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  1. You and I both have a problem here. My problem: I can't argue with anything you said. Your problem: I don't need to hit you. I'm sure Desert Scorpion would LOVE to do that for me.
  2. Background. I started shooting Duelist and have never shot anything else. I never saw John Wayne or Clint Eastwood using two hands so that was all the convincing I needed. But I also chose Double Duelist because I like to compete and win. DD gives me the best chance at that. Advice: When I first started the best advice I was given for improving as a Double Duelist was by a gentleman named Madd Mike. (Yes, he truly is madddddd ) He said in order to bring your weak hand up to speed start using it to do things you'd normally do with your strong hand, bathroom chores especially. Shaving, brushing your teeth, scrubbing your dirty self in the shower, etc. That not only builds up arm and hand muscles you don't normally use, it also strengthens the mind/muscle connection.
  3. Between Phantom's post and your reply there has got to be..................there has GOT to be a joke in there about the two of you having screws loose.
  4. Prayers up for our dear friend. Hope you get better very soon, Allie.
  5. I use the exact same ammo for everything. Avoids confusion. I'm right handed and use a Tupelo Bandolier. After last round is fired I leave the lever closed with the rifle still held tightly to my shoulder with my left hand and pointed at the next target. With my left hand I rotate (Rotate around the axis of the bore) the rifle slightly to the left so the loading gate is now in my line of sight. At the same time I grab a live round with my right hand and bring it up and push it into the loading gate with my right thumb. Since the rifle is still on my shoulder and still on target all I have to do now is rotate it back to the right, cycle the lever and bang. The main trick during all this is to hold the rifle tight against your shoulder. If it slips all bets are off.
  6. I got these from Rio Grande Custom Grips. They fit and feel fantastic right out of the box.
  7. Penalty? Folks pay darn good money just to watch me make a fool of myself.
  8. 2nd note to self: Do NOT posse with Hells Comin
  9. Negative, straight left to right movement for the whole stage.
  10. NOTE TO SELF: Print this out and keep for easy access in case anyone tries to penalize me.
  11. This seems a bit obvious to me but I want to make sure. Split shotgun stage beginning on the left. Engage shotgun targets then move to center table and safe shotgun then engage pistol and rifle targets. After pistol and rifle from the center shooter moves to the right and engages more shotgun targets. While I'm moving from the first position to the center table I'll want to draw my first pistol and have it ready when I get there. I'll do that with my right hand. I'll also place my shotgun on the table for easy access after I finish with the rifle. I'll do that with my left hand. What punishment will I receive if I happen to sweep my left arm with the pistol in my right hand as I'm doing all that?
  12. Add me to the ever growing list of Yul's converts. After discovering Strat O Sheen I'll never go back to pins. P.S. Even the Lemi-Shine isn't necessary unless you have hard water.
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