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  1. Unfortunately it seems that they are sold out everywhere. I was hoping to pick up a used one from someone. Thanks for the advise! I will keep my eyes open for one.
  2. Looking to start casting some long-range bullets for my 45-70. From what I hear you want to toss 500 gr down range for the best grouping. So, I’m looking for mold to cast my own bullets. Please let me know what you have. Or feel free to toss some advice my way as well. Thanks Much High Cotton
  3. Tennessee Trapper Top, Thank you so much for the smooth transaction. Money and Shipping was well communicated. I received the H&R and it far exceeded my expectations. Thanks! High Cotton
  4. I’m looking to do the Plainsman side event. About the only thing I have for it is a shotgun. If you are ready to hang up your spurs in this event please let me know what you have. Thanks High Cotton
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