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  1. Thank God I've only experienced something like that a couple of times in my life and yep, that's exactly what I did both times. It sure isn't something I thought about. Reflex took over and I got the nasty stuff as far away from me as I could as fast as I could.
  2. Another vote for this ^ (UTO is the previous shooter unless we have someone on the posse who is physically unable to perform other duties and volunteers to be the dedicated UTO)
  3. Sorry, not a safety issue but mine is: Never, ever, EVER go to the line without a plan firmly in your head. Plan the stage, commit to it and stick with it.
  4. This ^ X 1,000 As most folks know we pretty quickly reach a point where we can't pick up any more measurable speed when shooting our guns. At that point we save time with transitions. In my ever so humble opinion, that's where video really is a God send. During a stage it's next to impossible to "see" what we can improve. But when we go back a day or so later and look at the video we can see what we did right, what we did wrong and what we pray we can forget.
  5. Your spare rounds aren’t just for looks, they’re also (obviously) used when a stage calls for a reload and/or replacing a jacked out rifle round. Figure how many of those you’ll need on a stage and there’s your number. But also remember placement. You want them to be easily accessible by whichever hand you’ll be grabbing them. During reload stages I’ve seen far too many shooters having to contort themselves in ways the human body wasn’t meant to bend.
  6. HERE. Let’s try this one. These two corners need to be relieved so the case rim doesn’t get hung up on them when loading over the top.
  7. Man, I’m totally backwards today. I should have taken pictures of a carrier still in the gun.
  8. 100% correct. My description is backwards. Arrows are pointing to the correct corners, I just described it wrong.
  9. New from the factory there are sharp corners at the back end of the carrier where the case rim can get hung up while loading over the top. Take a stone and very slightly “break” these sharp corners. Top and back views
  10. I don’t disagree with that but question how many rounds it would take before it happened.
  11. Common sense opinions like those always count.
  12. ^ This X 1,000 You may grow into all the mods you listed but you may find out they're just neat whiz bang toys. Save you money for now and then do one upgrade at a time. If you use the shotgun approach and find you don't like the new feel you'll have no idea which mod you don't like.
  13. The bigger the match the more great people you get to meet.
  14. This X 1,000. Eldorado used to use hoops to designate shooting positions. Both feet had to be inside the hoops. That put taller shooters like myself in an uncomfortable shooting position. Creeker's fix was and still is perfect. "Rounds must pass by left side of upright marker." or "Rounds must pass by right side of upright marker." Gives each and every shooter the opportunity to assume a comfortable shooting position while still being where the stage writer wants them to be. Where tables are necessary for a stage simply put the marker at the end of the table.
  15. So sad I didn’t get to see you there my friend. I totally agree, FANTASTIC match. Some of the most fun stages I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to do it again in April.
  16. Oh thank God. Had me worried there for a second.
  17. A Cadillac, same as a SASS win. Congratulations.
  18. Okay, you win the interwebs for today.
  19. The only thing I change is where I stand. I'm behind and shaded toward their right side so as to stay out of their peripheral vision. But I still hold the timer with my left hand. Even though I'm a Double Duelist my right hand is still MUCH more dominant than my left. If I need to jump in and take action I want my strong hand available to do that. I have a slight advantage in that I'm moderately tall with long arms. That means I can reach over or around most any shooter and take control of whatever I need to without much of a problem.
  20. This was my experience as well. In my case I found I was gripping the roller handle much tighter than the original ball and therefore causing hand cramps. With the ball I hold it loosely and allow it to glide in my hand. I also get a better primer seating feel with the ball.
  21. That’s where we start and things go downhill from there
  22. What makes you think I ever stopped?
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