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  1. First "I'll take it" gets the call. I need the words to call the time. If you're telling me about what your FFL wants me to send and someone else says "I'll take it" , It's theirs. As I understand them, those are the rules.
  2. No...Those are my turkeys. Bronze, Bourbons and Spanish Blacks They are a pain in the butt. They imprinted on me and my Mastiff because the weather turned bad while they were poults so I had to hand raise them and make sure they didn't chill or starve. Now we can't go outside without 17 turkeys wanting to stay within 3 feet of us all at the same time. Can't talk on my cell outside because every time I speak the Tom's gobble and the Hens constantly peck at my hand wanting to be fed. My Wife Linda thinks it's hilarious that when Boo and I go for our daily walk the Turkey mafia follows us the whole way and back.
  3. Sold pending funds. Here is an interesting Moose, Bear and medium tank killer. This Remington Roller was made by Mr. P Ericsson (no darned idea who or when he was) but he was proud enough to stamp sign it. It is indeed chambered for 50-90 Sharps and I would recommend that you stick with the 450-500gr bullet as I did since it's a relatively light weight rifle. The barrel is 31 inches long. There is speckled mild barrel corrosion near the chamber. This old gun shoots quite well and I've been hitting 10 inch disks out to 200yrds with it. The sights that are in place limit you to around 150 to 200yrds effective range depending on your load, but serve quite well for hunting or target within that. There is an old repair to the stock's wrist that showed no weakness during shooting 120rnds of 50-90 out of her over the last year. There is a ramrod on the gun but it does have a mechanical extractor connected to the hammer that works. All and all, just a really neat old gun in a caliber that normally you have to pay MUCH more to get a gun that's chambered for it. $475 Shipped USPS in CONUS. If you want more pictures let me send them to you by cell phone please. I live deep in the GA woods and it took over an hour just to get this one picture to load.
  4. There wasn't a box so my guess is that I got it used. Has a few handling marks like most safe queens. I had a unopened pack of 6 each Ox Yoke nipples setting under it so I'm going to guess that they were intended to go on this gun and so I'll include them in the deal. It's bore is clean and shiny as are the chambers. If you cock it real fast (like you were fast drawing it) it will sometimes over rotate on 2 chambers . So it might need a new spring or some minor timing adjustment. It indexes just fine when you're not in a big hurry. $250 Shipped USPS in CONUS.
  5. Hello Percy, I have and do in this gun and all of my pre-1898's for over 46 years without a single incident. One of the advantages of the Marlin revolvers is that they are built much stouter than the S&W top breaks were. By around 20%. I use the same loads in this gun that I have used in my S&W top breaks for many years to include my Baby Russians & I've had no problems with them either. But I handload and I'm extremely careful about my loading habits. It is a personal decision and I'm sure there are those who would disagree with me. I fire a 125gr bullet over 2.5grs of Accurate #2 from a .38 S&W Starline case to plink cans or paper. (Mold from Accurate Custom Molds) I've fired a 150gr LRN (Accurate Molds) & 148gr HBWC over 2.3 of Accurate #2 from a Starline case every few months in it for over 5 years, which should approximate the factory load. Both shot well with no noted ill effects. The Remington factory .38 S&W 148 grn LRN that I've checked mic @ .359 and give similar accuracy to my handloads in this gun. A little less accuracy in most of my S&W's compared to the 150grn cast bullet load.
  6. 1878 Marlin single action pocket revolver in caliber .38 S&W CF. Action and timing is very good to fine. The bore around 7 to 8 on a 10 point scale. Certainly stabilizes a 148 to 158gr lead bullet sized @ .359 just fine. 85% finish left and the grips would rate near fine. Could be used as a main match gun or side match. Pre-1899 so it can go directly to you without FFL if you don't have any state issues with doing that. $300 shipped to your door.
  7. No I have not sold it, but I'm not really looking for trades.


    Thanks for asking

  8. Nice rifle. Do $850.00?


    Thanks for considering. Ed Topp aka Chicago Steeley

  9. Cant believe nobody has snapped up this sweet ol muzzle stuffer, you lookin for any trades? Don't really need another one of these but thought I would shoot you a message and see whats on your mind! Thanks-SCJ

    1. Irontree


      Sorry for taking 9 days to get back to you.

      I'd consider most trades if it would advance my cause but really looking for cash if possible. 

      I'm trying to stock pile cash to have ready to bid on a Spencer sporting rifle later this month.

      I do shoot anything made before 1899 or a repo of the same.  Front stuffer or cartridge.

  10. Hey Bill,

    In regards to your 1875 Remingtons in 44-40,  did you switch calibers?

    Would you be interested in trading them off?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Irontree


      Sorry for the delay in reply.  My life got busy real sudden like and it's deer season.

      Anything that you're looking for in particular? Do you like Original (1840's to 1880's )BP rifles?

    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      I would take $500 a piece, including buffalo grips and shipping to your FFL. I got them used, but have never fired them.

    4. Irontree


      darn...Cash is a bit out of my reach for a long while.  Fixed income and all that.  Mostly have to confine myself to trading.

  11. do you still have these?

  12. Sir,

    would you still have the Vaquero pants?

  13. I have a pair of union style riding boots in 12 that I hardly ever wear. I'd take $135 shipped. PM me a E-Mule and I'll take a picture to send you.
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