall also. I didn't mention it because I didn't want to spread false rumors in case I was mistaken. You can own a piece of his wonderful craftsmanship but you gotta jump on it now. They're all gonna be gone quick.
  16. Your whole family is AWESOME! Wish I could get to shoot with you more. Until next time, keep on raising those great kids of yours.
  17. This is all obviously personal opinion but I'm a firm YES vote here. We run our guns pretty hard in this game. I feel anything you can do to smooth them up and make them more reliable will be money well spent. Even if the mods don't help improve your game, they'll help the guns last longer. That being said, I've recently learned that the aluminum carrier isn't recommended by all '73 gunsmiths or top shooters. Seems as though a lightened brass carrier is better for both the gun and the shooter. You'll also get a lot of debate (personal opinions) on the best springs. Some folks believe properly tuned flat springs are the way to go. Other folks think SliX Springs are the greatest things since sliced bread. You'll have to decide what works best for you.
  18. Despite their Posse Marshal, Posse #1 was the best.
  19. For years this club was skillfully run by Creeker, Charming, J D Nevada and Boxherder. Recently they decided to turn the club over to new blood. This weekend saw Best Shoot by a Dam Site run by the new board. If this match was any indication the Eldorado Cowboys will continue to put on some of the best matches in the country. Congratulations Ace of Hearts, Quickly Down Under, Lady Glitter and K George. You all did great. Thank you for an incredibly fun match.
  20. Been there. Done that. More than once. LOVE that place.
  21. Phantom, when I saw your name on the score sheet I was heartbroken that I wasn't able to make it this year. I love shooting with the Dixie Desperados. Tons of great people and always great matches. The 4 Corners is on my top 5 list for next year.
  22. First and foremost, the shooter has absolutely NO business being in any of these discussions. If they are, you've got a bigger problem on your hand. After and only after the call is made the shooter can dispute it through proper channels. (And I have absolutely no idea what the shooter's intent has to do with anything. I intend to shoot every stage clean and under 20 seconds. So what? What's intended means nothing. It's what happened that matters.) Any and every TO I've ever met has discussed Ps before making the call. But if the discussion still doesn't convince the TO to change his mind then that's it. He makes the call. He doesn't change his mind simply because he's out numbered. If he does he's a poor example of a TO. If I stopped making calls simply because I may be wrong then I have no business running the timer. And your example of the minor safety is comparing apples to oranges. The P from the OP was a visual call. You call what you see. The minor safety was a misunderstanding of the rules. Two totally separate things that can't be compared. Lastly, "So his job is to make a call that could be wrong and we all have to accept it?" Well yeah, was there ever any doubt of that? Every single call at every single match since this sport was invented could have been wrong. So what? Does that mean they shouldn't have been made?
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