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  1. Send this to the top before I fall in love with it.
  2. If using e-mail to talk to me don't forget to put the little "a" after my string of numbers and before the "@" or it won't reach me. or just PM me.
  3. Spur that horse again..... These are unaltered Hornady 45-70 brass and the difference in length is minimal. Only enough to slightly effect a roll crimp to make it a bit lighter. Unfortunately when loading A-5744 a rather heavy and consistent crimp is pretty important. If you're shooting a lever action under 300 yards it'd be no big deal. Of course, if you are going to trim them back to make 45-60 brass or some other variant then they are spot on for a place to start. If you're without a trade of my 2 for your one in 50-70 then I'd take .50 cents a piece for them and eve
  4. I have maybe a hundred or so once fired Hornady 45-70 cases that I'd like to trade for used but not abused modern 50-70 cases. These were factory loaded Hornady ammo given to me by a non-reloading friend. I have found that they are just slightly shorter (From the factory) than all my other 45-70 Starline. So I thought I'd offer them here in hopes of getting some more 50-70 for my trapdoors. Best to contact me by my e-mule address : Harley04121957a@gmail.com
  5. I do have the part you need for that S&W. 

    Check the retaining bolt and make sure that it's not bent, indented or damaged as well.  

    Pm me your address and I'll box them up for you.  

  6. No I have not sold it, but I'm not really looking for trades.


    Thanks for asking

  7. Nice rifle. Do $850.00?


    Thanks for considering. Ed Topp aka Chicago Steeley

  8. Cant believe nobody has snapped up this sweet ol muzzle stuffer, you lookin for any trades? Don't really need another one of these but thought I would shoot you a message and see whats on your mind! Thanks-SCJ

    1. Irontree


      Sorry for taking 9 days to get back to you.

      I'd consider most trades if it would advance my cause but really looking for cash if possible. 

      I'm trying to stock pile cash to have ready to bid on a Spencer sporting rifle later this month.

      I do shoot anything made before 1899 or a repo of the same.  Front stuffer or cartridge.

  9. Hey Bill,

    In regards to your 1875 Remingtons in 44-40,  did you switch calibers?

    Would you be interested in trading them off?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Irontree


      Sorry for the delay in reply.  My life got busy real sudden like and it's deer season.

      Anything that you're looking for in particular? Do you like Original (1840's to 1880's )BP rifles?

    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      I would take $500 a piece, including buffalo grips and shipping to your FFL. I got them used, but have never fired them.

    4. Irontree


      darn...Cash is a bit out of my reach for a long while.  Fixed income and all that.  Mostly have to confine myself to trading.

  10. do you still have these?

  11. Sir,

    would you still have the Vaquero pants?

  12. I have a pair of union style riding boots in 12 that I hardly ever wear. I'd take $135 shipped. PM me a E-Mule and I'll take a picture to send you.
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