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  1. Both Dixie Gun Works and Precision Reloading carry 9ga shooting supplies for this shotgun.
  2. For sale: Good condition "C. Miles" English made 9 Gauge percussion shotgun. Manufactured sometime between 1850 and 1880. This is a water fowl gun so it is constructed heavier that the upland game guns. It has no cast off the stock so it's good for lefties as well as right handers. It had modern nipples on it when I bought it. So it's been used through contemporary owners and not just a mantle piece. It has the thick wrist, with heavier stock and thicker barrels to withstand the heavy charges common to water fowling. I've shot those loads in it a few times hunting and for practice. It was not unlike shooting my 50-90 Shiloh with a 640 grain bullet. It didn't bother the gun in the slightest. Most of the time I use 3 & 1/2 drams and 1 & 1/2 oz of shot which gives a good game & target load. 4 drams with 1 & 5/8ths #4 of shot was awesome on a Turkey at 22 yards. I did use a 10ga shot cup over the 9 ga fiber wad to close up the group and extend the range, but it at 22 yards it was overkill. I'd thought I might need to shoot out to 35 yards while I was working up the load. All around solid hunting gun that is still ready to get dinner or bust clays. The barrels had been shortened to 27 & 1/8th many years ago and it appears to have been a professional job as that fuller was solder filled, the barrels crowned. A very square neatly done job. There is some corrosion loss to the bottom of the right hammer's cup. One screw was replaced with a brass screw that just looks too good to replace. I've used this gun to hunt with, shoot BP skeet, woods walks and shot it at Friendship last year in competition. Never had a problem with it. I'm looking for $450 for this old brute. But will consider reasonable offers.
  3. I make .32 colt from .32 S&W. Buy a .32 colt die set since you'll need them anyway to reload your shells even if you've got them cut for rimfire W/ a .22 blank. Resize the S&W (use tiny bit of lube), then mount them on a dowel and turn them with a drill using a file to cut the web of the case down to match the rest of the case wall. Depending on the gun you might have to trim a little off the rim to fit. I have some .32 Colt shorts that I no longer use much if you want a couple to get the specs from. I'm keeping them to convert to .32 short RF or .30 short RF if I happen to succumb to the weakness and buy a gun that won't shoot longs. I like the little Marlins. Once in a great while Buffalo Arms sells cases made like this for .32 Colt centerfire. But if you're going to modify them to RF it's a BUNCH cheaper to do them yourself. Leads to a lot less cussing when you mess one up.
  4. Don't know why but the text didn't post. Anyway, FS S&W .32 Hammerless, Fine bore, Fine action, fine grips. 98% or better original finish. Overall just a really good example of this little gun in the best condition I've ever found one. Has an original flap holster with it. $325 Shipped to your door state permitting.
  5. I have 2 other inserts for it. A post and a lollypop. I'll have to find them. I have a sheet of inserts that may also fit. Only used this one as it was every effective. No windage adjustment on the front sight. That was handled by the very precise dial adjustment on the rear sight.
  6. No damage to either and no modifications of any kind. They are still for sale. Original box and instructions included. I'll even send you an E-mail that explains exactly how to use this type of sight and figure your mils & points to be able to estimate where to set the sight at any range to match trajectory.
  7. If you've still got that 49 pocket and want to trade for BP guns, We should talk. I've got a few originals and some Uberti's in nice condition. PM me if It's still available.
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