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  1. What do you mean run STILL??? I never could run in the first place.
  2. I'm going to purposefully take an opposing view. I think this is an incredibly happy time. The founders of this wonderful sport have worked tirelessly for decades creating an activity we all know and love. They've finally reached the point where they feel the sport has matured enough and the right people are in place (Misty and crew) to keep it running and growing for decades more. That they now feel comfortable enough to step back and let their baby thrive is something to be celebrated. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you Wild Bunch. You've done a great thing.
  3. Paying for a few other things at the moment so my application hasn't been sent yet. But God willing and the creek don't rise I'll be there.
  4. As they say, there's those that have and those that will. The measure of a shooter isn't what happens, it's what he does afterwards. You're obviously a fantastic representative of the Cowboy Way by sticking around and doing posse duties even after getting the DQ. Good on you! Duelist is coolest. DOUBLE Duelist is the coolest of the coolest of the cool.
  5. Not having children myself I'm not sure I'm qualified to speak BUT, it's my belief that kids should be introduced to firearms as soon as the responsible adult feels they're mature enough to handle the responsibility. That will obviously be different ages for different children. I also believe a proper introduction to firearms will help increase their overall level of responsibility. We have hearing protection for all ages. As a crusty old Air Force sarge I've been to a ton of air shows. I've seen children as young as 1 or 2 wearing properly sized hearing protection.
  6. I'm going to go a bit off topic here. Before you do anything I would suggest you consider sending it back to Dillon for a tune up. No telling what your BIL (Sorry for your loss) has done with it over the years. I'm of the opinion the pennies spent sending it back to Big Blue are very well spent in that the machine will be like new upon its return to you. In case you didn't know, their No BS Warranty is for the life of the machine, even if you're not the original owner.
  7. You promise? A couple of the stages last year I almost had to use my sights. It was very nerve wracking.
  8. Allllllllright. Enough! You can pick on those nasty Soot Lords all you want. You can pick on the Prairie Fairies too. And you can even pick on the brain damaged Gunfighters. But leave us Duelists alone.
  9. If all you're going to wear is Wranglers and a shirt, why even bother? You're ruining the sport for the rest of us.
  10. Those targets are ridiculous. If I lean forward far enough I can touch them. What ever happened to actual marksmanship? This is supposed to be a test of skill, not just how fast you can make your guns go bang.
  11. There should be a category for 100% bone stock guns. You whippersnappers with your race guns are ruining the sport.
  12. I’m right handed but left eye dominant. I have to close my left eye and sight with my right for everything. If I don’t my left eye tries to take over when I’m shooting the long guns.
  13. I look at the pistols whenever possible.They’re so pretty.
  14. Yep, got the Sure Hit front sights installed
  15. I should have added more info in the OP. I’m a Duelist. (We’re the coolest) So two handed techniques don’t work for me. That being said, my previous competitive life was two handed with 1911s so I’m very adept at pulling straight up and pushing straight out with pistols. I do that one handed now but simply have troubles seeing the front sight as it’s moving toward the target. Yes, I’m wearing prescription shooting glasses “tuned” to front sight distance.
  16. I’ve been doing competitive shooting of one form or another for a LONG time. One of my weak points has always been my first shots. I’m very slow to get a good sight alignment because it takes me so long to find my front sight as it’s coming up onto the target. This is true for both rifle and pistols. What are some drills you use to improve your first shot times?
  17. Had the EXACT same thing done a few years ago. Your concerns about not being competitive upon your return are unfounded. As a matter of fact, you'll be better. (That's assuming you don't do something stupid and try to come back too soon.) Whether you know it or not you're favoring that shoulder. That's slowing you down. Once it heals up and you get the strength back I bet you'll notice a dramatic difference in your shooting ability. Best of luck to you my friend. Hope to see you out there soon. Don't do anything stupid.
  18. You did GOOD! Loved the stages. Hopefully we'll see more of the same in a few months at Eldorado. **HINT**HINT**
  19. I'd kick her out of bed for putting her grubby hands all over my beautiful car.
  20. I fear that will be me someday. Prayers up for your friend.
  21. There's a few different methods that work. You could use a fine stoned brake hone or wrap a dowel with ultra fine emery cloth. The thing to remember is that you're polishing, not removing metal. You just want the chambers to be as slick as possible without changing the inside diameter
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