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  1. definitely not disappointed with mine from Longhunter. Breaking in nicely!
  2. I don't run a Dillon Bull, but I can talk you through a few things this weekend and try to help. But to start, have you looked in the dies and ensured they are free of build up and debri? Will you be shooting this weekend? Beaver
  3. it's just a normal ponder...... till I'm done chewin! Then it will be a Beaver Pond!
  4. I have picked up a few ideas here that I shall ponder.
  5. Shotgun Boogie in California. not exactly sure the extent of his work with rugers, but worth a call to him. If not, he can make other recommendations to you.
  6. I say bring on the dippers and let's have some fun!
  7. check for over rotation of the cylinder when cocking aggressively. I just helped a fellow shooter with a new pietta having the same issues. If cocking the hammer say one handed, it cooked and caught the cylinder as it should. But using two hands with any speed, it would fire the first two rounds fine. but as the aggression for speed increased, the cylinder would over rotate and the firing pin would hit the rim of the casing or sometimes between casings. The timing of this new pistol was so close that the bolt would sometimes not catch the cylinder and the inertia would let the cylinder over rotate causing the same issue you are describing. If we would pull the hammer fast when testing, it would over rotate even on the first pull during testing. Under his normal shooting style it would not show up till the second or third round. hope this helps Beaver
  8. looking forward to seeing everyone next year at Eldorado. hopefully I see all of you sooner. I am glad everyone had FUN. Thanks for letting me use your tools to finish the match with Hells Comin! Don't forget about Best Shoot at a Dam site in the spring. It will also be a great match!
  9. I am glad everyone had a good time. We enjoyed seeing all of our friends and we all made a few more. We are already looking forward to next year. Wishing everyone safe travels and thanks for making the trip out
  10. is this still available? I am interested.
  11. we have just under 2 weeks left before the first round goes down range for Eldorado. The work is starting to slow down, and the excitement is starting to build. get your registration in if you haven't done so already. Come join us in the fun. looking forward to seeing you all in a few week
  12. The Eldorado Cowboys are currently taking registration for the Annual Eldorado SASS NV State Match and the new SASS NV Black Powder State match coming Sept 29th thru Oct 2, 2021 RO classes will be available. Get your registration in now, come have some amazing cowboy fun!!! Complete registration forms can be located at the Eldorado Cowboys Website @ www.eldoradocowboys.com or click on the links below! Thanks to all you, from The Eldorado Cowboys for helping make this great event happen!!! https://eldoradocowboys.com/.../2021_state_shoot... https://eldoradocowboys.com/.../2021_eldorado_sass_nevada... We look forward to seeing you on the Range!
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