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  1. Thanks pard. I stopped paying attention to new gear around 26 years ago when I retired. I'd have never bother picking this rifle up except that Lance talked me into shooting a rifle in this class out to 1,000 yards. He guided me in what to buy in the price range I was willing to go to. Enjoyed it but mostly due to the company I was keeping. I got him back though. I talked him into buying a Spencer sporting rifle, converting it to centerfire, teaching him to cast bullets and load for it, then using it to deer hunt with me. Not to mention that I also got him shooting traditional muzzleloaders. I figure we were even.
  2. Looked and I do not see such on it.
  3. It is the Vortex Viper from about two years ago (or at least that's around the the time I got it, it cost around $720 when I bought it if that helps). Battery for a lighted radical, mildot marked cross style. 10 mils for depression 10 mils left & right with 30 mils for elevation all on the radical. Sorry but I have long since discarded the box.
  4. Earlier in my last post I misstated my position in accepting trades from outside of GA. I will be happy to consider trades of antiques as full or part trade from any state. I will not be interested in modern guns (only ) from any state other than GA. Cash of course is acceptable from members from any state. This is not intended to reflect on those brother members from states other than GA, it only reflects my firm belief that the 2nd Amendment means what it said as "shall not be infringed" when it was written and continues to do so today regardless of how politicians attempt to Infringe on it. Yes, I realize that those guns that "I" enjoy are not the ones that politicians are currently attempting to confiscate, ban, make the owners into criminals for but freedom is funny that way, If others infringe on your rights whether I like your position or not, by definition they are also infringing on mine. I believe the Bill of Right isn't there just to remind us of our rights, it's primary role is to define what the Government isn't allow to do.
  5. Traded. Ok...I bought this to join my best friend shooting out to 1000 yards. We did just that several times over the last year and a half and had a ball. Unfortunately Lance passed away from Covid-19 a few months ago. Anyway... now I can't stand to look at this rifle much less shoot it. It's had between 400 and 600 rnds through it, I never bothered counting. It shot really well with 1/2 MOA groups as the average. Custom Factory chambered Krieger 6.5 Creedmoor heavy stainless barrel @ 1 in 8 twist and stainless bolt 6.5 Creedmoor is indeed a remarkable cartridge. I recommend IMR - 4350 & H-4350 as a powder this gun really likes. Match that up with a 140gn 0r 130gn bullet. I've got dies, some brass, some 147 gr and 130gn bullets left and the gun. Asking $1950 OBO & shipping for the full set up. Yes, I'll consider part or even full trades but unless it's an antique (pre-1899 manufacture) we'd need to do a FTF here in Georgia. I would only be interested in those "modern" firearms designed or repo's of guns from pre-1899. I'm done giving this government any new paperwork other that paying my taxes. I can lob my tractor farther that I trust this administration. I shoot 41 rimfire, .44 - 40, 44 Russian, 45-70, 56-50 Spencer, 56-46 Spencer, 50-90 Sharps and .38 S&W to let you know the sort of calibers & guns I like. Of course cash is still king if you're wanting to haggle.
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